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25+ Amazing T-Shirt Fonts That Will Make Your Designs Stand Out!

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T-shirts are timeless. And I think it’s a valid opinion. Just observe, it never went out of trend. Sure, fit and fabric types may change but everyone has to have worn some in their lifetime. And that’s why the T-shirt market never died.

Whether you’re only starting your T-shirt business now or you’re the owner of an established outlet already, having an ample choice of cool fonts for your T-shirt designs is a must! Because in most cases, texts are an essential part of a T-shirt.

The Frenzy Search for T-Shirt Fonts

Font sources are abundant. In our Font list alone, we have over 250 fonts to choose. And you have arrived on the right page! In this post, you’ll find the most exciting fonts to have, from the grooviest to the most out-there, striking style.

Let’s get to it right now!

Mokoto – Glitch Font for T-Shirts

Mokoto - Glitch Font for T-Shirts

Starting out strong, we have a layered typeface of Mokoto that is just perfect for tech or Sci-Fi lovers. Blank T-shirts will work just fine as you don’t really need to layer this with a background image. Instead, pick a striking color for the design, variations of the old-style 3D glasses (futuristic icon of its time) will match well.

Mamenchisa – Psychedelic T-Shirt Font

mamenchisa font preview creative market 08

Mamenchisa is a gorgeous groovy psychedelic font that will fit chill and energized people. Perfect for a casual daily tee. Both uppercase and lowercase are equally eye-catchy and adding curvature to texts in this font will emphasize the groovy mood.

Wakiki – Layered Font for T-Shirts

Wakiki Combine Font
Wakiki Kaui Maui - Layered Font for T-Shirts

You can say Wakiki is our most decorative typeface. Based on the sought-after holiday destination in the world, Wakiki is textured with cheese and wood patterns and coupled with 2 other fonts, Kaui and Maui. Say you’re making a design with bold illustrations, Wakiki doesn’t have to be the centerpiece, but without, it’ll be incomplete. It’s defo the font to go for the summer season.

Los Codle – Playful Display T-Shirt Font

LosCodle Font Preview Envato Elements 07

Taking children’s apparel into account, then Los Codle is exactly the playful font you have been looking for. But obviously, don’t let that stop you from using Los Codle for adult shirts. Having fun and being playful doesn’t come with age restriction.

Crawlet – Scribble Font for T-Shirts

Crawlet Halloween Scribble 01 Cover EE

Crawlet looks like a scribble of a note written twice. It can fit either a spooky theme like Halloween or going the opposite way, to make cute text by using a pop of colors.

Scarow – Scary Blood Typeface

Scarow Blood Dripping Font

If you want a more iconic look for your scary project, then Scarow is the one. Scarow is a gooey, dripping font that looks unmistakably like dripping blood or otherworldly gloopy elements. Despite its uniqueness, Scarow is still clean enough to be used on lengthy texts.

Anxiety – Logo Font for T-Shirts

Anxiety - Logo Font for T-Shirts

Anxiety is a logo font with multilingual support, inspired from the feeling of strangulation that was visualized into the font’s design of rows of lines that are irregularly disconnected. Anxiety is modern, minimal, and clean. It is super versatile and can be worked into any theme.

Teqto – Rounded Futuristic T-Shirt Font

Teqto Font

Teqto is a square-ish rounded font for your techno futuristic theme. Consider the uppercase and lowercase as stylistic alternates. All of them look like caps, really. So the Caps Lock and Shift buttons are your reliable sidekicks. The differences are subtle but they help balance out your T-shirt designs.

Novan – Modern Font for T-Shirts

3 Novan Modern Font Alternates

Novan is a techno font to go for if you want a seamless look resembling water ripples. The complete set of this font is designed to flow from one into another at the start or end of each character. The ligatures provided are commonly used so this font makes way for various words to become more stylish.

Callum – Calligraphic T-Shirt Font

Callum - Calligraphic T-Shirt Font

Callum is a simple calligraphic font, straightforward and not too experimental. It still has unique ligatures in its arsenal though. You can do a title & tagline style of T-shirt by making Callum the main font and pairing it with a small caps sans serif. 

Cet Lopist – Playful Doodle T-Shirt Font

Cet Lopist - Playful Doodle Font

This is the option of our loyal crafters! Cet Lopist is a specially made playful font with patterns that are cuttable for the SVG cutting machines. It is perfect for making HTV shirts or other items using vinyl like drinking glass, tumbler, lunch box, and more. Even if you’re not an SVG crafter, this font is very unique and applicable.

Lancose – Classic Serif Font (FREE!)

Lancose Classic Vintage Serif Font 04 Ligatiures EE

Lancose may look like just another serif font at a first glance. But you’ll have to see the detailed features it offers. Stylistic alternates and a handful of discretionary ligatures. If you wish to create classy looking T-shirts, Lancose is to go for.

