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5 Bundle Cute Sticker Ideas for Commercial Products

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Stick it here, stick that there, and stick it everywhere. Yep, cute sticker ideas are no stranger to me (including you, perhaps?) because we can find them easily everywhere. This one thing does have many uses, that’s why cute sticker ideas are one of the simple things that everyone is looking for.

Cute sticker ideas come in various shapes and types according to the preferences of those who have them. For example, there are stickers with cartoon character themes, fruits, cute animals, and even motivational quotes decorated with aesthetic elements.

These cute stickers are not just for kids (yes, as people usually think), it’s even common for adults like us to like and use cutely designed stickers to decorate our personal items. I personally often put them on my tumbler, helmet, book cover, or even on my gadgets!

You also need to know that stickers actually have other important uses other than to decorate our things because of their practicality. Many brands, logos, and entertainment venues also provide free stickers to us as a medium for personal branding of their products.

Cute Sticker Ideas List for Commercial Products

Aside from its multifunctional use, cute stickers can also be commercial products that are in great demand by various people. We at Drizy studio have selected 5 cute sticker ideas for your reference to turn them into commercial products that you can sell.

1. Items with Colorful Leopard Print Sticker Pack

Cute Sticker Ideas Items with Colorful Leopard Print
Cute Sticker Ideas – Items with Colorful Leopard Print Sticker Pack

For the first sticker bundle, I will introduce you to this retro-style sticker pack. In addition to its distinctive appearance, this sticker pack is also eye-catching.

These cute sticker ideas come with a variety of vintage items (including old-style glasses, cassette tape, hand accessories, camera, lipsticks, microphone, and alarm) decorated with leopard prints and pretty flowers.

This sticker placement media is quite flexible, but you can also recommend potential buyers to apply it to their journals, books, or gadgets.

I think that this sticker pack will sell well if it is used as something to be commercialized because of its aesthetic appearance, impressive color combination, and leopard print coupled with beautiful flowers that can attract the attention of anyone who sees it.

2. Super Adorable Halloween Stickers

Cute Sticker Ideas Super Adorable Halloween Stickers
Cute Sticker Ideas – Super Adorable Halloween Stickers

It’s not too late to follow seasonal trends. Yep, including to involve this super adorable Sticker pack.

Even though Halloween is about to start, this sticker pack won’t run out of season. With a cute appearance and colorful colors, these adorable and cute sticker ideas will succeed in stealing the attention of potential buyers.

Because it looks Halloween-inspired (and completed with adorable facial expressions too), these stickers will sell well among kids who really like seasonal sticker packs. Don’t worry, these cute  stickers are timeless and don’t always stick to the spooky season!

For its placement, this super adorable Halloween sticker pack is perfect for items that are commonly used in everyday life such as tumblers or water bottles, pencil cases, or other items to show the enthusiasm for Halloween events.

3. Various of Hippie Quotes, Retro Floral Sticker Pack

Cute Sticker Ideas Various of Hippie Quotes
Cute Sticker Ideas – Various of Hippie Quotes, Retro Floral Sticker Pack

Peace out! Do you remember when the hippie days were still thriving? Now is the time to show your hippie charms to potential buyers!

Various hippie quotes and sayings such as “Chill”, “Peace for Love”, “Love 4 Ever”, “Flower Power”, “Peace Today”, and “Peace is Always an Option” with retro colors and various hippie elements will make buyers really fall in love with this sticker pack containing 6 stickers.

These cute sticker ideas are a type of sticker pack with a vintage-inspired hippie theme, so the buyers are likely to be adults and young people who really have an interest in vintage things.

The use of these hippie stickers is most suitable for use as bumper stickers or stickers that are usually placed on the windshield of the car on the back. You can help these sticker pack buyers to bring out their inner hippie soul!

4. Boho Dreamcatcher with Multicolor Feathers Sticker Pack

Cute Sticker Ideas Boho Dreamcatcher with Multicolor Feathers
Cute Sticker Ideas – Boho Dreamcatcher Sticker Pack

Not far from the previous sticker pack theme, this one sticker pack also carries a charming vintage theme and doesn’t seem stiff or too old-school.

This boho dreamcatcher sticker pack has 6 different variants, both in terms of color patterns and patterns found in the colorful feathers on the bottom of these unique dreamcatchers.

These cute sticker ideas are perfect for bumper stickers or other personal items such as gadgets like laptops and tablets. It is also possible if the buyers want to stick these stickers on their journals.

The target market for this vintage sticker pack is all ages. In other words, the potential buyers of this Boho dreamcatcher sticker pack are very wide because a lot of youth are starting to like Bohemian things or commonly known as Boho.

5. Pretty and Snowy Christmas Night, Circular Sticker Pack

Cute Sticker Ideas Pretty and Snowy Christmas Night 1
Cute Sticker Ideas – Pretty and Snowy Christmas Night Sticker Pack

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is coming soon! It doesn’t feel too soon if you have the spirit to face Christmas from now on. At this moment, you can sell these cute sticker ideas that have a fun Christmas theme.

With its round shape and the variety of Christmas Eve illustrations in it, this sticker pack also has its own charm. From children to adults, of course they will like this type of sticker.

The uses of this special Christmas sticker pack are also very diverse. It can be used as an accessory for personal items or as an adhesive for souvenir bags that are usually distributed on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. This cute Christmas sticker will make your Christmas celebration even more memorable.

I predict that this pretty Christmas sticker bundle will sell very well if it is commercialized before Christmas. However, of course it’s fine if you want to commercialize it from now on. There is absolutely no prohibition against it, actually!

The list above is a highlight of 5 bundle cute sticker ideas that have been specially selected to be used as commercial products. You can of course determine the right price for the sticker bundle that you will sell according to the target market. It’s a good idea to do a little research before starting actually doing business.

There are also other things that you need to consider when deciding to start commercializing sticker products. You can suggest a place to stick them to buyers, but remember, the use of bundle or pack stickers that consumers have purchased depends on their wishes, so of course they can stick their stickers wherever they want.

That’s all about 5 Cute Sticker Ideas for Commercial Products that I can say in this post. I really hope that you can find interesting and suitable sticker ideas to be used as commercial items from the 5 recommendations above.

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