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3 Beautiful Monogram Design Ideas to Make Money

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Do you know what a monogram is? Typically, a monogram is a motif that is formed by several overlapping letters or graphemes to form a certain symbol.

Many well-known brands use monograms to create distinct logos so that people can recognize their brand at the first glance. Over time, monograms have evolved not only for famous brands to use, but also to have as decoration at home!

Now, we are going to discuss some monogram design ideas that you can adapt to your business to attract your first customers! These designs have different licenses you can choose from depending on your purpose.

Take a look further down and create distinct logos for your business!

Cheap Monogram Design Ideas to Kick-Start Your Business

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” 

Does that quote ring a bell? It is one of Marc Anthony’s—and it sure is true for crafters as well! Crafting as a hobby is always fun, much better if we can turn it into a profitable business.

By doing what we’re passionate about, then working would not even feel like work. Most of the time, it would feel like doing leisure, even stress-relieving activity!The main problem for most beginner crafters just—myself included—is not having the budget to kick off their own self-made businesses.

Well, you’re just in luck because my friends over at Drizy Studio have made it so much easier for us, home business owners, to make our first move without having to worry much about finances!

1. Christmas Farmhouse & Family Home Split Monogram SVG Set

Beautiful Monogram Ideas Christmas Farmhouse Family Home Split Monogram

With Christmas just a few weeks left to go, this monogram design might be just what you need to acquire your first sale! This bundle includes multiple monogram design ideas that will definitely add the finishing touches to your future customers’ homes.

Explore your creative nerve and create as many forms of decorations with this monogram. Whether to put on wooden door hanger blanks, as Christmas tree ornaments, or as framed decoration—I’m sure this design will be a hit!

See how we made ours on a white round using Cricut Explore Air 2. Add ribbons, pine cones, plastic leaves as embellishments. Get creative and add your own personal touch to it!

Monogram Design Ideas Christmas 4
Monogram Design Ideas Christmas 1
Monogram Design Ideas Christmas 3

2. Kitchen Utensil Monogram SVG

Beautiful Monogram Ideas Kitchen Utensil Monogram

This kitchen utensils monogram design is so adorable and I’m sure your customers are going to love them! They are perfect to craft as presents for loved ones or to make your customers’ kitchens more intimate and personalized.

These monogram design ideas are also targeted for home-catering, bakeries and cafes. They can be used as wall decoration, incorporated in product packaging, website logos, and more.

Get creative and use these monogram design ideas to make special orders and customize the design to your customer’s preferences. Make a much more personalized kitchen set! The two different prints also can be the inspiration for upcoming monogram design ideas you can put up at your shop! 

3. Cute Girl Faces for Engraved Keychain Monogram Laser Cut Set

Beautiful Monogram Ideas Cute Girl Faces for Engraved Keychain Monogram

Now this one is a personal favorite of mine! The cute and captivating design combined with the simplistic and small size of a wooden keychain is going to be perfect for moms to have! 

I mean, what mom wouldn’t like their little girl to adorn their school bags with this personalized princess keychain? Younger me would have definitely loved this!

Another great thing about this bundle of monogram design ideas is with the right materials you can definitely sell them for a cheap price but with the best quality! You can also sell them as other end products such as stickers or use them as shop logos!

I want to be as informative as I can, but also keeping it short, so I picked these three distinct monogram design ideas. However, if these don’t match what you’re looking for in a monogram. Just head over to our main page at DrizyStudio.com type in “Monogram” in the search bar and hit enter.

We have dozens of monogram design ideas that might inspire you. They also come in themes like Halloween, Easter, sports, music, and many more.

One of the tricky things about starting a home business is the legality of ownership and intellectual rights. But worry not, because I am going to explain a brief run-through of all the things you need to know to avoid any further problems and unintentional mishaps when you try our monogram design ideas!

Here at Drizy Studio, we have three license options for our designs so you can use them at the highest comfort.

Get to Know Our Licenses!

  1. Desktop License

The first one is the Desktop License. Typically, this type of license is available at only $1 to $2. However, the end products of all designs you purchase with this license are not available for sale. You also can use one personal social media account with the designs strictly for non-commercial activities.

  1. National Corporate License

For monogram design ideas with commercial purpose then you can use this license as the cheaper option! With only an average of $2 to $3, you will be able to craft our designs for up to 5,000 physical or digital end products. These are eligible for sale.

You can also use one business social media account and unlimited physical advertisements for local markets. This license also includes digital paid ads with unlimited impressions and the ability to broadcast with the usage of the design for up to 500,000 viewers.

  1. Worldwide Corporate License

Not satisfied enough with the previous license? Then use the Worldwide Corporate License for only $3 to $4! With this license, you can use our monogram design ideas for up to 250,000 end products for sale! Same as the National Corporate License, you can also use the design for business social media but unlimited!

Also get physical advertisements for local, national, and global markets, also broadcast ability, all with no limits.

Now that you’re familiar with the purposes of each license, how about starting your first crafts with our monogram design ideas?

Shop Our Bundle!

We currently have a sale for our Sunflower Crafts Bundle. You can get this for $5 instead of the normal price of $25! In this bundle, you can get multiple variations of sunflower monograms to customize and sell in your own shop!

I’d say these would lift your spirits up for spring or summer! These might be suitable for moms, flower shop owners, gardeners, and others.

Share tips and tricks, and connect with other crafters! Also, get more exclusive free stuff from Drizy Studios only by joining our Facebook community here!

Let’s get crafty together!

Follow our social media for more How-To videos and other great offers!

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