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Craft Ideas: 10 Products That Are Only Printed and Cut Manually

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Who says you can’t be a crafter without a cutting machine? Craft ideas can come in any form and shape! In my time surfing a crafting catalog not too long ago, I found so many products for cutting machine that is also suitable for crafters that don’t have any cutting machine.

So this article is for you who prefer to take your time and make your crafts manually! In this writing, you will find many craft ideas you can do in your free time as you wind down from your daily activities.

Craft Ideas For Manual Creation

1. Fall Circle Pattern Bundle

Craft Ideas - Fall Circle Pattern Bundle

Before winter begins, let’s celebrate this year’s fall / autumn! The mix of orange and brown and all the colors in between with patterns of pumpkins, leaves, and other autumnal icons will be perfect for all of your decorative needs.

From stickers, mug coasters, keychains, or magnets for your fridge, you can pretty much make anything out of this set of 30 different patterns. Just let your imagination run wild!

2. Boho Feathers Sticker Set

Craft Ideas - Boho Feathers Stickers Set

Another products for print to complete your fall decoration before winter comes is this Boho feathers sticker set. Though the theme itself is a hippie, the color palette fits the fall vibes perfectly don’t you think?

This set of stickers will make a perfect decoration. It matches with Thanksgiving so you can share it with your friends or loved ones. It also matches those of you who like to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte.

3. Christmas Round Ornament

Craft Ideas - Christmas Round Ornament

What I love about these craft ideas is how easy it is to make without being too simplistic or even boring. Although these designs are products for cutting machines, the main feature lies in the center of the set. So you can print them and then cut the circles manually.

If you don’t have the appropriate machinery for it then don’t worry because you can still produce this design as a sticker, postcard, or even a letter seal for your Christmas cards!

4. Christmas Santa 3D Pop-Up

Craft Ideas - Santa 3D Pop Up

Isn’t this 3D Pop Up so adorable? I think this design would make a great decoration for your kids’ bedrooms this Christmas! 

The great thing is, the shapes in the design itself are not too overly complicated so you can definitely get your kids involved in the process of making it too. Just get some thick craft papers in multiple colors, a few pairs of scissors, and some glue and you will be all set and ready to go!

Best Format for Cricut or Silhouette Cutting 2 1

5. Reindeer Journey in Nature Papercut

Craft Ideas - Reindeer Papercut

Need some craft ideas to spice up your Christmas cards? With this Reindeer paper cut card, it is guaranteed that your Christmas card will make the best impression on your friends and loved ones!

You can even make your cards more meaningful by using it as a frame for you and the recipient’s picture! After all, Christmas is all about spreading love and joy, right?

6. Gift Stocking Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft Ideas - Gift Stocking Ornament

Want to try making a personalized Christmas tree ornament but don’t have a cutting machine? Then try this Christmas Stocking paper cut!

You can print out the outline of the design on art paper or cardstock and cut out the outline with regular scissors

For the details in the middle of the ornament and on top, carefully cut with an art knife or utility knife

You can make this ornament on different colored cardstock or even use paper with patterns to give it a pop of life on your Christmas tree!

7. Barn on The Hill Folded Papercut

Craft Ideas - Barn on The Hill Folded Papercut

Folded paper cut is originally manually cut, now it has been adapted to cutting machines. This design will be a perfect practice for beginner crafters

The more complicated details are so worth it and you can make this folded paper cut with only cardstock, some scissors, and art knives! You can make multiple sets of them in different colors and even sizes. Just make sure to use thicker cardstock so it can stand on its own!

8. Christmas Gift Tag

Craft Ideas - Gnome Gift Tag
Craft Ideas - Santa Gift Tag

Show your love not only with your gifts but also with your gift tags! You can get yourself these cute gift tags by printing them out and cutting them into different shapes. Make one for each of your loved ones. 

You can also collect them for yourself and use them as decorations on your Christmas tree.

You don’t need overly complicated materials to make a tree decoration with this design. However, thicker materials will be more durable so be sure to keep that in mind!

9. Printed Christmas Gift Tag

Craft Ideas - Printed Gift Tag

More craft ideas you can try is this printed Christmas gift tag! The polar bear and snowman caricature will be so appealing to the younger kids. This design will also be perfect to use as an envelope if you’re planning to give some pocket money to the kids.

You can search for printable envelope templates and choose your desired size. These products for print you can edit before you print them out, or print each separately and then attach them with paper glue.

Say no to plain ol’ boring envelopes and say hello to cute repurposed gift tag envelopes!

10. White Christmas Night Sticker Pack

Craft Ideas - Christmas Sticker Pack

This sticker set would be the perfect craft ideas for your Christmas gifts! You can print this design out just with your home inkjet printer on sticker paper and cut them out easily with scissors. 

Put them on your gift boxes, Christmas cards, and letters, or use them as sublimation on your special Christmas mugs. Anything you choose to do with it, I’m sure the adorable and captivating design of each one will surely be everyone’s favorite!

Have you found what you’re looking for? Don’t be shy to try out all of these designs too! When it comes to manual cutting, I believe practice truly does make perfect.

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