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Wakiki Layered Typeface: Fun Hawaiian Font for Your Design

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Honestly I’ve never been to Hawaii, but since it’s so famous and I had “encountered” it at least from the movie or cartoon I’ve watched, and book I’ve read, or simply looking at some cool trendy designs with Hawaiian look, I still can “feel it” and I thought of Hawaiian fonts.

So, Aloha! Here I want to show you Drizy Studio‘s new layered font Wakiki, that will look as beautiful as paradise with various projects that you have in mind!

Best Hawaiian Font from Drizy Studio

Wakiki Hawaiian Font

Wakiki Layered Typeface, such a cool name doesn’t it? Its name is derived from “Waikīkī” from the Hawaiian language which means spouting fresh water. Since this Hawaiian look font is made with joy and the freshness of our soul! For sure we changed it a little bit, so we are all not gonna confuse it with a neighborhood in Honolulu or the beautiful Waikiki Beach.

This Hawaiian font is a perfect font if you want to make any projects feel more alive and fun. Each of its layers has its own style and uniqueness, that you can use singularly or separately or combine them together.

Just like a holiday, Wakiki Layered Font isn’t here alone. This fun display font comes with such a great deal of packages. You’ll have a complete set of Hawaiian look typeface and a lot of bonuses are also included!

Wakiki Layered Hawaiian

You’ll get 5 different fonts or layers of Wakiki: first is the Wakiki Regular Font with its playful and bold shapes, next is the Wakiki Wood Font that has wood texture to make it more Hawaiian look, or you can another type which is the Wakiki Cheese Font if you prefer the cheese-like surface, fourth is the Wakiki Shadow Font to make your words stand out and look 3D. Last but not least, you’ll also get the Wakiki Small Font if you want a thin font.

All of the layers or fonts are available as uppercase letters, numerals and punctuations, and also some ligatures: “TH”, “STE”, “LI”, “LA”, and “LL”.

If you haven’t heard or used any layered typefaces, which are also called multilayered fonts, 3D fonts, and layered fonts, no need to worry. Wakiki Layered Typeface simply means that this typeface comes in variations of fonts that can be used as a combination, or on top of another. You’ve read it right, this Hawaiian font is just like layered paper cut.

It will give you the room for customization, for example you can use different colors for each layer or fonts, or playing with each size. You can use each of this Hawaiian font separately, or you can combine them.

As for me and my friends at Drizy Studio, besides using these fonts separately, we also recommend you combine 3 of them. Here are 2 examples of how Wakiki will look like:

Wakiki Combine Font

The left one is when Wakiki is used with cheese-textures, give it a fun look to any projects you’re working on, or if you want to use this Hawaiian look font for your beach side restaurant or bar anywhere from Miami Beach to any beach in the Island of Gods: Bali.

And at the right, is when we use wood-textures font layers, give it a hand-made look, that will look beautiful as your branding design element, logo, web design element, lay-out for publication elements, and many more. For example you can use this Wakiki font for your fun party or event flyer or as a typographic t-shirt design and home decoration for your own stores on Etsy, Shopify, Print on Demand sites and anywhere!

Oh, wait, isn’t the more the merrier? Wakiki Layered Typeface also comes with many layers of bonuses!

Preview Hawaiian Font Wakiki

First, you’ll get a bonus Vector Pack! With all of these cute character vectors above, they will help you kickstart your great ideas in the project or crafts you are working on. You can customize all of them such as changing the color to match with your aesthetic goal in mind or as additional Hawaiian graphics you already have.

Then, you’ll also get another bonus: a Poster and a Flyer Template! Good if you are in a hurry or need projects to be done quickly. Or you can also customize these to make them more personalized!

Poster Hawaiian Style Font

Hang on, that’s not all! In every purchase of Wakiki Layered Typeface, you’ll also get bonuses of 2 handwritten fonts: Maui Script, and Kauai! Maui is a handwritten script font while Kauai is a handwritten san-serif font, both are perfect as standalone or combined with Wakiki or other fonts you have on your device!

Hawaiian Font Bonus
Hawaiian Font Bonus 2

Wakiki Layered Typeface is a set of perfect and fun Hawaiian look fonts to add to your crafts. With all of the bonuses I’ve mentioned above, we believe this will help you greatly with your projects!

You can check Wakiki in action here and test-drive yourself. This Hawaiian font is available in various licenses: from Desktop License, Webfont License, and App or Game License, to a Worldwide Corporate License and all of them are at affordable prices! You can securely pay with Credit Card and Pay with Paypal option is also available!

Hope I can visit you in Hawaii next time, or you can meet me other times in Bali as well! If you have any question you wanna ask please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Designing and crafting is way more fun together! Do you want to share your beautiful crafts, or simply want to connect to other designers and crafters? Let’s join our Facebook Group! Pssst, we also share tons of FREEBIES!

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