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5 Fishing Clipart for Making Fishing Themed T-Shirts

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Holaaa, crafters!! Or should I call you Fisherman? When was the last time you went fishing with your family? As for me, to be honest it’s been a very long time ago.

Related to fishing activities, I would recommend some fishing clipart designs that would be perfect for making fishing-themed T-shirts.

We all know that fishing is a fun activity to unwind on the weekends. After going through tiring days on weekdays, it’s finally time to spend time with family! Take a long trip to the countryside and enjoy the serenity of the lake. 

At this kind of moment, you and your family are getting closer, kids are also bonding. Dads are eager to invite his children to play around the lake.  When I was a kid, my dad used to take me fishing in the rowboat every week. He taught me how to use a fishing rod, I kinda miss that moment.

The design recommendations that I will give are not only limited to applications on T-shirts, some are also suitable to be applied on items such as mugs, pillows, hoodies, or even to make fish badge pins!

Trendy fishing clipart to match your hobby!

Since the ideas I’ve listed are clipart for T-shirts, the best way of application is sublimation and heat transfer. So get your tools ready, it’s time to craft!

Fish with Floral Ornaments

Fish Badge Fish with Flower

Fish with floral ornaments is a wonderful way to show excitement for your fishing trip. The flowers and leaves on the fish are gorgeous, and they make a great addition to any fabric you wear.

If you are a mother but you don’t want to be too flashy with the design you are going to wear, maybe this fishing clipart is for you. Show your families your courage to be unique in your style.

You can use this clipart to help you mingle with your husband who loves fishing. You can also sell the T-shirts you produce for extra income on on-demand sites so people can use your products for related events.

A reminder, this clipart is not limited to the use of making T-shirts. You can apply it to items such as mugs, tote bags, or sweaters. It can be printed as stickers or decals to decorate book covers, windows, walls, and more.

Fisherman’s Badge

Fish Badge Fishermans Badge

First thing first, are you the guy who loves to show your fishing addiction to everyone? Now tell me, does this Fisherman’s Badge look solid enough for you?

Anyway, I’m sure you’re looking for a fishing clipart that can represent your toughness in a T-shirt. I mean, look at this vigorous fish, isn’t it intimidating enough for a fish? The way it holds its fishing rod, the big fishing hook, and the gaze and mouth that seem to be challenging other fish in the water.

I’m addressing this clipart to those who feel tough enough. If you want, you can also use this clipart as a gift for a fellow fisherman. Hey, as the name suggests, it is possible to apply it to button pins.

To apply this design to a shirt I recommend using the sublimation technique instead of heat transfer to get satisfactory results.

Funny Fishing Quotes

Fish Badge Funny Fishing Quotes

If you’ve been looking for a funny, punny way to customize your clothes, these fishing cliparts are just what you need! Plus, the best part is that they come with 15 different Funny Fishing Quotes.

You can choose the best quotes that suit your mood. I personally like the “I am the Hooker on the Weekend” whoops! Also the “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy” quote hahaha! As if we can call fish like we do dogs. All fifteen quotes sound fishy and ticklish to me.

Whether you’re a fisherman, a marine enthusiast, or just likes to bring laughter to someone, these fishing quotes clipart are for you! Show everyone that you are someone with a great sense of humor, Oh My Cod!

Use this design on a vivid or pastel color T-shirt and catch tons of fish charmingly, hehe! Get it now for one free product or pay $3 for a set of a Desktop License. Be the coolest guy/gal in town!

Colorful Blue Fish

Fish Badge Colorful Blue Fish

Next we got this colorful blue fish clipart. I intended this design for all of the children out there that were also enthusiastic about fish-themed stuff.

Unlike the previous fisherman’s badge clipart, this one is kid friendly, no ferocious fish in it. Take a look at this lovely blue-colored fish, it’s so cute it has a yellowish accent at its fins and tail.

If you are a loving caring mom who loves to give a little surprise, then this colorful fish clipart would make a perfect T-shirt gift for your children, they’ll love it! No doubt, everyone loves a cute T-shirt as a gift for a birthday.

Anyhow, this fish clipart can also be used to decorate kids’ bedrooms, it can be printed on vinyl paper to make a sticker. It is a freebie, don’t forget to download it, and give a smile and joy to your child’s face!

Fishing a Big Swordfish

Fishing aBig Swordfish

Looking for a more skittish look to add to your wardrobe? How about trying this fishing big swordfish clipart? I promise you won’t regret choosing this fishing clipart design.

The clipart illustrates a fisherman figure standing on a boat catching a big swordfish with his mighty arms. It will look both cool and spunky at the same time. Paste this template with heat transfer vinyl on a T-shirt or a jacket and all eyes will be on you!

As with the previous clipart, you may use this one to personalize items like pillows or mugs. The best part is that you may download this design right away for nothing at all! So make sure not to waste this opportunity.

These are my hand-picked top 5 clipart for making T-shirts with fishing themes. I truly hope that these T-shirt design ideas are intriguing and suitable for you.

Join the Drizy Studio Facebook Group and check our Instagram and TikTok for How-To’s and updates if you’re interested in more craft projects and inspiration.

See you in the next post, have a crafty day!

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