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10 Best Halloween Fonts to Use in Your Spooky Movies

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Boo! Halloween is here, and we’re ready to spook you with our Halloween font picks! Get into the festive spirit and join us at Drizy Studio as we celebrate this highly anticipated holiday. From trick or treating to Halloween parties, there’s plenty to enjoy. But nothing beats the thrill of watching horror or Halloween movies with your loved ones.

At Drizy Studio, we share your love for all things Halloween and horror. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 10 spooky, creepy, and scary Halloween fonts that are perfect for creating the perfect atmosphere for your Halloween movie nights. Let’s dive right in and embrace the Halloween spirit together!

10 Halloween Fonts

1. Dracers – Halloween Typeface

Dracers Halloween Font 04 The Night of True Horror EE

Our first pick for you is Dracers! Dracers is inspired by those fonts that you usually see in your favorite Vampire movies. Looks like a classic serif, but it’s not just any serif. This Halloween font is our recommendation for you who love the old time aesthetic of an old Dracula castle. Dracers fits perfectly as a font for your Halloween movie intro or title card.

2. Skribbet – Scribble Doodle Font

Skribbet Halloween Font 01 Cover EE

Next one on our list is Skribbet. Imagine getting a handwritten note from “the unknown” — it’ll be quite as creepy as this Halloween font. It could be one of the best additions to the spookiness of your title card. The handwritten and scribbled style of Skribbet sets the scene for your intro and can be used again somewhere as your Halloween movie progresses, maybe as a real note on pieces of your props. 

3. Griten – Horror Gothic Typeface

Griten horror ghotic typeface 1

Third on the list is Griten, Griten font is inspired by the creepy and spooky forest in the Germany fairytale. This accented all-caps serif is uniquely eye-catching for those of you that love the aesthetics of dark, elegant, “no yuck” Halloween movies. It will somewhat give the eyes of the watcher some comfort as the names of the cast rolls in.

4. Aschor – Mystery Display Serif Font

1 Aschor Mystery Display Serif Font

Coming in at fourth place is Aschor, a font that exudes a unique and captivating charm. What sets Aschor apart is the irregularity of its character legs, giving it a distinct and signature look. This font is not only perfect for adding a touch of spooky elegance to your Halloween movies, but it’s also incredibly versatile for horror game development.

5. Summer Tail – Fancy Creepy Serif Font

SummerTail Creepy Serif Font 1

Coming fifth in our list is Summer Tail. From what we know in Asia, summer times bring out the best of the best horror tales. This fancy decorative font best depicts one of those stories where students went on a summer trip bright and carefree, only to end up tangled in a string of mysterious events. What an eventful holiday…

6. Mystero – Mystery Horror Typeface

Mystero A Mystery Horror Typeface 01 Cover EE

One of our best dripping fonts is here at number six. Mystero is a mysterious Halloween font with little drips coming out of the uppercase letters, because what’s a spooky season without a little goo here and there? Utilize it with some animation to make the drip come to life. Said font will also look good on horror comics and graphic novels.

7. Ghostem – Handwritten Horror Font

Ghostem Handwritten Horror Font 01 cover CM

At seventh here is Ghostem. If your Halloween movie is more animated and targeted towards a younger audience, Ghostem can carry your project. It is simplistic enough that it can make its presence known without taking away focus from your beautifully crafted animations.

8. Hitrun – Bouncy Spooky Font

Hitrun Bouncy Spooky Display Typeface 01 cover EE

A delightfully playful and energetic typeface takes the eighth spot on our Halloween font list. Introducing Hitrun, this font is sure to add a touch of whimsy to your Halloween designs. With its bouncy and lively letterforms, Hitrun captures the essence of the season, bringing a sense of fun and excitement to any project. Whether you’re creating short movies, party invitations, spooky posters, or playful social media graphics, this font will infuse your designs with a playful charm that is perfect for Halloween. 

9. Dark Widow – Gothic Horror Typeface

Dark Widow Horror Gothic Sans Serif Font 01 cover 1

Be careful or our ninth Halloween font might slash you open and leave you bleeding. Taking inspiration from the bizarre cannibalistic behavior of Australian redback spider, Dark Widow is the perfect font if your movie introduces a new monstrous character in the universe.

10. Deadtoast – Serif Deadly Typeface

Deadtoast halloween font 01 Cover EE

And last but not least, the spine-chilling Deadtoast font, where danger lurks within its very letters. This haunting typeface sends shivers down your spine with spikes running menacingly down its middle. Each character embodies the essence of the macabre, with sharp and jagged edges that evoke a sense of dread. Whether you’re creating bone-chilling posters or spine-tingling invitations, this font will captivate your audience with its spine-tingling aesthetics. 

Did You Love Our Picks?

So, are you interested or love our picks for our aesthetic Halloween fonts? You can browse more of our font collection here and you won’t regret it. Happy Halloween! We hope you’re having a good time.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more typeface inspirations! Like this one right here, incorporating some of our picks above in a cover project of Harry Styles’s album.

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