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5 Clean, Futuristic, Minimalist Fonts for Standout Headings

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Headings or headers are included within passages, you know, the short titles you see right on top of a section or paragraph. Older generations (like me) are very familiar with it through reading magazines and newspapers. Obviously now it has branched out into digital and online writings such as blogs and website articles.

Why Minimalist Font Is Important for Headings

A good heading font is important because it becomes the initial sentences that the readers read. I’m sure you’ve done this too: skimming over a page by reading only its headers. So headers act as a quick overview of what’s included in the following paragraph. Plus, now with the integration of SEO and such, it can boost a post on search results.

And the standard for good heading fonts changes following any period of time. Although traditionally, publishers would use the same typeface but in thicker weight

What people consider “modern fonts” are commonly utilized again and again in published writings. However, it too adapts through eras. In other words, what people consider modern 20 years ago would be different to now, as well as going forward. Using modern fonts for your business or writings gives an assurance that your audience knows your services are recent and relevant.

Popularity of Minimalist Fonts and Futuristic Fonts

Speaking of modern fonts, there has been a rise of popularity in minimalist fonts. Whether they are serifs or sans serifs, these fonts are preferred because they are simple, adaptable, and clean fonts. A real example of the “Less is more” movement. 

Minimalist fonts are characterized by legible, easy on the eyes look. To mention some hallmarks, minimalist fonts usually have looser kerning, with some adapted to the use of negative space. But that is to say, there really is no fixed form and shape to this type. When you see it, you just notice it.

What about futuristic fonts? Don’t “modern” and “recent” conjugate into “future”? Some may see it that way, but futuristic fonts are closely related to sci-fi things and digital developments like the then invented computers and today’s AI. It’s safe to say that the eye-catching and bold futuristic style will stay relevant even far into the next century.

Which Style to Use for Headings

A clean font can come from all of the aforementioned types of fonts. It is such a desired style because user experience is essential. With comfort, readers can and will put the time to scroll through your page to the end. This will increase engagement and ratings.

Knowing your website or copies are (kind of) at stake. Here are a couple of fonts that you can use for standout headings. Visit each font’s page for details, font previews, and type tester.

A little note, some of the fonts in this list are family fonts so you will need software with a glyphs panel such as Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. Learn how to utilize character sets and alternate glyphs by clicking this button below.

1. SOLO – Modern Font Family (OTF, TTF)

Clean Minimalistic Font SOLO Cover
Clean Minimalistic Font SOLO A to Z
Clean Minimalistic Font SOLO as Headline example

SOLO is a sans serif with 6 fonts in 1 family, inspired from modern minimalist sign and solitude. SOLO is simple, modern, and clean. SOLO is made with all-caps, numbers, multi language, punctuation, and alternates. The six fonts are Solo Bold Italic, Solo Bold, Solo Italic, Solo Outline, Solo Shadow, and Solo Font.

Taller than is wide, the exception of round letters such as G, O, and Q gives a subtle accent. This font makes way for the creativity of each and every one. SOLO is great for creating clean headlines, logos, applicable for any type of graphic design be it web or print, motion graphics, posters/fliers, branding, packaging, etc.

2. HEIMDAL – Futuristic Font Family (OTF, TTF)

Sci Fi Font Heimdal
HEIMDAL Futuristic Font Family 8 Fonts Preview
HEIMDAL Futuristic Font Headline Example

Another sans serif font on the list, HEIMDAL includes 8 fonts in 1 family. It is inspired from traditional minimalist signs. HEIMDAL is modern, futuristic, minimal, and clean. HEIMDAL is packed with uppercase, capped lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation.

The 8 fonts are: HEIMDAL Regular, HEIMDAL Italic, HEIMDAL Bold, HEIMDAL College, HEIMDAL Outline, HEIMDAL Shadow, HEIMDAL Thin, and HEIMDAL Gradient. With letter E that resembles Greek letter sigma and the angular style of upper case C, G, O, and Q that give it a little touch of character.

3. Brooklyn – Classic Serif Font (OTF, TTF)

BROOKLYN Classic Serif Font COVER
BROOKLYN Classic Serif Font 9 Variable Fonts
BROOKLYN Classic Serif Font Multilinguals and Ligatures

Brooklyn is a classic typeface made modern. Based after the famous borough in New York City, Brooklyn embodies the spirit that depicts the area’s numerous attractions. It’s a blend of 1800s – 1900s style with a little present-day spin, quite literally, there’s a little spin of letters O and Q here.

With 9 variable fonts: Thin, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold, and Black — Brooklyn may well be made into titles, headings, and the body of the text itself. The addition of unique, vocalized ligatures enables it to be applied as a brand icon as well.

4. Galtire – Classic Sans Serif Font (OTF)

Galtire - Classic Sans Serif Font
Galtire Display Sharped Axes Classic Sans Serif 02 Character Set EE
Galtire Display Sharped Axes Classic Sans Serif 07 Magazine Mockup EE

Galtire is a high contrast sans serif. The first look may fool you, because it does look like a serif font. Its zero slant and simplicity make it clean and very easy to read. Even though it’s not a font family like the others in this list, Galtire is still adaptable to carry the task of adorning titles and headings.

Galtire is packed with ligatures both standard and discretionary (gadzooks), numerals, punctuations, and equally legible multilingual support. It will fit right in with luxury magazines and catalogs for timepiece, cosmetics, perfumes, and others.

5. CLESMONT – Modern Futuristic Font (OTF)

Clesmont - Modern Futuristic Font
Clesmont Display Modern Futuristic Sans Serif Font 05 Stylic Alternate EE
Clesmont Display Modern Futuristic Sans Serif Font 07 Sign Mockup EE

CLESMONT is a futuristic font from Drizy studio. With an almost “squared” look consistent throughout the characters, added with minimalist alternates, it has all the basic styles you need for modern theme projects.

Its bold and all capped letters easily catch attention and send the message across. You can’t go wrong using this font as your headings.

And that’s “5 Clean, Futuristic, Minimalist Fonts for Standout Headings” a wrap! These are my personal favorites of Drizy Studio’s clean look. There is one for each respective theme and you can absolutely rely on them for legibility.

We also have an Instagram account dedicated to our font products. We post new or seasonal fonts and sometimes WIPs as well. Why don’t you take a look here!

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Catch you on my next post!

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