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7 Best Aesthetic Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style

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What are script fonts?

Script fonts are an easily distinguishable type of font that looks like cursive handwriting. The idea was based on real handwritings of olden times. But obviously, not everyone has beautiful handwriting, so the creation of script fonts really enables people to achieve it.

Very much like a human’s handwriting, each script font has its own identity. Any difference in slopes, curves, and curls give off distinctive character. And with development of typography , added ligatures and swashes makes it all the more interesting.

And so, script fonts are so loved by a lot of designers and branding experts.

We live in a digital world, but it doesn’t mean every branding should look futuristic. For a look that can evoke emotions, these 7 modern handwritten fonts are the best recommendations for you.

1. Rasttimel Brush – Handwritten Brush Font (TTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Rasttimel Brush Font

Rasttimel Brush is a handwritten brush font that features a rough and textured look. If you’re looking for a brush font, this one absolutely delivers. Rasttimel Brush gives off a rustic but modern vibe. As if penned in a hurry by a veteran in their business, it is full of energy and is an attention catcher.

With multilingual support, alternative ligatures (on tt, ll, ss, and ou), numbers, and punctuation, Rasttimel Brush is ready take on the job of sports or varsity designs, used as captioning in traveling documentary video formats, or used on coffee cup sleeves and takeaway packaging.

2. Krathos Script – Handwritten Script Font (TTF, OTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Krathos Feminine Script Font

Krathos Script is in the list of modern handwritten fonts. It features a feminine look. Not to be confused with Kratos the personification of strength, Krathos Script is clever and meticulous but is still relaxed.

This font suits the Christmas theme and will look dazzling on social media. It also fits as a lettering template for bullet journaling. So, if you’re a creator of journaling items, use this font to make stamps and stickers. Krathos Script is packed with multilingual support and alternative ligatures on tt, ll, th, ss, rr, oo, and os.

3. Best Love – Modern Lovely Font (TTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Best Love

Best Love is a modern lovely font. It is special because it features 3 sets of swatches: beginning, ending, and a connective heart-shaped swash. Best Love (excuse the pun) best suits a wedding or engagement invitation. It also serves well as a thank you card.

As a standalone, the individual letters are perfect for monograms. But the option is unlimited, you can also incorporate it into Valentine’s, Christmas, and New Year’s. To balance out, pair Best Love with small caps display font or serif font.

4. Laguta – Handwritten Script (TTF, OTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Laguta

Laguta is one of our modern handwritten fonts that have thicker weight. Key features of this font are the alternative styles of letters j, y, and z that are added with a descender that’s turned into a loop, much like letter g. Other than that, ligatures of cc, ee, ll, oo, and tt are included.

Laguta supports multilingual use. Its youthful and childlike energy makes it the perfect candidate for promotions of kids’ apparel, especially for Christmas. It will also add a warm touch when used as welcome signs or incorporated into book titles.

5. Battiyan Script – Handwritten Script Font (TTF, OTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Battiyan Feminine Script

Battiyan Script is a handwritten font that resembles a fountain pen writing by the difference of its downstroke and upstroke thickness. However, unlike real life fountain pen writing for official documents that is rigid, Battiyan Script is amiable and welcoming.

Along with multilingual support, this script font is equipped with beginning or ending swashes and ligatures for double t, l, and s. You can depend on it to create greeting cards, boutique branding, or book titles.

6. Best Soulmate – Handwritten Font (TTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Best Soulmate

Best Soulmate is a stylish handwritten font that has the closest form of actual hand scribbles. Its free-handed style has a sense of elegance. Best Soulmate will fit right in as branding design of perfume, eyewear, timepiece, skin care and beauty products. It’s pretty easy on the eyes for making social media quote posts.

It is worth noting that this handwritten font comes with complete sets of beginning swash and ending swash. And like other script fonts in this list, Best Soulmate also includes ligatures, which are: al, all, ll, at, att, tt, oo, ss, ou, and st. Phew… that’s more than the rest!

Lastly, Best Soulmate is equipped with multilingual support.

7. Reydong – Display Script Font (TTF, OTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Reydong Display Decorations Font

Reydong is a display script font. Even though its tight kerning can make it hard to read as a lengthy text, Reydong features a lot of alternative styles that are intended for titles and name branding. It has one set of ending swash and one set of ascender / descender swashes that resembles a horizontal figure of eight. Ligatures include tt, Th, and Tl.

Reydong is also applicable for multilingual texts. As one of the more modern script fonts, it is suitable as movie or book titles, café or bakery panels, or combined with other fonts to create designs for typography T-shirts and tote bags.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of these beautiful fonts, you will be delighted to know that we have a very special Font Bundle with 26 Christmas fonts, 21 of which are script fonts.

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