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7 Fun DIY Christmas Aesthetic Decoration Ideas

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Oh my! Can you believe it? We are a few weeks away from late fall. I’m so happy because… The snowy season is coming soon! This year seems to pass by within minutes, I was unaware it’s coming to an end already. And what does that imply? Yup! Christmas Eve is here! Finally, the warm atmosphere, togetherness, and joy are felt once more.

We all know that Christmas is just around the corner. So as a crafter, you might need a Christmas SVG bundle to make this event even more exciting. Whenever talking about Christmas, decorations at home are a must!

DIY Christmas Aesthetic decoration ideas are available in a variety of forms and styles depending on the tastes of those who wish to do it. To name a few examples, there are Christmas decoration ideas with the theme of cartoon characters, Christmas trees, Santa figures, cute animals, and even Christmas greetings designed with aesthetic features.

Inspiring DIY Christmas Aesthetic, Christmas Decoration Ideas

So, if you’re looking for ideas to decorate your home for Christmas, these Christmas decorations Ideas will help you to beautify your home. This list of ideas is not only creative and aesthetic, but it also brings a pleasant atmosphere.

Prior to that, I want to ensure that these ideas utilize SVG; therefore, a cutting machine will be needed to print the design since you cannot cut it manually.

Prepare yourself, it’s time to craft!

1. Toilet Decals

DIY Christmas Aesthetic - Toilet decals
DIY Christmas Aesthetic – “Downloading” pun

Don’t you get bored when there is nothing to look at when you need to do your “business”? One way to make the toilet more fun is to put a pun decal on it. This simple and quirky decoration will instantly put everyone in the spirit!

You can also attach it to the bathroom door. Instead of using a “vacant” sticker, it will look very dull. This decal will replace the function of the sticker by giving a signal that you are busy “downloading”.

To do this, you only need to print one of the three designs of Funny Christmas Toilet SVG (elf, Santa, and reindeer) on vinyl, and don’t forget to adjust the cutting size to suit your toilet lid.

2. Door Signs

Gnome door sing
DIY Christmas Aesthetic- Funny Gnome Door Sign

Installing a sign in front of the house is indeed very common, isn’t it? We usually prepare the board with fake leaves or plants to decorate it. Have you ever thought about inserting a gnome character on that board?

It will be very cute and adorable if guests who stop by are greeted by gnomes who say “Merry Christmas” greetings in the front yard. Put this door sign on your front entrance to impress your neighbors!

Depending on your preferences, you’ll need a signboard made of wood or other material to build it. Then, use vinyl to attach the printed Funny Gnome Sayings for the Christmas Door Sign design on the board.

3. Window Decals

Hanged Christmas Baubles
DIY Christmas Aesthetic – Hanged Baubles

Although this one seems straightforward, wouldn’t it be quicker to decorate the house for Christmas Eve if it were this simple?

You can “create a chandelier” at home with SVG cut files shaped like the one in the picture. You can follow the preview image and attach it to the window. This will give your house a warm and welcoming look!

You just need to cut the Hanged Christmas Baubles design with a cutting machine and it’s ready to be installed wherever you want.

4. Wall Decals

Wall Decals
DIY Christmas Aesthetic – Wall Cute Decals

Another idea for you is to place stickers around light switches or house corners to give the impression that the place is cozy and lively.

The Reindeer and Santa Warm Greeting design fits above a light switch. How cute! The two of them will always be there to accompany you whenever you require any help.

The Adorable Mouse Hole fits on the wall baseboard, giving the appearance of an otherworldly area down there. Children will ponder whether a tiny creature inhabits the space behind the hole in the wall.

This decoration will attract the attention of kids because it is adorable. Don’t forget to invite your children when you’re decorating the house. Marvelous!

You can print it using vinyl as wall stickers. You must add color to the prints, notably for Reindeer and Santa Warm Greeting designs.

5. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments
DIY Christmas Aesthetic – Tree Ornaments

Next, we’ll use paper cuts to decorate the Christmas tree. If there is no Christmas tree at home, Christmas has not truly arrived. Nevertheless, decorating a Christmas tree should be on a to-do list!

After decorating the Christmas tree with lights and star ornaments, you can add some of these paper-cut ornaments to add a crafty feel to it!

Use the Animals in the Christmas Bulb SVG design to give a fresh and positive impression. Then you can also make use of the Happy Holidays Layered Ornament design to give a warm impression of Christmas togetherness.

Keep in mind that this design is a layered paper cut, so you will need to assemble some paper with adhesive and some foam to create the illusion of depth.

6. Display Decorations

Frame Display Decoration
DIY Christmas Aesthetic – 3D Shadow Box

Who said the snowman can only live outside the house, the proof is that with this design you can keep it as a display in the house!

Using displays with frames to decorate your home is always a good idea, especially for special occasions like Christmas.

Besides displaying family photos, displaying 3D shadow boxes around the house will show your crafty side! Of course, this will further enhance your persona!

You can choose these two designs of Snowman Winter Scene Shadow Box 3D and Cute Snowman Scene Shadow Box 3D as materials to be cut into shadow boxes. Don’t forget to prepare a photo frame to insert the paper cuts.

7. Wall Decorations

messageImage 1665977502464
DIY Christmas Aesthetic – Wall Decoration Ornament Antler

Who says that having antlers on the wall at home has to be expensive? Paper cuts can be used to create alternative “horns” in an easy way. In addition to being cheaper, there are no worries about hurting wildlife.

The size of this paper cut can be modified; for best results, I recommend setting it to the maximum size of your cutting machine. Therefore, It is suitable to be placed in the living room of your house.

This decoration serves as the main decoration in your home. Don’t be hesitant; this Christmas Ornament Antler design will look lovely when placed in the living area together with some Tumblr lights. Undoubtedly, it can give warmth to your house.

And… it’s a wrap!! Which of these Christmas decoration ideas intrigues you the most? I personally like the “downloading” pun idea, it gets me every time!

I’d say these DIY Christmas decoration ideas are worth trying. I’m hoping that spending some time crafting would allow you to relieve stress and give you more time to interact with family at home.

If you’re looking for more craft design inspiration, join the Drizy Studio Group on Facebook and check our Instagram for more updates.

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