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Review Mamenchisa, Best Psychedelic Display Font for Gorgeous Logos & Titles

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People, including me and—I hope you too—love retro design because it gives us not only the sense of nostalgia but also familiarity, like the 60s to the early 70s. Even if we don’t have any particular experience of life in that era—or simply weren’t born, there’s always something magical and alluring, like how psychedelic movement becomes a counterculture from how volatile the politics were especially in the United States.

Mamenchisa: Best Groovy Psychedelic Font for Gorgeous Logo, Header, and Title

We don’t do any substances here at Drizy Studio, but we love the spirit of what psychedelic movements try to express; the abundance of love to simply being alive! This is why we’re deeply trippy happy to have crafted this set of psychedelic display fonts: Mamenchisa.

mamenchisa font preview cover

To be honest, we named this psychedelic typeface “Mamenchisa” because we love how it sounds every time we pronounce it, it sounds chewy, sweet and for us who are bilingual here, it sounds foreign and abroad-ike just like psychedelic but also homy like a retro camper van with lots of retro stickers we go traveling with.

Mamenchisa is that kind of a retro font that can spark the playfulness in you. Something that has a distinctive presence, bold, funny and welcoming no matter how you use it in your groovy design projects.

In every purchase, you’ll have a great deal of packages. Unlike other decorative font or display fonts that come limited to only letters but not the others like numbers and punctuation, Mamenchisa is a one-stop-solution for your needs!

mamenchisa font preview 04

Our Mamenchisa is here in complete form. First, it comes both in uppercase and lowercase letters that are designed carefully to make each beauty pop out. Craving for more trippy fonts? We got you! This psychedelic typeface also comes with various ligatures you can play and getting high with.

mamenchisa font preview 07

This groovy typeface also comes with fun-looking numerals and punctuation marks that will be helpful, like for making math a less-dull subject to study and makes your cuss and swearings like “F@#$%!!!” look cool, less intimidating and more inviting. Hahaha, kidding here, but yeah still look awesome!

You might also wonder if Mamenchisa can speak other language than English? Porque si, hablamos español! and This psychedelic display font can express itself in various languages like German, Spanish, French and more because it also comes with multilingual support so letters like œ, ç, ñ, and more are available here! Like I said, Mamenchisa is a one-stop-solution for you!

We designed this psychedelic display font unapologetically groovy but because we know that we live in the age of short attention spans, we made this retro font still legible, easy to read and combined the minimalist-look of modernity with eccentric-look of the 60s and the 70s.

Mamenchisa is here to become one of our best psychedelic display typefaces, so you can use this as a header of an article, or a heading. This groovy font will look awesome as your title for your personal or brand’s website. Yesssss, this retro typeface will also look stunning as a poster or a wall art too!

mamenchisa font preview 09

Because of this distinctive retro typeface look, Mamenchisa is a hybrid: it looks awesome in the digital world, and it also looks stunning in the physical world. So you can use it for your digital products or physical products such as crafting cut files with your Cricut machine like making beautiful wrapping for beer can glass.

You will give your audiences a happy feeling and feeling of belonging with this trippy font both in digital and physical space. Here I’ll show you some of the ideas or examples on how to use this font.

First is as groovy branding elements. If you have a chillin’ beer shop or a home-made dish restaurant and want to show how playful and homey your place is to your customers, you can use Mamenchisa in your brand starting from your brand’s logo. You can also use Mamenchisa in the packaging of your products like this groovy can beer. 

mamenchisa font preview 08

This psychedelic font is decorative and will look awesome as a logotype or a lettermark, beautiful standalone fonts thanks to its groovy but sleek shapes, and it’s also versatile as other types of logos so you can use it alongside your pictorial mark if you want to. Whatever it is, Mamenchisa gets your back!

Here’s the next idea for you, what about using this psychedelic display for your  website headings? Whether for your own personal website or blog, or your brand’s website, Mamenchisa is perfect for both including a perfect font for running a campaign for your brain, like maybe a limited edition of vintage design shoes? Special edition of natural face serum?

This psychedelic display font is retro but with a modern touch, so your groovy website headings will look retro aesthetically but still have modern sense for its neat looks.

The third, or the last idea is more like a reminder, I believe. My friends at Drizy Studio designed Mamenchisa so you can get more creative with whatever projects you are working on now whether you are a graphic designer professional, a hobbyist, or a crafter.

Just because this font is designed with a psychedelic look, doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself with only this scope of idea. It can be whatever you can think of!

I mean, the essence of psychedelic movement is to fall in love with life again, right? So let’s broaden your perspective and use this font with this thought in mind. Let’s say you want to convey a message that your brand is fun and distinctive, or you are a writer but you want to show to your reader that you are outgoing and fun to be around, then this display font can absolutely help with that!

Or you have a vegan store, then this psychedelic display font can also translate how natural and vegan-friendly your products are with Mamenchisa’s fun look that will look gorgeous matched with nature-inspired graphics such as foliage or flowers.

There is so much to love and creative ways to use Mamenchisa, please let us know what you have in mind! We would love to know how you use this psychedelic display font in your project!

See you later! Meanwhile, have you checked our modern-looking glitch typeface, Mokoto?

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