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5 Best Selling Sublimation Designs on Drizy Studio

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What’s up? It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote an article of inspirational ideas for you. This time it’s about best selling sublimation designs.

It is undeniable that sublimation is commonly used in crafting. Sublimation is easy to apply to many items such as sweaters, tote bags, hoodies, mugs, tumblers and so on.

I often apply the designs to a T-shirt. Besides feeling more personal, I also don’t need to spend too much money to have a T-shirt with a design that I like.

Related to the common use of sublimation in the craft community, I will give you a list of best selling sublimation designs that will come in handy in your crafting hobbies to quench your thirst for sublimation ideas.

Best Selling Sublimation Designs to Fulfill Your Thirst for Craft

The sublimation designs that I included in this list are based on the Drizy website catalog’s sorted from most popular. Moreover, I selected 5 designs of my personal choice.

Design ideas in this list will include best selling sublimation designs with Christmas, celestial, and Halloween themes that will blow your mind.

Some of the designs on this list will also make fantastic craft ideas for Etsy or Tedoo shops! Make sure to get a license that meets the needs of your business. I hope this list can provide you with the designs you sought!

1. Beautiful Rose and Butterfly

Best Selling Sublimation Designs - 1

The first best selling sublimation designs I put on the list is this Galaxy Celestial Beautiful Rose and Butterfly! This design combines a rose and butterflies with a galaxy celestial motif applied with a digital watercolor painting.

Undoubtedly, its style creates a stunning and unique sublimation template.

This design surely can be used to beautify any fabric, sweaters, tote bags, mugs, or phone cases. I personally applied it to my T-shirt and tote bag.

This galaxy celestial theme is incredibly peaceful and it reminds me of the splendor of the night sky as I’m sitting in a lounge chair in front of my balcony with a cup of coffee.

To use this design in your craft, you must first purchase and download it. A Desktop License is only $3, like most of the other designs on the Drizy Studio website. I guarantee you will not feel sorry later.

2. Griswold Christmas

Best Selling Sublimation Designs - 2

You’re gonna have fun, and I’m gonna have fun… We’re all gonna have so much f*cking fun we’re gonna need plastic surgery to remove our godd*mn smiles!

Clark Griswold

Who still remembers the Griswold family? Of course, my parents! haha. I’m too young to know about this movie, but I think some of you have watched it.

My parents used to tell me how they liked the Griswolds, especially Clark! This film can always tickle with its typical jokes. In relation to that, Drizy Studio team was also inspired to make sublimation designs from this movie.

The second best selling sublimation designs I put on the list is this Griswold Christmas Sublimation Bundle! This bundle includes 8 different designs inspired by the Griswold family’s iconic station wagon.

These designs are surely suitable to be applied to your items such as tote bags, pillowcases, or sweaters. I mean, who doesn’t know this iconic station wagon? Even though I’ve never watched it, I notice this reference.

If you like to make use of one of these designs, you can get it for free for 1 chosen design. But if you want to have all 8 designs you only need to pay $3 for a Desktop License.

3. Tumbler Wrap, Cloudy Gold Glitter

Best Selling Sublimation Designs - 3

The third best selling sublimation designs I put on the list is this Cloudy Gold Glitter Tumbler Wrap!

Tumblers, as we all know, are a very common item. We may also be accustomed to relying on it to carry beverages such as coffee, tea, or just water.

Surely, it must be upsetting to drink from a tumbler with the exact same design each day. This is due to tumbler manufacturers mass-producing similar designs, so we often see many people with the same tumbler designs.

Since this tumbler design is one of the best selling sublimation designs on the Drizy web page, I highly suggest personalizing your tumbler with this one-of-a-kind template.

Naturally, by customizing the tumbler, you’ll have a delightful experience and enhance your mood as well. A quick mention! For a great, long-lasting result, I recommend using high-quality vinyl paper and ink and washing it gently because scratches can rip away the ink.

4. 3 Spooky Ghosts with Floral Arrangement

best selling sublimation designs 4

The next best selling sublimation designs I put on the list is this Spooky Ghosts with Floral Arrangement.

This design, like the previous Griswold design, is a seasonal style. Nonetheless, the application of a seasonal design such as this does not necessarily need to be limited to Halloween. Take me for example. In the summer, I commonly use decals or T-shirts of sublimation winter gnomes.

Seasonal designs, like this one, typically have a cute and adorable style of design.

This Spooky Ghosts sublimation is what you need to spice up your personal items. Look at the three of ‘em, ghosts can be scary at all times, they’re celebrating Halloween with their very own blooms!

You can get this 3 ghosts design by purchasing a Desktop License for $3 for personal use. On the other hand, if you want to use it in your crafts to sell on Etsy or Tedoo, you’ll need to get a National or International License.

5. Adorable Celestial Black Cat

Best Selling Sublimation Designs - 5

We have come to the last best selling sublimation designs on the list. If anyone asks me if I love animals, yes I do! Are you a cat person like me? If so, show your passion for animals with this one sublimation template.

In this Celestial Black Cat design, she is a companion of a witch. When you wear this design, possibly some of your cat-loving friends will be impressed too!

I definitely suggest you apply this design to your totes and clothing! There is no doubt that combining cats with a celestial theme creates an aesthetically pleasing and adorable impression.

This design is not free; a Desktop License costs $3. However, if you intend to use it for commercial purposes, a $4 National or $5 Worldwide Corporate License will be required.

Browse More Best Selling Sublimation Designs:

And that’s the list of best selling sublimation designs on Drizy Studio. Which sublimation design piques your interest the most? I love the last design idea of the Adorable Celestial Black Cat!

Looking for more crafting ideas and inspiration? Then I invite you to become a member of our Facebook Community! You can share ideas and find out further about sublimation and SVGs, as well as access a variety of special freebies.

Join us right away and let’s get crafty!

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