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5 of 70s Aesthetic Fonts for Groovy Designs

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One of the defining decades of our time, the 70s are packed with magic. From psychedelic, the birth of reality TV shows in America, 70s Groovy Disco music and yes, the groovy aesthetic of the 70s typefaces being used to its defining pop culture. If you are currently working on groovy design projects whether for personal or commercial projects, here is a collection of 5 of 70s Aesthetic Fonts for Groovy Designs that will come in handy!


Majestica Font Preview Creative Market 01 cover

First thing first, let’s be honest, psychedelic movement is one of the things that comes up in our minds the first time we hear the period of the 70s. Although it started in the 60s, the 70s was also a trippy decade when surrealism, vibrant color with vivid contrast, combined with elements that resemble art nouveau, this iconic decade of our times inspired us to design this 70s aesthetic font: Majestica.

Majestica is a retro typeface that was born with a beautifully-designed set of 70s aesthetic fonts, standing “high” with wavy and groovy design. “High” enough to bring your project to the higher dimension, but these 70s fonts also still maintain high legibility!

This 70s aesthetic typeface comes with many features. You’ll get both trippy fonts in uppercase and lowercase, you’ll also get the groovy numerals for sure, various ligatures to make your project pop up more with beautifully combined glyphs and yes, this 70s aesthetic typeface believe in equality so it supports multilingual use!

Available in various licenses to suit your needs whoever you are, from professional designers to enthusiastic hobbyists and crafters! Express your grooviness with this 70s aesthetic font that also look awesome paired with our mushroom-related graphics starting from 1$!


Balladon Bold

What kind of a retro typeface that makes you feel like you’re having a 70s road trip with your great friends in a lovely camper van? This set of groovy 70s aesthetic fonts can be an answer to this: Balladon.

Balladon is a bold typeface, both weigh-wise and design-wise. This set of 70s aesthetic fonts is like a statement to remind us how great the 70s was and for us who live in this decade can still feel the energy this wonderful decade sparks!

You’ll get a great deal of packages when purchasing these 70s fonts. It comes with both Balladon Standard with its clean vintage style, and also Balladon Stencil to show 70s stencil styles that look artsy, all are available in uppercase and lowercase including numerals and ligatures. This set of 70s aesthetic fonts is also multilingual so, t’inquiète pas!

We designed this Balladon to be your perfect mate for designing bold projects such as to blast an underground event of retro rock music concert, 70s aesthetic packaging, your cool self-made zine or as stickers like ours here!


1 Moleth Futuristic Font

You get dressed up, go downtown to your favorite disco, and go party hard all night long! This 70s aesthetic font may look modern, forgetting that 70s is also when technological advances especially in amplifiers and speakers made high-fidelity sound possible! Including beat

Moleth is an embodiment of 70s aesthetic font combined with a more modern-looking typeface. This multi-layered look font is a great retro font to dance with, work together with your 70s discotheque aesthetic images or even to your modern 21st-aesthetic design elements. The past and the future in the same display font!

Packed with uppercase letters but with visual differences between uppercase and lowercase letters, including numerals and punctuation marks this retro font also comes with multilingual supports so your 70s disco can also dance in Spanish, German, French or other languages.

We’re proud to present Moleth as a disco font you can dance non-stop with! Whatever project you’re working on, this retro font can be your starting step to become a Dance King or a Dance Queen in any Discotheque!

4. Village Stylish

Village Stylish

Don’t we all love the energy that retro 70s sign boards give to us? So funky and iconic. Then now it’s the time for a different kind of 70s aesthetic font, Village Stylish, a funky stylish script font to steal the stage!

This retro font not only resonates with the 70s vibes but also with the 80s era and the 90s. This script font looks funky, fun, and elegant at the same time, a perfect visual solution if you want to make people fall in love with one of the greatest decade again!

Get creative with Village Stylish, this 70s aesthetic font comes in uppercase and lowercase letters, also in retro aesthetic numerals and punctuation marks for sure, also completed with various ligatures and not to mention it supports if you also need it in multi languages!

This retro font is a beautiful companion for your graphic design needs whether as your store groovy sign board, or as retro T-shirt designs for your Print on Demand store like our sublimation designs.

5. Thampines

thampines font

This retro font is a time machine to go back to the old days when we just got back from school and nobody’s at home. So we held the remote, our favorite snacks—or simply leftovers, letting ourselves to be absorbed watching our favorite cartoon.

We designed the Thampines with a lot of fun nostalgia feelings! This 70s aesthetic font is a playful retro font that reminds us with our childhood cartoon TV programs, beautiful cassette covers, that’s not only resonate with the 70s but also to the 80s and 90s.

You’ll get fun-looking serif 70s aesthetic fonts both as uppercase and lowercase letters, absolutely including numerals and punctuation marks. Thampines retro fonts also comes with 2 set of stylistic you can pick, with 2 set of ligatures; standard ligatures and discretionary ligatures, and multilingual supports so you can write in more languages like Spanish, por favor mi cariño!

Drizy Studio brings you this 70s aesthetic font so you can have it easily, you can also pay securely with Paypal. You can also combine Thampines with our collection of vector graphics starting from FREE OF CHARGE!

All of these 5 70s aesthetics fonts are available in various licenses and you need not to worry with our easy check-out process, safely pay with your credit card or Paypal account whenever you are!

All of these retro typefaces are perfect if you want to express grooviness and your trippiness to your audiences such as for a 70s aesthetic Night Club Party event, your social media posts design, and many more possibilities! Like, mix and match them with our other beautifully crafted fonts. Good luck with your design project and don’t forget to dance like in the 70s! 

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