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Must Know! The Advantages of the Siser Juliet Cutting Machine!

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Hi, crafters!

Do you have a go-to for vinyl and HTV? For years and years Siser’s HTV have been favored by crafters among many brands of vinyl. And finally, they took on the challenge of releasing their own cutting machines.

Dubbed as Siser Juliet and Siser Romeo, these cutting machines have been out in the market starting September and November last year. They are slowly but steadily gaining recognition among crafters.

If you go to their official websites, Siser boasts the machines’ ability to cut faster, quieter, matless cutting, and wireless connection through Wi-Fi.

Let’s find out further! I’ll also put in little bits of “Siser vs Cricut” and “Siser vs Silhouette” information here and there.

Features of Siser Juliet


Siser Juliet Machine
Image credit: Siser.com

Siser Juliet comes at a dimension of 60,5 cm x 19 cm x 18,5 cm and 7 kg of weight. A little slimmer but a tad bit heavier than both Cricut Explore Air 2 and Silhouette cameo. It’s made of sturdy, durable material in white and metal colors that looks sleek and elegant.

Operating Systems & Software

Minimum operating systems required are Windows 8.1 and MacOS 10.15+. The Leonardo Design Studio (all these names are in sync, aren’t they?) is the Siser’s brand software to send the images to the cutting machine.

Since it’s quite new, the software is still undergoing numerous updates. It is definitely improving with every update! With processor memory of 128 MB, Leonardo Design Studio can be considered light and does not consume too much RAM. For now, you still need to access it through your computer because the smartphone / iPhone versions have yet to be released.

Image credit: Siser.com

Matless Cutting

You have the option to cut with or without mat for Juliet. There’s quite a difference to it too, with a cutting mat you’re limited to a maximum 30 cm x 60 cm area. Whereas without cutting mat, you can load an entire vinyl roll, around 32-35 cm x 500 cm. With a cutting mat it’s similar to other cutting machines and going matless, it’s similar to Silhouette Cameo 4 when added with a roll feeder.

Of course, you need to be smart about this too. For materials that are backless, like cardstock paper and foam crafts, matless can be your go-to option. Materials that have backing like vinyl, where you want to weed, can turn out to be die cut like stickers, yikes!

Pinpoint Where You Start Cutting

Image credit: Siser.com

But worry less, there are presets for materials, especially the ones released by Siser, already installed in the machine. So you can pick from the list and proceed to cut. Without a doubt you also can adjust and input new cutting settings. Remember to always do a test cut with new materials and new machines.

To select the cutting settings, a touch screen on the machine. Through it, you can also move around the starting point of your cutting by using the arrows. Super precise! It’s super useful if you want to reduce wasted materials.

Bear in mind that the Siser Juliet has a cutting precision of 0.01 mm. This high definition cutter is both supported by the built-in registration camera and the sharpness of the blades themselves. Because of this, you are able to cut more precisely, especially when making smaller crafts.

In each purchase, you will receive 3 cutting blades. Two 45° blades and one 60° blade. A single blade holder is also included. For whenever you need replacing, you only need to purchase the new blades. This holder can also fit Siser markers for a Print and Cut projects.

Image credit: Siser.com

With a maximum cutting force of 800 g, Siser Juliet is capable of cutting through most crafting materials you need. If you’re cutting various materials using, it’s helpful to know that some materials dull the blade faster than others. For example, denser cardstock such as glitter cardstock or felt.

There’s one tip to keep the quality of your blades longer. You have the option to assign certain blades to certain materials to extend the use of your blades.

Less Noise

The number one features of Siser Juliet would be how quiet the machine is. In a Siser vs Silhouette noise battle… Well, the winner is quite obvious. My Cameo 4 gets operated less than my Explore Air 2 because of how loud it is.

In a Siser vs Cricut comparison, Juliet is still comparably unobtrusive. Siser says, “Perfect for cutting while watching your favorite shows or when the kiddos are fast asleep!”. I don’t have kids but they’re right about this. If I want to cut while watching crafting YouTube videos, the noise produced by Siser Juliet wouldn’t bother me.

Wireless, Flash Drive, or Cord? You Pick!

You may be used to Cricut and Silhouette’s wireless connection via Bluetooth. In Juliet and Romeo machines, wireless network to your computer is done via Wi-Fi. Let the machine scan your Wi-Fi networks and punch in the password.

You have other options of connecting the Juliet machine to your computer using USB cord or by directly plugging in your USB flash drive. These can be selected in the machine’s settings.

Siser was first found in Italy, that’s why the units they use are in metric. If you live in The US, though, worry not because in the machine you can easily change the metric to imperial measurement.


Last but not least, one unit of Siser Juliet is sold at $499 with Siser Romeo, its counterpart that is twice the width at $699. And these are the list of things included in the box: Juliet Cutter, Knife-Holder, 2 x 45° Blades, 60° Blade, Marker Adapter, USB Cable, AC Power Adapter, Instruction Manual, High Tack Cutting Mat, Sample CoverSheet, PS Film® Sample Sheets.



The Siser Juliet is a high-definition cutting machine that is designed to cut a wide range of materials, including heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, stickers, and craft foam. One of the standout features is its built-in registration camera, which allows for precise and accurate print and cut jobs.

Another advantage of the Siser Juliet is its ability to cut with or without a mat, which makes it easy to use and saves time when working on multiple projects.

In terms of connectivity, the Siser Juliet is a wireless cutting machine that can connect to your computer via Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to work on designs and projects from anywhere, without being tethered to a specific location or device. It also has a USB port for direct connection.

Overall, the Siser Juliet is a reliable cutting machine that is perfect for anyone who is looking for a high-quality tool with precision and accuracy.

If you’ve already got the machine and want to test out its accuracy, Drizy Studio has some intricate designs worth making! Check them out!

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