What’s even more interesting, this font is free to use for personal purposes. So just go ahead and download it from the product page! But remember, if you want to use it commercially, there are other license options that are meant for it.

Trones – Techno Sci-Fi Font for T-Shirts

Trones Techno Sci Fi Futuristic Modern Sans Serif Font 06 Space Man EE

We have several Sci-Fi / Futuristic fonts coming up in this list. Keeping the majority of things in a 90 degree angle, Trones reminds us of a labyrinth / maze. It’s what you need when you want zero clutter techno font.

Moleth – Futuristic T-Shirt Font

Character Set Futuristic Font

Moleth is a modern, futuristic font that’s easily recognizable and gives a lasting impression. but still easy on the eyes. It’s a mix of multiple lines and a fully filled block. With two sets of different placement of the lines for each character, you can arrange the design as you wish.

Cottenham – Reverse Contrast T-Shirt Font

Cottenham - Reverse Contrast T-Shirt Font

Does the name ring a bell? Cottenham, a village in English that is known for its dairy production and cheese. In our catalog it’s a stylish, reverse contrast font leaning on a groovy aesthetic. Its bold sentiment makes a prominent and remarkable look.

Atnombra – Vintage Decorative T-Shirt Font

atnombra font preview raw creative market 04

Inspired by the highly artistic font created by Othmar Motter in 1973, this vintage typeface is equally attractive. The pairing of Atnombra‘s own uppercase and lowercase is enough to make a complex-looking design.

Buick – Modern Ethnic Font for T-Shirts

Buick - Modern Ethnic Font for T-Shirts

Buick is a league on its own as it’s a very unique ethnic typeface. It has 3 fonts in a family: Grunge with rough texture, Normal or regular, and Rounded. Strong font for a strong T-shirt design!

NYAM & Eastpine – Christmas Font Family

NYAM & Eastpine - Christmas Font for T-Shirts

With a name inspired by the onomatopoeia for eating (at least in Asia) and typeface inspired by the texture of a warm gingerbread at Christmas, NYAM and Eastpine is a match of layered typeface and monoline script. With extras of Christmas icons such as flourishes, candy cane, antlers, mistletoes, bells, pine trees, and more — what better font can rival this font duo for the jolly season?

Zesant – Elegant Font Duo

Zesant - Elegant T-shirt Font Duo

From one font duo to another, this is Zesant + Forest elegant duo. A nice combination of classic typeface and signature font duo in such a way that resembles the ebb and flow of calm lake surface. They’ll look beautiful on a women’s tee.

Maka – Rounded Sans Serif Typeface

Maka - Rounded Sans Serif T-shirt Font

If you’re having a hard time to only pick 1 font from this list, I will put forward a recommendation for you. Maka has regular and stylistic alternates for all 26 characters in the alphabet. It too has 27 ligatures that are commonly found in vocabulary. To top it off, there are extra 50 flat icons included with the download. Maka literally gives you anything you need to create T-shirt designs!

Breagy – Retro Groovy T-Shirt Font

Breagy - Retro Groovy Font

We’ve had a couple of groovy and psychedelic fonts above but none of them has a distorted alternate like Breagy. Like the cover preview above, you can play around and mix the regular with distort style for a fun finish.

Harmos – Techno Sci-fi T-Shirt Font

Harmos Display Techno Sci Fi Sans Serif Font 06 Poster EE

Harmos is made of a combination of dots and lines. As a techno/Sci-Fi font, this font is fairly simple with only a single dot to mark intersection of the letters, but this simple change made all the difference.

Glancyr – Modern Geometric Font

Glancyr Display Modern Geometric Variable Font 05 Alternate EE

Glancyr is a super unique, geometric font with a number of icon-like alternates such as arrows and vertical lines. Perfect for creatives who want to deviate from the standard alphabet and be a little cryptic. 

Figerona – Geometric Variable Typeface

Figerona Font Preview Creative Market 02
Figerona Font Preview Creative Market 02

Figerona is a clean, minimalistic font that can be customized in 9 different weights. For shirt designers who believe in “simple is best” Figerona is exactly what they’re looking for. Clean fonts are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years with popular brands jumping the wagon of making cleaner icons. It’s safe to say that the same could be applied to T-shirts.

Lastone – Psychedelic Font for T-Shirts

1 Lastone Psychedelic Font
1 Lastone Psychedelic Font

To close off this long list of 25 fonts Lastone is the last one (excuse the pun). It’s the psychedelic font you will ever need. Taking you back to the ‘60s vibes, embrace the trippy irregularity of it. Be bold and punch in the most vibrant colors you can imagine into your T-shirt design. 

There are hundreds more exciting fonts to choose! Just head over to our Font catalog and scroll away.

If you’d rather browse our fonts through Instagram, you can give our page a visit @drizy_font. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll catch us putting up free font demos there😎

Look out for our seasonal fonts, font bundles, and WIPs as well!

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