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7 Best Sites That Provide SVG Files for Cricut

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Whaddup crafters!!

I hope you’re all doing well and as excited to keep crafting as always. If I have started posting new articles it means there will be new ideas for all of you!! In this post I’d like to suggest a few websites that offer SVG files for Cricut that you can visit right away.

SVG sites can be a lifesaver when making things with your Cricut. Usually, these sites offer up SVG files for free and some for sale that you can upload right to Cricut Design Space. Then you can use SVG files to craft anything you like.

In fact, there are many websites that provide SVG files for Cricut, but on this list I’m narrowing them down to only 7. These websites provide designs for a wide variety of genres and uses. However, I hope this list of websites that provide SVG Cricut will cover your needs.

SVG files for Cricut Websites, SVG Cricut

If you want to use your SVG cut file for your business, be sure it has a commercial license. However, a personal license will be sufficient if you’re only using it for yourself or to make gifts.

Dreaming Tree

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Dreaming Tree

First we have Dreaming Tree. Have you been to this website? 

The Dreaming Tree provides an incredible variety of 3D designs such as tassels, flowers, ornaments, lanterns, teapots, etc). It’s also accumulating a large number of freebies. For almost every holiday, they appear to have a seasonal project ready.

You must register in order to access the shopping cart service and get the freebies. Beginner Cricut users will love this website since each SVG cut files come with a video tutorial in addition to being free to download!

Caluya Design

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Caluya Design

On the second website for SVG Cricut, we got Caluya Design.

This site offers a diverse range of designs, but most of them are slogans, signs, and holiday decorations. Caluya Design features categories for SVG bundles, affordable designs, purchasable end-products and blanks, and inspirational projects, whereas most websites focus on providing free SVG files.

Caluya Design’s user interface is quite straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, in order to access the free designs offered by this website, you need to register first. This website not only provides designs, but it also shares useful tips on running a blog and your own business.

Design Bundles

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Design Bundles

The third website we got is Design Bundles!

There’s no doubt that most people are familiar with this website. This is one of my personal favorite websites for free SVG files for Cricut, fonts, patterns, logos, cliparts, and many others. It is a great website that has so much to offer.

Design Bundles, like many other websites on this list, offers a premium bundle that costs between $2 and $5 and provides multiple SVG Cricut. However, if you are interested in free SVG cut files and access to other bundles, all you gotta do is to create an account!

Creative Fabrica

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica, as the name suggests, offers a variety of designs for your creative needs. This is an online resource page for cutting machines, including Cricut. Most of the SVG files on the website, which are both free and available for purchase, are marked as being designed for Silhouette and Cricut.

You can find fonts, graphics, embroideries, and more on this site! These are available as singles and bundles, and occasionally you can access premium files or designs without paying for a limited period of time.

Just a quick note: Despite Creative Fabrica’s cluttered interface, accessing the files and designs you need is nevertheless simple.

Drizy Studio

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Drizy Studio

Finally, Drizy Studio!

Obviously, I will mention our website. We offer a variety of resources for your creative life here on the Drizy Studio website, including fonts, sublimation, print templates, vectors, illustrations, icons, SVGs, and many more!

In relation to our topic this time, SVGs, you can’t go wrong by visiting our website since all of the designs are undoubtedly created with passion. We have a solid team of 42 creatives (and still counting!) that will always be committed to inspiring you.

All of us here at Drizy Studio believe that we’re able to provide our clients with the finest service possible. Professionalism must coexist with artistic talent and a positive environment. For your ease of access, we’re always working on updates to better our website.

We’re also doing seasonal bundles, they include hundreds of designs in a single download. Look out for them so you don’t miss out!

Craft Bundles

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Craft Bundles

This website offers lots of bundles of premium designs. Resources including plenty of SVG files perfect for cutting machines.

Free designs are regularly provided by Craft Bundles; you just need to check them frequently. In order to download files on the website you must sign up for an account. They also offer member subscriptions for premium designs.

For those of you who don’t have a cutting machine such as Cricut, this website also offers on-demand cutting of their drawings. The site also has a nice user interface that is uncluttered and simple to use. As an alternative, you can use the search bar to make a specific search.

Love SVG

best site for SVG files for Cricut SVG Cricut Love SVG

Last but certainly not least, we have Love SVG.

Love SVG is another notable site that provides a big collection of both free and paid SVG designs. As the name implies, this site provides designs that are generally SVG files for cutting machines.

If you enjoy quotes and little catchphrases. This website is the one for you, then. Most of their designs are text-based using fun fonts, and each is complemented by a few pleasant visuals.

Alright, those are the 7 Best Sites That Provide SVG Files for Cricut. So, are you interested or love my picks for the best sites for SVG Cricut?

I’m hoping this list may help you in deciding website to download SVG files for Cricut.

We also have designs other than SVG cut files that you may like. We have a wide variety of sublimation. See these Galaxy Animal Shirt designs that you can sublimate on apparel, mugs, tumblers, and more. Browse our Sublimations.

We also provide fonts of unlimited styles that you can choose. Just head over to our Font gallery and follow Drizy Studio Fonts at Instagram.

If you’re looking for more craft designs and inspirations, join the Drizy Studio Group on Facebook and check our Instagram or TikTok for How-To and the latest updates.

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