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Show Your Brand’s Personality Unique Aesthetic Fonts

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If we talk aesthetic fonts, we live in constant distractions and people have less and less time to be aware of your brand. Scroll, and scroll, building engagement is more challenging now than ever. That’s why you have to build your own brand, whether your personal brand our your own business brand to be unique so people can spot you among others.

Indeed, sometimes it seems easier just to play safe. Using the same aesthetic for your brand, same typography aesthetic as your fonts, and same tone for the photos you share on social media. But isn’t building genuine connection to your customers are also important? And there’s no connection if you don’t want to show up your unique aesthetic.

These reasons are why here in Drizy Studio our typographers crafted our own one-of-a-kind font that you can use to show the real you:

Best Aesthetic Fonts for Your Brand’s Personality

We have some fonts that might help you to show your brand its own personality:

1. Balladon


If you want to show you or your brand playfulness then this fonts can be your mate. Whether you are an Etsy Seller, an indipendent musician, a rock live-music bar or anything you can think of, this typeface can show how bold you are with these bold fonts. Perfect as your logotype for your brands—logo license is also available—or as the headline for the flyer or event post on your social media handle, or to help your home projects creating fun papercrafts to decorate your rooms!

2. Vignerina


Express your playful and joyfulness with our cheerful Vigenerina! Show your audiences or customers your courage to be different in your own style. You can use this as your T-shirt design you sell on Etsy or your own clothing line, or you can also use this as birthday greeting cards for your beloved loyal customers, or communicate how unique your podcast is with this unique typography aesthetic for your Instagram post and Tiktok videos.

3. Chalamert


Ready for Halloween 2022? Chalamert is a perfect fonts to show your own darkness, but still in a cute way. It keeps the balance between being unique and decorative fonts while also maintaining simplicity and minimalist fonts look. You can use this font to help you celebrating halloween with your children, sell spooky designs on your Print on Demand sites so people can use your products for halloween costumes, or show how much you love Tim Burton aesthetic on your Pinterest or Facebook business account!

4. Trixie


Trixie is a easy-to-use font you can use to show how unique you are with a more modern aesthetic. For example you can use this to help you to sell your cool NFT on the metaverse, as a music event flyer where various musician in many genre merge with techno, or for branding of your Night Club with 24/7 DJs playing beats non-stop.

5. Buick


Show ethnic or tribal style through this rustic aesthetic-look typeface. Designed by our own typographers this font is where traditional look merges with minimalism and modern aesthetic. It can also give you some earthy look for your brands. Great to be use as your outdoor music events like coachella, or special retreat to unleash inner wisdom in Hawaii or Bali, or to show how natural and original the coffee beans your café have.

There are still more unique, personalized fonts that we crafted special for you and to help you achieve your goals. You check on our store here

If you haven’t found anything that perfect to show your personality, you can always contact us. Here in Drizy Studio, we’re more than happy and ready to help you with whatever projects that you have.

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