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For Beginners: Layering on Design Space in 7 Easy Steps

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Hey, Crafters!

Layering on Design Space is a great way of utilizing your Cricut machine to its full potential. Multilayered images can be used to print out many colors of cut files to use on your crafts.

When you have multiple layers, you can select a different color for each layer. For example, you can jazz up the game a bit by adding glitter or sparkly holographic vinyl to one layer.

If you’ve ever gotten a flat JPG or PNG image and wished you could use it like typical cut files with multiple layers, these easy steps of Layers for Beginners are for you.

I’ve created a short tutorial to create layering on Design Space for Cricut. To make it simple, we’re using the most common image types you have.

Cricut Design Space: Layers for Beginners

I’ll teach you how to convert a flat PNG image into a multilayered cut file. After you’ve layered the image, you may use it for your craft projects out of vinyl or cardstock with your cutting machine.

Before you begin layering on Design Space, I want to make sure that you have prepared the files that you want to make into layered SVGs. To make the process of layering on Design Space easier, I suggest using a file with low complexity.

1. Open Cricut Design Space

The very first step is to open the Design Space application on your computer. Next, create a new project by clicking “New Project” or the button with the “+” logo.

01 Layering on Design Space - New Project button

If you haven’t installed it yet, you can download the Cricut Design Space application via the link below.

On this website, you will be asked to download the installer file. Don’t worry, on this website they will automatically detect whether you are using a Windows or Mac Operating System.

Confirm that the application runs smoothly and without interruptions. For more information on the requirements for using the Cricut Design Space, see this page.

2. Upload Your Image

Once you click on the new project you will be presented with the application’s start page screen. Tap on the “Upload” button on the screen to upload your Image file.

02 Layering on Design Space - Upload button

When the new page appears, click on “upload imageto find the image file that you want to layer.

03 Layering on Design Space - Upload Image button

A Windows Explorer pop up will appear if you are using Windows, and a Finder pop up if you are using Mac OS.

You need to find the image file on your device that you will use as the original image for layering on Design Space.

04 Layering on Design Space - Browser Image from directory

Since you are using a bitmap image file, Design Space will bring you to the Background Remover page. Design Space will begin converting your basic bitmap image to a vector (SVG).

3. Select Image Type

Once the image is uploaded, three options will appear on the image tracing process screen.

05 Layering on Design Space - Selecting Image Complexity

You can choose from simple, moderately complex, and complex images.

  1. Simple images have high-contrast colors (black and white) with a translucent or monochrome background.
  2. Moderately complex images have basic details and color, as well as good contrast between the subject and the background.
  3. Complex images are classified as fine detail, blended hues (gradients), or low contrast between subject and background. This title refers to photographs or digital images intended for use on a screen or in print.

This depends on your image, although most images fall into the simple category. To be safe, I would recommend selecting the complex category. To proceed, hit ‘Continue‘.

4. Use the Magic Wand Tool

Use the Magic Wand tool to click on the part of the image you want to delete. You need to save the layers one at a time, later the results of this “Select & Erase” will be compiled into layering on Design Space.

06 Layering on Design Space - Image Background Remover

As in the picture, I started with the outermost layer and worked my way inward. After that, you may see a silhouette of your cut layer by clicking the Preview button. Continue if you are satisfied with the adjustments.

07 Layering on Design Space - Upload Type Options

After that you will be given the option to take the Cut Image or Print Then Cut Image. Because we will create the next layer, save this layer as a Cut Image, and then hit Upload.

5. Upload the Image File Again

Same as the previous step, click Upload Image and locate your original image to upload it again to Design Space. Once again select the Complex option and then hit Continue.

08 Layering on Design Space - Upload Image

You need to do it several times until every part of the image becomes layers. That way you can color each layer and save it as one layered cut file.

6. Insert All Images Into Your Project

Once all the layers have been created, now it’s time to unite all of them into one design. Click on each file and then hit Insert Images. This will bring multiple layers into your screen.

09 Layering on Design Space - Uploading All Image Layers to Canvas

Ta-da! All your layered images are now in the Design Space’s canvas. If some of the files on the canvas are too big or too small you need to rescale them and arrange them neatly. Do this by tweaking the width and height as in the top navigation panel.

10 Layering on Design Space - Uploading All Image Layers to Canvas

7. Add Color to Each Layer

This is an optional step; if you don’t need it, skip it. This step will enable you to distinguish each layer and get a sense of how the final result will look when you cut it on vinyl or cardstock.

11 Layering on Design Space - Arranging All Image Layers on Canvas

Select one of the layers on the canvas in the Layers panel. Then, from the operation menu, select the black square. Finally, choose a color for the layer. This process should be repeated for each remaining layer.

12 Layering on Design Space - Adding Colors to All Image Layers on Canvas

Done, you now have a layered cut file to use on your Cricut.

Congratulations! You have read How to Create Layers for Beginners in Cricut Design Space! Now, you can create more projects by layering on Design Space!

When you have layered cut files, using Cricut to make crafts from cardstock or vinyl becomes more variative. I’m sure you’ll want more than this!

Those are easy steps for layering on Design Space, how do you like it? If you’d like to read more tips and tricks, visit our Blogs page to read them.

Be sure to join our Facebook group and follow other Drizy Studio social media.

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