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How To Make a Snow Globe Hanging Decoration Papercut

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Too early for Christmas Decorations? Says who? Early birds get the worms, especially if you want to sell your own DIY Christmas Snow Globe for Christmas decoration on your online store like Etsy or anywhere! I hope this simple and easy tutorial of paper ornaments will spark you with more beautiful Christmas ideas.

Snow Globe Hanging

And for me, I’d rather prepare my christmas tree decoration early, knowing that it will be so busy during the holiday…ahem, kids! Ahem, big family visits!. I love having paper decorations for my christmas tree ornaments because it’s cheap, easy and so fun to make!

You don’t need to pay anything to download this free paper snow globe template, no credit card required, my awesome friends already made it free here. But instead of following the exact color of the design, which is all-blue—and I know they look gorgeous—I’m going to make a paper ornaments with the cardstocks I have now at home.

Here we go! First, let’s prepare all the tools needed:

a. Your Print and Cutting Printer

My Cricut is still…on shipping (Gosh! I bet Santa Claus will deliver it faster), but, it’s okay, I still have my Cameo printer to make this decoration. It’s also fine if we have other types of printing and cutting machines as long as we know how they work. Various types of snow globes exist, so do with printers. 

b. Three Cardstocks

I’m using 65 lb with a size of 8.27 x 11.69 inches or equivalent to A4 paper size. You can use whatever you have at home, but make sure that they’re not too thick or too thin and more importantly, supported by your printing and cutting machine!  We can use any color that we want for our paper decorations to be, even use only one color such as white for White Christmas, here I will use pink, green, and red cardstocks.

c. Adhesive Foam

These are the easy way to give our paper snow globes beautiful dimensional looks by giving some space between each layer. You can use it in any form, such as adhesive foam dots or squares. Here I’ll use the latter since this is what I have at home.

d. Ribbons or Strings

You can pick any color that you want, we’ll use this to hold up our paper Christmas ornaments once they are done! Sorry for not including this in a photo, but here I have double-sided satin in red and green.

e. A Set of Cut Knives

Also called as a set of precision knives, or cutting and picking tools. Also prepare a pair of scissors in case we need it. You might not need all of these if you have a great Cricut or cutting machine. But if we don’t have any cutting machine at home, then having these handy tools is a must since we will make this set of layered Christmas tree ornaments by hand. 

f. A Cutting Mat

I’d personally have this in various sizes, from A3 to A2 size but I would recommend you to have at least the A3 size because this will prevent us from damaging our lovely table at home while making our paper snow globes, other paper crafts such as autumn shadow box.


If you wish your layered-paper snow globe to be more fancy you can also add a micro size of LED lights. I recommend you using the warm white colors because it’ll give a magical feeling to your paper ornaments. As for now, I’ll keep it simple without this.

Are you ready? Let’s make these cute and cheap Christmas tree ornaments!

1. Download the Free Paper Snow Globe Templates

If you haven’t, download them here. This 3D Christmas Ornament Set of 4 Multilayer Snow Globe Paper Cut is free to download and you will have 4 sets of paper ornaments for your Christmas tree decoration! You can also check our other Christmas templates here, from free to less than the price of a cup of coffee!

2. Print The Free Templates

Unzip the downloaded file, we will have 4 designs and each design has 3 layers. Again, we can pick any color of the papers or cardstocks for our snow globes in each layer.

Cutting Snow Globe SVG

Let the machine work for us but make sure to check the cut lines are clear. We can set the size up to what we want, but here I personally prefer to fit all 4 snow globes variations per-cardstock.

Cutting Snow Globe SVG 2

Tips: If your cardstocks or papers are too large for your printer or cutting machine, you can always cut them following the supported size, best to do on a cutting mat.

3. Peel Off each Layer and Design

It’s time to peel off our paper snow globes! Use our picking tools here, if the cutting process goes smoothly, we won’t need to cut anything, but prepare your cut knife just to make sure it comes in handy.

Peel Off each Layer

Be careful and make sure we are calm and have our hands steady especially when it comes to more detailed design of each paper snow globe layer.

detailed design

Just remember, give yourself some rest if needed. No need to hurry, this is why we craft our DIY christmas snow globe early! So we can enjoy each process, right?

4. Assemble Our Paper Christmas Ornament

Lay all of the layers of the cardstock on the table or the cutting mat. If we’re not sure which layer comes first, just look at the template files on our computer or laptop. 

Assemble Our Paper Christmas Ornament

Let’s assemble them! Paste our adhesive foam to each layer starting from the bottom. Would be great if we have a smaller form or adhesive foam, but we can always improvise depending on each layer and design.

Assemble Our Paper Christmas Ornament B

5. Serving Time!

Once we’re done Tie the ribbon to each paper snow globe. We can use any type of tie knots to make them more beautiful. For the sake of speed, and since my camera’s battery almost drained, I’m making it simple. I knot them just in a basic way.

Finish the Snow Globe Project

Now we’re done! Our paper snow globes are ready to be our Christmas tree decorations! Aren’t they cute? These Christmas hanging decorations templates are free to download and you can find other free craft design templates to download on DrizyStudio.com.

Do you have any questions? Craving for more design freebies? Or if you love crafting and want to share your tips and tricks, let’s join our community on our Facebook Group here.

Thank you and happy crafting!

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