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8 Best Sci-Fi Fonts for Modern and Futuristic Design

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We never know how the future will unfold, but I’d like to think there’s something deeper on why humans love this idea: that we have hope and let our imaginations run wild. We already experience how technology shapes our humanity, both for good or bad, don’t we?

I’m not here to talk about philosophical aspects of technology and AI or Artificial Intelligence tho’. Just want to show you our curated 8 Best Sci-Fi Fonts for Modern and Futuristic Design for you. Hope these Sci-Fi typefaces and futuristic typefaces will spark your inner dream of how the perfect future will be!


1 Moleth Futuristic Font

You can’t not see this stylish futuristic font even from far. MOLETH is a san-serif futuristic Sci-Fi font with a modern look. Designed in layered lines combined with bold stems make this cool font standout from the crowd.

MOLETH comes with a great package too! You’ll be served with 2 variations of uppercase letters with variation of lines, which you can use with typing as uppercase and lowercase on your device.

Add also numerals and punctuation marks so you can use them to express your headlines, title, or any copywriting in your design project.

Aren’t in the future will be able to speak in more than one language? Then yes, this futuristic font supports multilingual also because it comes with accented letters.

This techno font also has a simple modern look with rounded edges that make all letters look nice and inviting. MOLETH is perfect for any type of typography needs, from a futuristic logo, a techno music event flyer, to futuristic web headings.


1 Novan Modern Font

NOVAN is just like the word “nuevo” in Spanish, designed with newness in mind. We’re letting our playful side as designers play a bigger part in designing this futuristic font.

This cool techno font is made with all in lowercase letters, and also with numerals and punctuation marks. It also comes with various ligatures to make your typography element in your design look more alluring! And yes, NOVAN also serves you with accented letters so it supports multilingual.

NOVAN is a great companion if you want to be playful with any projects you’re having, and you want your overall design to look futuristic and stand out from the crowd.

Here are some ideas to apply this Sci-Fi font: techno branding elements for digital or physical display, futuristic typography quotes for t-shirt design, and banner or flyer for Sci-Fi Convention or events. Do you have more?


Fearce Modern Font

Let’s go to a more minimalist typeface design, FEARCE. No it’s not Sasha Fierce but yeah we listened to her songs while designing this, so no wonder making this minimalist modern font feels outspoken just like an alter ego!

FEARCE is fierce to stand out so this futuristic font is made all in caps or in uppercase letters, we also included numerals, and punctuation marks you can use for your design project. Good news for crafters, this font is also PUA encoded, perfect for your printing and cutting machine software such as Cricut Design Space.

With this futuristic font’s minimalist look, making this FEARCE versatile to be applied to various design styles and elements. For example, you can use this for your logo, headings for your blog article, as Youtube banners and many more!

And please wait before you launch your rocket to Mars! Because this futuristic font is not landing here on earth alone, in every purchase you’ll also get a FREE futuristic flyer design template you can use as a kickstarter for any project you have!


Trixie Font

Ladies and gentlemen, Drizy Studio proudly presents: TRIXIE! Have you tried layered fonts before? Whatever your answer is, this fun-looking futuristic font is ready to rock your boat!

Because this sci-fi font is hybrid, on one hand it is customizable thanks to its multi layer features on the other hand you can use this as a one layer font.

TRIXIE is here with 4 layers and 3 of them are: Shadow layer, Regular layer, and Line Right layer. Relax, you can also just simply use another layer: Complete layer, where you can type anything right away without having to mind each of it. For sure, you’ll also get numerals and punctuation marks. And yes, this techno font also comes with multilingual support!

And just like FEARCE above, this techno font also has a nice package. You’ll get a free Icon Pack and Flyer & Voucher template with again, no additional cost!


Bomtur Font

Another futuristic font with minimalist and techno at the same time: BOMTUR. This is a mix of ethnic and futuristic design, because who knows in the past, humans were already gone to outer space and met some aliens?

You’ll get three types of font, all in futuristic caps or uppercase: Bomtur Outline Regular with clean outline look, Bomtur Rough Regular just like falling comets and stars in the outer space, Bomtur Webfont Regular if you want to use it for a website using CSS, and Bomtur Regular with its clean and bold look. And yes, along with numerals and some punctuation marks

You can use this techno font BOMTUR for any purpose or project with techno or futuristic themes. If you’re still unsure on how to use this futuristic font, no worry needed, we’ve also included a free Space Flyer template both in PSD and Ai format files to help you spark more ideas!


Gilky - Modern Futuristic Font

Need more bold futuristic typeface? We got you! Here we brought you GILKY, another futuristic font to make you amazed.

With bold futuristic design, GILKY can communicate well your brand core message to the audience. Do you want to talk about how technological advanced you are? Or do you want to convince consumers that you can deliver your service in speed? This modern san-serif font can do all of it! 

In every purchase it’s included with GILKY font all in caps or uppercase, you’ll also get numerals and punctuation marks. And s’il vous parlez français aussi then t’inquiète pas, this futuristic font comes with multilingual supports!


Astro Font

It is not a collection of Sci-Fi Fonts if we’re not including this techno font inspired by robots with advanced artificial intelligence: ASTRO, like, come on! This Sci-Fi font is unapologetically cool!

This is a layered font again so you can customize its looks just like how we can customize robots in the future, right? For example you can modify each layer’s color and opacity to express your unique style with this.

All in caps letters or uppercase, this SciFi font comes with 5 layers of fonts, 1 layer is the Astro Completed Font if you want quick design or get no time to add each layer, the rest of 4 layers are: Astro Font, Astro Extrude Font, Astro Extrude Shadow Font and Astro Cable Font. It also comes with various ligatures and yes, absolutely it also comes with numeral and punctuation marks.

ASTRO is cool enough as a standalone like for your logotype, or as a futuristic typographic poster, or techno quotes t-shirt, and many more possibilities this techno font offers!


Teqto Font

Last but not least, TEQTO is a Sci-Fi font with its bold futuristic shapes. This geometric design is ready to tackle any problems you have in any project you have with futuristic or Sci-Fi themes!

TEQTO is here in all caps or uppercase with 2 alternates if you write in uppercase and in lowercase. It also comes with numerals and punctuation marks and it supports multilingual since it comes with some accented characters.

With its rounded shapes this futuristic font feels nice, inviting us to dream of a brighter future on how technology can improve our well being. Such as having a nice robot assistant to give us massages after burnout. So you can use this for any futuristic-theme project but you want to give nice, kind and welcoming air around it!


Ladies, and gentlemen, we have arrived now on a new earth! Now, it’s up to you how you want to embrace your inner alien-ness through these 8 Best Sci-Fi Fonts for Modern and Futuristic Design! All of these fonts are available in various license to suit whatever you need, and with an easy check-out process you can also securely pay with Credit Card or Paypal.

See you on another planet! Meanwhile, check our other cool fonts!

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