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Why Do People Buy SVGs? Here Are 6 Reasons People Suggest It

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SVG adaptation and edits are undoubtedly a happening in the design and craft community in recent years. Truth be told, many people suggest getting SVG. So, why do people buy SVGs?

I am sure this question has popped into your head. As a crafter, I admit that SVG really simplifies almost all of my crafting processes. This format is versatile and easy to use, when compared to other formats such as PNG, JPG, or EPS.

In this article, we’ll mainly discuss all about SVG, why you should start using it, and how to get started even if you are not a designer yourself. Let’s change “Why do people buy SVGs?” into “I think I should use SVGs”.

Why Do People Buy SVGs?

To start with, I’d like to define what SVG is before I address why people use SVG. Let’s get technical for a second. Scalable vector graphics, or SVG for short, is a file format that provides the display of vector images.

To make it simple, vector images are meant for images that need to be scaled to different sizes. Whereas, the PNG format images are perfect for highly detailed images, such as photographs.

If you want to get straight to the good stuff, here are the top reasons why people buy SVG instead of PNG or other file formats.

Its Scalability

Why do people buy SVGs? The first reason is because of its excellent scalability.

An SVG picture may be resized bigger or smaller without losing quality, which makes it perfect for many uses, especially crafting.

SVG’s ability to work with any resolution is one of its main benefits. SVG maintains the same quality regardless of resolution or screen size, in contrast to file types like JPG or PNG. So, the SVG will still appear high quality on displays where the PNG can be blurry if it is not large enough.

Why do people buy SVG because unlike PNG it can be zoomed in and wont be blurry

This is an advantage of the SVG format, as its vector base makes it infinitely scalable and incredibly sharp at any resolution. As a result, this scalability will enhance the cutting capability of Cricut machines.

This rule does not apply to file formats like PNG. Most designs printed with this file frequently turn out poorly since PNG files will undergo pixel fragmentation if we resize their size.

Smaller File Size

The second reason why do people buy SVGs? It’s due to the smaller file size.

SVG can provide files with smaller file sizes than other file types. This is beneficial when working with big printouts since SVGs don’t have to be rendered at a higher scale to deal with inconsistencies like PNG images.

Why do people buy SVG because the file size is smaller than PNG or JPEG

PNG-based images, in fact, preserve both the number of colors used and each pixel in the image. The point here is that these PNG-based image files will be larger than SVG.

Editing Capabilities

SVG files are special in that they may be modified directly in a text editor as well as in graphic editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, comparable to other image files. Owing to its customization options, that’s why people buy SVGs.

Why do people buy SVG because editing colors is easier

Each layer’s color on the SVGs file can be modified. It means, we can adjust the color of each layer that will be cut. In similar cases, I like to substitute pink color with fuchsia or even purple whenever my cardboard stock runs out.

Easily Accessible Online

Now you may be wondering, where do you find SVG cut files? As it turns out, they are all over the internet. Many reliable designers often publish their designs online.

Bloggers will mention collective designs in their blog posts when they are shared. What’s more, many bloggers will have a resource library or collection of free SVG files that you can search for somewhere in their menu bar.

These files can also be found outside of the blog in the SVG design store. Almost every shop has a free section in addition to their files for sale. If you don’t mind paying a small price, the SVG shop usually has what you’re looking for in their large collection.

why do people buy SVGs - Easily accessible online

The ease of accessing SVG files is also the reason why people buy SVGs. If you’re looking for a website to get SVG files, I can recommend Design Bundles, Creative Fabrica, and Drizy Studio!

Drizy Studio, of course, always has low-cost, premium SVGs as well as safe-to-use, free SVGs available to you at all times! By this information, I hope you can gain a better understanding about where to get your SVG!

Fine Licensing

SVG format files and other creative designs that we commonly use to sell crafts are considered copyrighted material. Using designs published as creative works without a license can result in serious legal issues.

If we use designs that we download from the internet and apply them to our selling products. It’s possible that the rightful owner will later sue you for exploiting their work without their authorization.

In fact, several countries, including the United States, have laws protecting it. For example, Drizy Studio has a specific policy for people who want to make and sell crafts that incorporate our designs and images. This policy provides a limited license for the sale of such crafts.

Since buying SVG files is the easiest option if you are not a designer, you don’t have to worry about violating the law when using legal SVG files for crafting.

Most websites that provide SVG files are already licensed, be sure to check and read the rules and licenses. If in doubt, you can also ask the SVG providers on what practices are allowed with the SVG.

why do people buy SVGs - Licensing

Premium SVG, as provided by Drizy Studio, comes with a variety of license options (such as Desktop, National, and Worldwide License) based on your needs. And this has become the fifth reason why people buy SVGs.

Ready for Commercial Usage

I am aware that, in spite of it being a hobby, crafting is often done to earn extra money. This is also what I normally do!  If we use a licensed SVG file, we can safely sell our crafts to online marketplaces like Etsy or similar places like Big Cartel, Amazon Handmade, eBay, or Tedooo.

It’s important to consider your license selections in all situations, as when buying SVG. Since the price of designs created for personal and commercial use will vary. This commercial availability becomes the sixth answer to why do people buy SVGs?

Naturally, when we buy a legally licensed SVG file, we also support the designer in their efforts to improve their creations. In this manner, more high-quality designs will be available to us!

Was that a bit too technical? Hopefully not! Okay, I think you see why do people buy SVGs? Now is the time for you to prove yourself the benefits you can get from SVGs.

Don’t worry! If you are still curious about why people buy SVGs, we have a Facebook Community of crafters from all over the country ready to help you. Join now to discover more about SVG!

Join us right away and let’s craft something!

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