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Cricut User? Here Are 6 Dangers of Free SVG Files Without a License!

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As a crafter, when you use cutting machines like Cricut, the urge to settle for easy-to-find, free SVG files is real. However, did you know there are more than one risk of using free SVG files?

I get it, you know, free SVG files are so much easier to find, and also obviously it doesn’t cost a penny. So when you only craft as a hobby and not for business or source of income, it can be really tempting to just use all the free ones you find on the Internet regardless of the dangers of free SVG.

But if you think about it for a second, the risk of using free SVG files can actually cost you more money! There are certain serious threats that you need to understand and consider before you continue on this path, let’s get to it before it’s too late!

Dangers of Free SVG You Might Not Know

1. Spam

The first and foremost dangers of free SVG is perhaps the most common occurrence. I, personally, have experienced this firsthand as well.

When you look on the internet for free SVGs, you are very likely to end up on a website of some sort. Oftentimes, these websites are littered with spam and ads that will just pop up when you least expect it!

Sometimes, it can even trick you into an almost never-ending battle of clicking the exit button of said pop-ups. Have you experienced this?

Spam doesn’t only happen on the website, it can even get into your email or even phone number! When you visit a website, it will track your activity including your IP address and other connection information.

This information is what people can use to send continuous spam to your personal contacts like email or phone numbers.

2. Identity Theft

While we’re on the topic of pop-up ads, have you ever gotten pop-up ads that say you have won a prize of some sort? Sometimes there are also some that require you to fill out a questionnaire in exchange for a reward.

These types of ads are usually followed by a series of questions you need to fill in to claim your prize. Usually, they ask for things like your full name, address, postal code, credit card number, and other personal information.

I mean, it makes sense right? How else would they send your prize if they don’t know where you live or your card information and contacts? But stop and think for a second! Nothing comes for free in this day and age!

These prompts are just to bait you into giving these irresponsible evildoers your personal information so that they can steal it!

3. Hackers

The thing about SVG is that they are different from raster images which utilize pixels for the designs. SVG uses a series of codes that determine lines, curves, and shapes in order to create a more simplistic design that is scalable.

This leads to the next dangers of free SVG, which is hackers. The codes used in SVGs are a window for a malicious hacker to plant their code such as JavaCode or other types of coding.

Once you download the infected SVG file fronts and open them on your device, you are opening a gate for the owners of these harmful hidden codes to access your computer and anything you store in it, including your activities online and offline.

4. Computer Malware

Computer malware is an umbrella term for any intrusive and destructive software. Computer malware is designed to damage and destroy computer systems from the inside, sometimes even resulting in irreparable damage.

How does this relate to free SVG files you might ask? Well, the dangers of free SVG is that most of the time, the websites that provide them are not regulated. This means that anyone with ill intent can provide any SVG file as a front to disguise their computer malware.

So when you download these contaminated free SVGs onto your device, you are also giving the malware access to your computer!

5. Virus

A computer virus is actually a type of malware. And it is perhaps the variety of malware that you need to look out for the most as it is the most commonly found!

Viruses can infect your devices not only from the SVGs you download but even from merely visiting any corrupted websites. It is nearly impossible to actually tell which websites contain viruses so you need to be extra careful.

To avoid this risk of using free SVG, I highly recommend only going to websites that are strictly regulated. The ones where only the owners can provide the files are certainly the safest.

Or even better, you can bet on regulated companies that provide SVGs. Because companies will be more monitored, not just on a personal level but also by law.

6. Legality Issues

Now, this last detail of the dangers of free SVG is something you will find me talking about a lot. Because it is an important aspect that a lot of crafters often overlook.

Who here has used free SVG files for their business? Well, you are actually not supposed to use any free SVG files for commercial use of any form!

Designs like SVG files are actually considered intellectual property, thus you need to have proper licenses and authorization for any use aside from personal. Failure to acquire the appropriate licenses can get you in quite a trouble with the authorities.

So if you are using SVG files for any purpose other than personal matters, you absolutely need to stop using free SVG files. Instead, opt for SVG files with clear authorizations, and even better if multiple licenses are available so that you can choose according to your and your business’s needs.

And listen, I am not telling you all this to scare you away from being a crafter. Rather so that we can all craft safely and more carefully. 

The thing is, crafting with SVGs safely is not hard at all! Did you know that you can avoid all of these dangers of free SVG by using SVGs from Drizy Studio? Get high-quality, monitored, and original designs. So let Drizy Studio give you peace of mind and craft without worrying about the dangers of free SVG!

Dangers of free SVG - Finding safe website to download SVG
Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash

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