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Gerad – Industrial Stencil Font

byDrizy Studio
November 3, 2022
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Gerad – Industrial Stencil Font

Gerad is an Industrial Stencil Font from Drizy Studio. Unleash the rugged power of Gerad – an industrial stencil font that embodies strength and functionality. Its bold letterforms and precise stenciled design create a visually striking impact, making it perfect for projects that demand a robust and industrial aesthetic.

Gerad is the ultimate choice for capturing the essence of machinery, manufacturing, and urban grit. From logos to packaging, posters to labels, this font adds a touch of raw power and utilitarian charm to your designs.

Embrace the industrial revolution with Gerad and watch your typography come alive with its edgy and distinctive style. Download now and experience the captivating world of this industrial stencil font.

Please be aware that the Gerad font is based on a Demo font named “Dihil“, but has been modified for commercial use. You may use it for revenue-generating projects like ads or packaging, but ensure you have the proper license and adhere to usage guidelines. Kindly review the terms of use for the “Dihil” font to comply with commercial use restrictions.

Gerad Features:

Uppercase & Lowercase
Numeral & Punctuation
Multilingual & Alternates

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this product. Hope you like it and enjoy 🙂

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