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7 Ways to Build an Iconic Brand Starting with Choosing Fonts

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In a previous post, I have listed 7 different script fonts that evoke emotion. And on this occasion, I would like to further that idea into creating an iconic brand by choosing font.

Brands are very much like people; they have their personality and self-image. This makes anybody’s perception towards brands vary. For a brand, it is important that it can catch people’s attention and is memorable.

There are a couple of things that contribute to the birth of an iconic brand, including the conception stage, application, and technical elements. You want yours to impress your audience minus legal disputes that can come later.

You can easily hire a typographer and brand consultant. But if you’re a small business owner who can’t afford the luxury, hopefully through this post, you can learn the introduction to creating your brand.

1. What do you wish your brand to be known for?

List of adjectives to be used for creating iconic brands

This is the ground and pillars that build your brand or company as a whole. Pick 2 to 3 adjectives that describe you the most. Integrate them to the products you’re making or services you’re providing.

It’s easier to pick typeface through a set of adjectives because a lot of them have already got their image established.

2. Study your market audiences

Creating an iconic brand that pleases everyone is a tough feat to achieve. Having a target market can easily set your path right and clarify your goals.

People’s “tastes” are different. And the most distinguishable differences can be seen through age groups and gender groups. 

To get a feel of your customers preference, you can analyze your products or services, then compare them to existing brands that would be your competitors. You can also read up forums or Q&A sites online, such as Quora and Reddit. You can also try to shop online or offline to better understand the customer’s experience.

3. Pick a font (or two)

Understand the main types of typefaces and their personality. Here I included 5 types of them and a short list of examples from Drizy Studio’s.

Different types of font you can choose to make iconic brands

SERIF can be identified with a slight stroke (or feet) adorning the ends of each letter. Known as the oldest style, serifs are identical with serious, traditional, and formal texts. 

classic font
Kreftin Font preview Creative market 00 cover 1
Meira 1 REV 1

SANS-SERIF, from the name itself it is apparent that it’s the opposite of serif. The text you’re reading now is an example of sans-serif. It is considered modern, simple, and minimalistic.

Kedal Geometric Font 01 cover EE
HInter Geometric Rounded Sans Serif 01 Cover EE
Ruschale Geometric Retro Font Cover 1

SLAB SERIF is a type of serif that’s thicker, characterized with squares or blocks instead of strokes on each letter.  Slab serifs are bold, weighty, and sometimes can be seen as masculine.

Tonder 1 1
Nielmaden Vintage Font 01
Lindelof 1

SCRIPTs are similar to a person’s handwriting. They vary a lot because any slight differences in shapes make them unique. It’s very personal, elegant, and sometimes feminine.

Bathamy Sweet - Modern Calligraphy Script
Lighting Script - Christmas Script Font
Hello Tamasha Playful Script Font 01 Cover CM 1

DECORATIVE FONTs are a special type that don’t fit the characteristics of the other types. They are very unique and usually have features that make them really stand out. They can be related to specific themes, era, or styles.

Basmo Elegant Font
Blood Dripping Font
Maka cover

Sometimes brands rely on font-pairing. This will be covered later in another Drizy Studio blog post. Make sure to keep an eye out!

4. Maintain legibility and simplicity over other things

In the quest of creating an iconic brand, sometimes you can get lost in endless choices. While wanting to make things unique, you may resort to peculiar-looking ones. It’s awesome to experiment, but overdoing it can make you do everything all over. Don’t sacrifice legibility for style.

5. Flexibility across different medium

The fonts you choose for your brand should be able to be presented in different mediums: your website, your e-mail, your social media, your product packaging. Your brand should be scalable without something looking odd or disproportionate.

6. Colors

Doing colors can really back up your image. So many successful brands, like McDonald’s and IKEA, use this strategy. However, you have to consider the instances where colors simply cannot be produced. Usually, this involves mass-printing on paper or stamp-making for legal purposes.

You have to rely on shape or silhouette. Pick your colors but keep in mind to create black-and-white options.

7. Acquire appropriate licensing

Set aside a separate budget for fonts and typefaces. There are different licenses with different pricings. You have to carefully read the specifications of each license to avoid inadequacy. There are instances where people purchase different licenses to complete their needs.

Drizy Studio has 12 different licenses ranging from Desktop License to Worldwide Corporate License. 


Down here, I’ll name a few of our fonts with their possible usage. Feel free to visit each product page to view more mockups.


Tilges Funny Square Font 1

Easy to read, with a friendly and youthful image. Perfect for toys, children apparel, or theme parks—especially its lowercase set. Tilges is suitable to be fused with vibrant color blocks.


Faylath Classic Vintage Font

Thin lines with a luxurious and elegant feel. It can be used to represent perfumes, high-end jewelry, or timepieces. Monochrome with metallic color combinations brings out the best of this font.


Bendanista - Signature Script

Bendanista is a very versatile signature script. Its stylish but legible design is suitable for women’s fashion brands, fine dining restaurants, patisserie, even home furniture branding.


Posena 1 Nature Font

Posena is a nature typeface that is very suitable for traveling destination logos, hotel or accommodations, including book titles about nature or geography.


Gedak Elegant Sans Serif Typeface 01 cover EE

Gedak is a sans serif typeface with a unique, almost “detached” style. It can vouch for brands that produce feminine-targeted items and services, such as perfumes, skincare, as well as salon and spa.

An extra tip for you, always ask for feedback. When all the designing stage is done, show your preview images to friends or colleagues. Make sure they are being objective, though. Better if you already have followers, because when all is finished, these potential customers are what we aim to cater.

If you wish to browse more, just head over to our Fonts page. There you can search items more easily through product tags.

If you have an Instagram account, you can visit ours where we post WIP (work in progress) shots of our work and occasional promotional offers from us.


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