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Don’t Do These 10 Craft Fair Mistakes that Kill Sales

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Whether you’re only planning to go to a craft fair, or you’re looking to boost your sales at a craft fair, these craft fair mistakes are something you need to avoid.

These mistakes can reduce your sales and even shatter the branding of the business you have built from the ground up!

Craft Fair Mistakes You Need To Avoid

1. Not Being Presentable

Your physical appearance is the first thing people would notice about you, this is certain. So that being said, the moment you present yourself at a craft fair you want to make sure that you look as approachable and as presentable as possible.

This includes your choice of clothing, hairstyle, and even down to the details like facial expression and body language

As the day goes by, it’s inevitable that you will eventually get tired. So the craft fair mistakes that sometimes happen is not being able to maintain a friendly face and be professional. Because as long as you are in your booth, you are always representing your brand!

2. “Invisible” Booth

If your booth is located in the far corner, in the dark, and away from the main commotion, then you will get fewer customers than those who have their booths in the center of the venue.

If your booth is invisible, then obviously you and your products will be too! For this type of craft fair mistakes, you need to book a place way earlier. So this should be something that you consider and prepare long before the D-Day of the fair. 

If the event organizers are the ones who determine where each booth is placed, then consider having a discussion about whether it’s possible to move yours more into the spotlight.

3. Mainstream Goods

The difference between selling crafts offline and on an e-commerce platform is the reason so many people make these craft fair mistakes. 

When you sell craft at a fair, all of your competitors’ products are also on full display right next to yours. And unlike when you sell craft online, visitors of a craft fair don’t have the leisure of time to ponder on where to buy a certain item.

More often than not, they will buy an item from the first seller they find despite yours costs less or is of better quality.

Now, you don’t exactly have to make something completely new. Even some little customizations of an otherwise common item can go a long way.

Craft Fair Mistakes - Christmas Market
By azgek on envato

4. Messy and Boring Display

When it comes to your booth, common craft fair mistakes people make is not doing their best on their display. Just like your own physical appearance, your booth is also your brand’s first impression.

There’s a middle zone between over-crowding your display thus making it messy and not filling it up enough and making it barren. That is what you need to look for. 

Take the time to make several display models at home. Make use of vertical space, props, and even create a storyline with your display.

5. No Pricing Variations

A lot of the time, not everyone who goes to a craft fair has the fortune to spend on items. Most visitors come around to buy cheap, small trinkets, or even just to “window shop”.

So having only one or two prices for all of your products is one of the craft fair mistakes you need to avoid. And a wider range of prices make your craft more accessible to more people.

6. Prices Not Visible

When you don’t have your prices on display, people will assume that they are expensive. Or simply, a lot of people don’t want to be bothered to ask each and every product’s prices. It’s just a hassle! Both for you and your customer.

To avoid the craft fair mistakes, it is better to have your prices visible from the start. And I’m not just talking about price tags on items either since they can be pretty small. 

You can make your products and booth even more visible with banners or boards that advertise your prices and are visible from afar.

Craft Fair Mistakes - Price Display
Photo by Marcel Pirnay on Unsplash

7. Only Accepting Cash

You are probably aware that many people actually prefer cashless payment methods nowadays. 

It might seem trivial but not providing multiple payment methods can get you to lose a lot of sales. These craft fair mistakes are easy to solve as there are many cashless options you can use easily these days.

8. Not Preparing Change

While we’re on the topic of payment, another craft fair mistake you need to avoid is not preparing enough change. 

This especially stands if your products are dominated by small trinkets that cost only a few bucks or even cents

And don’t even try to rely on getting change from your neighboring stalls! First, they’re busy with their own customers. And besides, they also need those loose change, so prepare your own!

9. Being “Pushy”

Yes, promoting your business is obviously a great thing to do and I encourage you to do so. 

But there is a difference between promoting and straight-up trying to hustle visitors. It’s rude and uncalled for to force yourself on people, no matter how desperate you are.

If you’re doing things right, then (hopefully) you won’t even get to this point, that’s the goal!

10. Arriving Late and Leaving Early

It’s not a secret that craft fairs can be exhausting. But if you leave early or arrive late, the less time you spend in the venue. In addition to this, some people like to wait until the last minute after the crowd dies down to shop. So don’t make the craft fair mistakes of not making the most of the time you have!

Besides, being late and leaving early is rather unprofessional, don’t you think? It also can disrupt other sellers—and trust me, you want to be friends with them, not foes!

Those are 10 craft fair mistakes you need to avoid at all costs to make sure you get the best experience and profits from any craft fair!

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