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DIY Cricut Ideas to Create Cute Flower Pots

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simple but cute flower pot design 2

In a couple of weeks, we are greeting the New Year! For a lot of people, a new year means new goals or resolutions. Some take to picking up new habits, some want to get healthier, some want to be more creative.

Among new hobbies you can pick up, home gardening is popular. To support this new hobby, you can craft your own pots and planters to keep you accountable and make it more enjoyable.

Down here you will find a series of cute flower pots ideas you can implement yourself using Cricut, Silhouette, or similar cutting machines. A little DIY project never gets old, am I right?

Positive and Funny Gardening Quotes

We have a set of gardening quotes that are perfect to make cute flower pots.

The “Plant Mom” design suits you who have “adopted” the greeneries as your children. “Crazy Plant Lady” is a respectable title for you ladies who just can’t get enough of taking care of the foliage.

cute flower pot with Plant Mom SVG

There’s also “If I Die, Water My Plants” , a hilarious last-will-esque message, because the plant’s lives must go on!

In the bundle, there are also “Gardening is Good for Your Soul”, “Grow Positively”, and “Plant Your Dreams”. Everyday you see the cute flower pots, these inspirational sentences can lift your spirits up.

If these plants have a soul, I think they too would appreciate being placed in a pot with such positive energy.

This bundle includes single layered SVG and multilayer SVG. With 10 options, you can choose which design you want to make for your next DIY project.If you’re looking for gardening quotes with sunflowers, we have plenty of those in our Crafters page. Below is an example of them.

Sunflower with motivational quotes to make shirt or cute flower pots

Cute Flower Pots for Porch Decoration

Cute flower pot to decorate your front door

In the past, we have suggested making monogram door signs. You know the drill, a blank wood round, a “Split Monogram” SVG design, cut it on a vinyl, apply, and you’re done.

The same technique can be applied to create cute flower pots and porch planters. If you have big flower pots adorning your front door, it’s quite simple to decorate them with monograms.

You can cut short words like “Welcome” or “Hello” as a greeting to your visitors. Another option would be to cut your home address number to signify to your mailmen that they are at the correct address.

To make it, you can try our floral monogram SVG. These will look beautiful on your cute flower pots.

This example below is free to download. Simply click on “Shop now” to visit the page, add to your cart, and hit order!

Even though this article isn’t exactly a How-To. Let me share the little steps I took to create this example. I’ll be using Cricut Design Space, so Cricut users can follow these steps.

First, upload the floral monogram SVG to your Canvas. Then, type out a text of your choice, here I chose “Welcome”. Next, I resized the text.

I made sure to align the objects by clicking Center Horizontally. After this step, when I want to move the text, I only use the up and down arrows on my keyboard.

Because this monogram has a curvature, I added Curve to the text. Since it looked a bit loose, I changed the spacing with letters to make it tighter by editing the Letter Space.

Lastly, I Attach-ed the monogram and the text. Doing this will keep your objects where you place them. If you don’t attach them, the monogram and the text will be cut separately

This is this example I made on Cricut Design Space.

Floral monogram SVG on Cricut Design Space canvas with Welcome text

Gift for Moms and Grandmas

Cute flower pot or vase as a gift for mom 1

We have a bundle of Mom and Grandma letterings along with positive words in cursive, ornamented with heart and flowers.

This will be great as a gift on Mother’s Day or birthdays. You can cut the SVG and make dainty, cute flower pots.

It’ll be lacking if you only give the flower pot, so fill it up with your mother’s favorite flower plant, or pick small plants like succulents. It can function as kitchen or living room decoration.

You can also use the cut vinyl on flower vase as this example preview.

Make Cute Flower Pots with 3D Paper Cut

This idea is ideal for faux plants or real plants that you keep inside the house. Because the water and weather will ruin your 3D paper cut.

We have 2 designs, butterflies and rolled flowers. Both are equally beautiful.

For the Butterfly paper cuts, you will need to cut 4 layers of cardstocks. Then you can glue and gently fold them upwards so they look like real butterflies. Lastly, glue them to your flower pots.

To see the butterfly crafting process, hit play on our YouTube short here:

For the rolled flower, you just need to cut the SVG on a foam sheet or cardstock, and roll it while incorporating hot glue bit-by-bit. The base will be unified and this is where you add double-sided tape.

To finish, attach the rolled flower paper to the flower pots. Watch another YouTube short here:

Cute Flower Pots with Characters

So far we have introduced our soft, feminine designs. Now shall we see quirkier ones?

We have a cute emoji face that I actually borrowed from our Foodie Face design! To show that there are endless choices of SVG that can’t be made into making cute flower pots.

The other design is Gardening Gnome. These designs can be used to garner young children’s interest in simple home gardening. It feels good to have a family member who have the same hobby, right?

Cute flower pots with smiling face and gardening gnome

More Designs to Create Cute Flower Pots

Cute flower pots

If these designs so far are not what you’re looking for, we still have flowers and leaf designs that look more natural to be pasted on pots or planters.

This one I cut out on vinyl and pasted on a plastic succulent plant that I kept at Drizy Studio’s crafting room. Tiny and adorable!

These Flower designs below are free of charge too! Simply visit the links and hit Add to Cart! Ready your vinyl and your Cricut and start making cute flower pots!

You can find many more designs on our homepage and through our Facebook Community Group. We share free SVG designs daily. There you can also request for specific designs you have in mind and ask fellow crafters for tips. We are more than happy to help!

If you have social media accounts, take a peek of our daily crafts on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube! See you on next crafting idea!

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