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How to Make Super Mom Shirts for Sale

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If you live in The US, you must be familiar with one holiday celebrated on the second Sunday every May. It’s Mother’s Day!

cooking woman wearing Super Mom apron
Super Mom apron

However, with different countries having different dates to celebrate this super special day, the “season” for Mother’s Day craft sales also differs within each country. If you’re a craft business owner that ships worldwide, this could be an ever-flowing opportunity of income.

One of the most sought after Mother’s Day gifts is apparel. Some may look for branded items and the rest like to order something that’s more of a novelty (or make their own!). They could be T-shirts, sweaters, or simply new aprons for the special woman in our lives.

And among the fun slash novelty variety, “Super Mom” and its variations (“Super Mama”, “Super Mommy”, etc.) phrase is super duper popular. Because moms are super women. Sometimes we take for granted the things that moms do. 

woman wearing long sleeved Super Mom shirt

From simple things like waking us up and cooking meals, to supporting our education and showing us the meaningful things in life. They’re a blessing in our lives for being capable of handling so many things at the same time. 

The Super Mom shirts I want to highlight consist of layers. Naturally, we’ll use Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). But you can also opt to produce the designs using sublimation technique. Read my partner’s explanation of SVG vs Sublimation here to learn the differences I mentioned.

Getting to know HTV crafting

Assuming you have made several successful DIY T-shirts before, you should already have a go-to type of fabric. If not, take time to explore that. Find out what your market likes and put forth their comfort.

If you’re looking for input from me, HTV works well on cotton shirts or cotton/poly blend shirts. Avoid using acrylic fabrics because they will burn.

For the vinyl brand to use, Cricut’s official Iron-On is good and they come in a wide variety of colors to choose from, including glitters, holographic, and patterns. J and J Packaging HTV, Siser HTV, and HTVRONT are also popular among home crafters.

I want to emphasize, because we’re working with heat, please take extra care not to burn yourself. I recommend Cricut EasyPress or similar tools from other brands. The big heating plate ensures even distribution of heat and pressure, unlike household iron.

So now, let’s get to producing our Super Mom shirts!

woman wearing Super Mom hoodie

Materials and Tools Needed to Make Super Mom Shirt:

  • Cutting machine
  • Cutting mat
  • Weeding tools
  • T-shirt
  • HTV
  • Heat press
  • Cricut EasyPress mat or other heat-safe clean base
  • Super Mom SVG file
  • Graphic software like Cricut Design Space or similar
  • Ruler or measuring tape (optional)
  • Parchment paper (optional)
  • Heat resistant tape (optional)


Part A: Downloading Super Mom SVG

We have 3 Super Mom designs free for you to try. Links here:

  1. Go to product pages
  2. Click on Add to cart button
  3. Click on View Cart button
  4. Fill Billing Details. For free products you only need to provide your name and e-mail address, no card number necessary
  5. Put a tick on “Agree to terms and conditions
  6. Click on Place Order button
  7. Download and unzip Super Mom design, we’ll need the SVG

Part B: Adjusting SVG

This is a guide on Cricut Design Space, similar steps can be done on other software

1. Open Cricut Design Space

2. Click on New Project button

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Make New Project

3. Click on Upload button at bottom-left of the screen

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Upload Button

4. Locate the file directory, upload Super Mom SVG, and click on Add to Canvas

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Upload Super Mom SVG

5. Resize SVG to match your T-shirt. You can use measuring tape or ruler.

6. If you need visual reference, add a T-shirt template to your canvas. Click on Templates.

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Template Button

There you can pick shirt type (Men or Women’s) and size. This reference won’t be saved in your project.

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Shirt Templates

The SVG + shirt template will look like this.

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space SVG with Shirt Template

7. Click on Super Mom SVG and Ungroup (or press CTRL+G)

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Ungroup Button

8. Weld elements of the same color. To do this, hold CTRL button and click on objects of the same color. Then look for Weld button at the bottom. You will have to weld objects for as many colors there are in the SVG. For example, there are 3 colors in this Super Mom design.

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Weld Button
Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Layers of Weld Result

7. When all welding is done, click on Make It button

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Make It Button

8. The software will ask your mat size. Pick one and click on Confirm button.

9. Important! Click on Mirror toggle on every single layer. This is important to do, if not, your text will be cut on its flip side. See this before and after images.

Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space Before Mirror Toggle Button
Super Mom Screenshot Cricut Design Space After Mirror Toggle Button

Part C: Cutting

  1. Make sure your Cricut is connected to your device and switched on.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Edit your material setting. You can type “iron-on” on the search bar. Select one that fits your HTV.  Important! For users of Cricut Explore, the result will be better if you switch the dial to Custom and use the settings through the app.
  4. Attach your first layer HTV on the cutting mat liner side down.
  5. Press on Cut button on your Cricut machine to start cutting.
  6. Weed the first layer of HTV.
  7. Repeat the cutting and weeding process to the rest of the layers.

Part D: Applying HTV to T-shirt

Since we’re doing multiple layers, we’ll be pressing the HTV in a shorter time for each layer and for a full time on the final press. It’s crucial that you press downwards and not in motion like ironing your clothes.

If your design is bigger than the EasyPress, press it in batches. For example, top side first and bottom side later. All HTV will shrink a little after heat pressing. Don’t worry about your Super Mom design shrinking too much.

  1. Preheat your EasyPress to 315°F.
  2. Place T-shirt on EasyPress mat.
  3. As a preliminary step, heat up your T-shirt for 5 seconds to remove any moisture.
  4. Create a middle crease on the shirt. Fold the T-shirt in half vertically and apply a heat press.
  5. Create a middle crease on your HTV by folding it in half (sticky side out!) and pinching the center.
  6. Align the vinyl with the crease on your T-shirt.
  7. Secure the template with heat resistant tape (this is optional).
  8. Press for 3 seconds with medium pressure, remove heat, and wait a few seconds.
  9. When it’s warm to touch (not hot nor completely cooled down), very slowly and carefully peel off the carrier sheet.
  10. Repeat these steps until all layers are on the T-shirt.
  11. And finally, reuse one of the carrier sheets or use parchment paper, place it on top of the entire design and press for a full 10 seconds. The Super Mom T-shirt is finished. The finished HTV T-shirt should not be washed until a minimum of 24 hours have passed. 
woman wearing Super Mom shirt

Take pictures of this Super Mom T-shirt and proudly display it! Now that you know you have tackled making HTV on T-shirts, play around with other mediums! See temperature instructions on Cricut official page.

Super Mom design on an apron

Find more Super Mom designs and transfer them to aprons, sweaters, throw pillows, reusable grocery bags, and more! Perfect for birthday or Mother’s Day!

We have more “mom designs” SVG that you might like. See our Mom Quotes SVG below!

We also have Super Dad SVG designs for Father’s Day, see below!

Here at Drizy Studio, we make SVG for many themes! Give us a visit and find what you need! Want more help with making the physical products? Join our crafting community where 8,000+ members are sharing their experience. Drop by and ask away, we’re all happy to guide you!

Enjoy another crafting day, crafters!❤️

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