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8 Lovely Feminine Script Fonts for Valentine’s Day

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Happy New Year, crafters!

With the passing of the Christmas season, we are very excited to roll over to more holidays. Starting off with a very special day of expressing love and affection—Valentine’s Day—in a couple of weeks, we will be rolling out more Valentine themed SVG. Look out for the quirky, funny, and sarcastic quotes we’ve prepared.

Girly Script Fonts for Valentine’s Day

Talk about crafts, surely it doesn’t end with SVGs. You might be looking for Valentine’s Day fonts instead for your digital art, videos, or card making lettering.

If that’s you, you are in good hands. Here at Drizy Studio we provide beautiful script fonts, some are girly fonts and love fonts, all perfect to be used as Valentine’s Day fonts.

Why girly fonts? We are aware that Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated by the ladies. It is simply that over the years, the holiday itself has been attributed to feminine qualities.

That being said, these fonts obviously aren’t limited to February 14th only. They are flexible for other types of advertisements, product branding, and not forgetting personal occasions such as engagements, weddings, or anniversaries.

Check out each font’s product page to see the preview images and further details.

Glorietta Script – Monoline Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Glorietta Script - Monoline Script Font

This glorious monoline script font is created with minimum slant, which makes it comfortable to read even though the letters are all linked together. That said, it is versatile enough for both headers or body text. Its main features are the alternative swashes for the ascender and descender parts, going in a loop and extending to a long curved line. It is not overly feminine and gives off a very elegant look. Glorietta Script is excellent to be paired with all capital sans serifs. It is equipped with multilingual features for global projects.

Glorietta Decoration Script Font 03 preview CM
Glorietta Decoration Script Font 05 preview CM

Thaylany – Monoline Script (OTF, TTF)

Thaylany Display Decorations 01 preview CM

Taken after a unique female name, Thaylany is another monoline script font in this list. Its main features are the lowercases. This Valentine’s Day font is packed with ending swashes that loops upwards, ascenders and descenders that resemble an infinity sign, goes in a near-horizontal line then spirals in nicely, and ligatures for the letter T. All these no-less-than dazzling embellishments are what makes Thaylany the perfect font for titles or monograms.

Thaylany Display Decorations 07 CM
Thaylany Display Decorations 05 CM

hello tamasha – Brush Font (OTF, TTF)

Hello Tamasha Playful Script Font 01 Cover CM

Are you a fellow Bujo-er? You must be familiar with hand lettering using brush pens. I don’t have an ugly handwriting but lettering does take a lot of practice sessions to master. Even with that, the skill doesn’t quite transfer to the digital medium. And thus Hello Tamasha was created, to make hand lettering easier for digital folks. With ideal contrast and flow, this girly font works best for printables, greeting cards, and aesthetic quotes.

Hello Tamasha Playful Script Font 06 CM
Hello Tamasha Playful Script Font 03 CM

Best Love – Modern Lovely Font (TTF)

Script Fonts with Modern Handwritten Style Best Love

Best Love is the exact embodiment of what love fonts are trying to achieve. Its special, connective heart swash can be used to connect two names together. How adorable is that? This feature makes a couple’s names monogram complete, typically on greeting cards and wedding invitations. Aside from the extras, this font itself has an uplifting and cheerful character that makes it good for social media feeds and advertisements. The other sets of beginning and ending swashes tops it all off with a nice touch to emphasize short phrases.

bestlove font preview creative market 4
bestlove font preview creative market 4
bestlove font preview creative market 9
bestlove font preview creative market 9

Love Dellissa – Handwritten Font (OTF, TTF)

Love Dellissa - Handwritten Font

Love Dellissa is a cursive handwritten font created by Drizy Studio. It is clean but beautifully ornamented with swirling capitals and looping ending swash. This style is in the sweet spot of being a decorative font and formal script font. This can be your go to if you want to have that luxurious finish to your projects, be it making a book title, commercial branding, or lettering crafts. It is also supplemented with a lot of 2-letter ligatures that ensures every letter flows smoothly.

Love Dellissa Calligraphy Font 05 preview CM
Love Dellissa Calligraphy Font 06 preview CM

Bathamy Sweet – Modern Calligraphy Font (OTF, TTF)

Bathamy Sweet - Modern Calligraphy Script

Bathamy Sweet here is more decorated than any of these fonts listed in this article! Even letters with no ascender or descender are creatively embellished with upward or downward swash. The 5 sets of stylistic alternates in this modern calligraphy font open up endless combinations for you to create your art. If you’re going for an eye-catching and extravagant look in your project, presumably making brand or cover titles, this is the font! Those aside, the regular font is upright and very legible to use in longer passages. So, Bathamy Sweet really packs a punch!

Bathamy Sweet - Modern Calligraphy Script
Bathamy Sweet - Modern Calligraphy Script

Shattime – Modern Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Shattime Feminine Script 01 Cover CM

For you who are familiar with hand lettering, you must know that there are different styles as well. Shattime script font is inspired from bounce lettering as opposed to regular lettering. It’s also one of the love fonts we have in the Font catalog. With heart as replacement of a simple dot for the tittle of letters I and J. This lovely font will be easily recognizable for Valentine’s Day. It is suitable to be paired with all caps serifs to balance out the bounce.

Shattime Feminine Script 06 CM
Shattime Feminine Script 04 CM

Sweetygirls – Handwritten Script Font (TTF)

Sweetygirls Font preview creative market 00 cover

Sweetygirls is one of our older girl fonts. Made with simplicity in mind, it is charming without too much contrast between the upstrokes and downstrokes. The thin lines make it more familiar to the eyes of the looker, as it is very similar to a regular person’s handwriting. Don’t disregard this font because of that, though. It is also equipped with beginning and ending swashes. This modest style is rather fitting for beauty products than overly complicated fonts.

Sweetygirls Font preview envato elements 07
Sweetygirls Font preview envato elements 06 1

And that’s “8 Lovely Feminine Script Fonts for Valentine’s Day”. Unfortunately, unlike previous Christmas and Black Friday font bundles we haven’t prepared a Valentines’s font bundle. But please do keep a tab on us for future font bundles!

You can give Drizy Studio’s Instagram page a visit for font recaps, WIPs, and occasional promos.

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