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Bordas – Sharped Block Font

byDrizy Studio
October 18, 2022
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Bordas – Sharped Block Font

Bordas is a Sharped Block Font from Drizy Studio. Unleash the power of boldness with Bordas – a sharp-edged block font that commands attention. Its clean lines and distinct geometry create a visually striking impact, making your designs stand out in any context.

Bordas is the perfect choice for projects that require a strong and confident presence. From logos to headlines, posters to signage, this font adds a touch of modernity and strength to your visual communication.

Embrace the sharpness and precision of Bordas and watch your designs come to life with their bold and impactful aesthetic. Download now and elevate your typography game to new heights with this captivating block font.

Please be aware that the Bordas font is based on a Demo font named “Top Show“, but has been modified for commercial use. You may use it for revenue-generating projects like ads or packaging, but ensure you have the proper license and adhere to usage guidelines. Kindly review the terms of use for the “Top Show” font to comply with commercial use restrictions.

Top Show features:
– All Caps
– Punctuation & Numbers
– Multilingual Support
– Alternate & Ligatures

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this product. I hope you like it and enjoy it! 🙂

Spice up your project with this Sharped Block Font!

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Check out our time-limited bundles!

Join Drizy Studio Facebook group for special freebies!



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