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7+ Fun DIY Halloween Aesthetic Decoration Ideas, Make Your Own at Home!

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Decorate your house with our free SVG designs! Go all out with the Halloween aesthetics!

Gosh! Can you believe it? We’re already a few weeks away from the end of the summer and into fall season. I am super excited for it because… The spooky season is soon upon us!

We have plenty of Halloween decoration ideas to make. This year we want to celebrate the festive holiday with you so we’re compiling our free Halloween SVG designs in this post. See the end of this post for a list of download links! Just click and they will automatically download.

Enjoy a fun crafting session with your loved ones at home, don’t forget to replenish your crafting supplies and ready your cutting machine! It’s all about Halloween aesthetics, baby!

Or perhaps you’re new to crafting? If you’re looking to purchase a machine, we have a review post about Cricut’s Explore Air 2 and Silhouette’s Cameo 4 here that might help you.

Easy 3D Halloween Aesthetic Decoration: Folding Papercut

Among Halloween decoration ideas, I feel like papercut is the easiest hack as a 3D. To make one, all you need is a piece of cardstock in F4 or A4. Cut the SVG file through your cutting machine. Fold it halfway, then fold the halves again the other way, and you’re done! The papercut will stand on its own. Very simple!

Here are some tips to display it. Use double sided cardstock papers to accentuate the 3D look and put it somewhere the light shines on one side and casts shadow on the other. Theatrical!

Click to take a glimpse of our Instagram reels and Instagram post of this product!

Evil Pumpkins Beer Can Glasses

Halloween Aesthetic free Halloween SVG libbey beer can glass

Liven up your party with these spooky beer can glasses! You can also cut these Halloween decoration ideas on your mugs, tumblers, mason jars, cookie tins, the options are unlimited.

To make them, choose your favorite vinyl, measure how big you would like the design to be, and cut them out! Have fun with color-changing vinyl, holographic vinyl, or color-gradient vinyl.

Here’s a little tip so these cute-but-evil Jack-o’-lanterns last longer. Make sure you clean the surface of your items with rubbing alcohol before sticking on this set of vinyl.

Spooky Halloween Window Decal

Next in our Halloween decoration ideas list are spooky Halloween window decals. Become the talk of the neighborhood with these beautifully crafted illustrations!

Undead zombies emerging from their tombs… Jack-o-lanterns scarecrows keeping their eyes on you with their evil grin… Brrr… Stuff of nightmares sending shivers down my spine. Just perfect for the spooky season!

Darker colored vinyl are recommended for this one. Cut the SVGs to the maximum size of your cutting machine. See the design come to life as the sun goes down. Of course you’ll wanna keep some form of backlight if you want them to stay visible the whole night.

Pay our Insta post a visit to see the process from designing, cutting, to slapping on these beauties on our studio window!

Faux Ingredients Halloween Bottle Labels SVG for Drinks and Condiments

Halloween Decoration Ideas Halloween Bottle Labels for Drinks and Condiments

When the full moon arises it’s a telltale from the heavens to make a witch’s brew. Brain of Rat? Black Cat? Pure Pumpkin Ale? All the requirements for a magical concoction.

Hype up your party with these faux ingredients! Attach these Halloween aesthetic bottle labels on your alcoholic drinks, condiments, tea canisters, and more.

If you want to keep the color, you can print these on sticker paper then cut with your Cricut machine. You can also cut them as decals, but be sure to cut them large enough so you don’t lose the details.

Halloween Aesthetic Greeting Cards

Halloween Aesthetic Happy Halloween Card Paper Cut
Happy Halloween Card – Dracula’s Manor
Halloween Decoration Ideas Greeting Card Paper Cut
Happy Halloween Card – Flying Witch

Giving a simple greeting card is a nice gesture for Halloween too. Send these to your faraway friends or relatives.

We have two options: Dracula’s Manor and Witch Flying During a Full Moon. Both keeping the spirits of the spooky holiday.

You will need a sheet of double sided cardstock. But if you don’t have one ready, just cut it on your normal cardstock and patch it up with another piece of paper. We recommend cutting them in A5 size.

Adorable Halloween Gnome Sticker Pack

Halloween Aesthetic Adorable Halloween Gnomes Sticker Bundle
Halloween Decoration Ideas Adorable Halloween Gnomes Sticker Bundle

This bundle fits into Halloween decoration ideas and gift ideas. Look at these adorable gnomes clad in black-and-orange costumes. They are ready for trick-and-treating!

You will need inkjet-printable vinyl paper or sticker paper. Print the illustrations and cut with your machine. You can also opt for manual cutting with your art knives or scissors for this one.

Stick these on your gadget, notebook, fridge, locker door, and more. The kids in your neighborhood will be happy to have some as an early Halloween gift.

Halloween Door Sign Split Monograms

Halloween Decoration Ideas Split Monogram Round Door Sign
Halloween Decoration Ideas – Custom Door Sign

In place of a wreath, we provide you with a set of circular-shaped split monograms for Halloween! Greet your trick-or-treating neighbors with these Halloween door sign designs. Add any text you want and print them out!

Halloween Shirts

Not exactly a decoration idea, but Halloween shirts are fun to wear in the upcoming weeks before the big night!

Halloween Shirt Heartbeart

This is a set of 4 heartbeat lines with various Halloween icons. Subtle and cute!

Halloween Shirt Design of Witchs Hat with Cute Butterfly and Flowers

It’s a beautiful illustration of a witch’s hat with a bunch of flowers and butterflies.

Halloween Shirt Pumpkin and Gnomw SVG

A set of cute gnome wizards with flying broomsticks and Jack-o’-lanterns.

Bonus Non-SVG Halloween Designs

These ones are missing SVG files but you can still make use of them as in-frame prints, stickers, or sublimations on shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, and the possibilities are endless!

Halloween Shirt Scary Spider Hanging Upside Down

This is a watercolor digital painting of a spider with shining full moon in the background.

Halloween Shirt Adorable Wizard Gnome Clipart 1

Adorable clipart of old wizard gnome with a glass of magic potion.

We’ve reached the end of the post. Which Halloween decoration ideas are you most excited to make? If you want more free designs like these, just hit join on Drizy Studio’s Facebook group and follow our Instagram for updates.

Have a blast on your Halloween crafting! Be sure to holler trick or treat!

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Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, the bundle links above are affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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