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Los Codle, Kids Font for Playful Design

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We often overlooked the importance of playing. Thinking that it’s only for kids, while play is one of the fundamental things of being human. I’m not gonna give some TED Talks here, just want to show you one of Drizy Studio’s playful display font to help inspire your next design project: Los Codle – Kids Font.

Los Codle is not a lost kid, we named it because we love how it sounds—and it sounds like Spanish somehow. Also to our non-English native speakers it sounds like the warm feeling of seeing our kids playing in a park in our neighborhood under the beautiful afternoon sky?

Overview of Los Codle a Playful Kids Font

Kids font LosCodle Font Preview cover
LosCodle Font Preview Envato Elements 01 cover

When we were in the process of designing this, we had a lot of fun and playing. From video games matches to table tennis tournaments in our office here in Bandung, Indonesia. That’s why we hope those excitements and playfulness can also be felt in this kids font Los Codle, just like in our 8 Best Sci-Fi Fonts.

This playful display font comes in a total of 204 glyphs! Los Codle are here inviting us to play with its uppercase and lowercase letters. Various standard ligatures and discretionary ligatures are also included. Since kids (need to) love math and literature, this playful typeface also comes with numerals to make them the next Einstein and punctuation marks to teach them how to craft Shakespeare-ish stories.

LosCodle Font Preview 05
LosCodle Font Preview Envato Elements 05

Do you know that having bilingual minds is beneficial for kids? Let alone speaking more than two languages! This is why with kids font theme Los Codle, we also added multilingual support. So les garçons can learn more à l’école and have fun sciences experiments en la hermosa casa!

LosCodle Font Preview 06
LosCodle Font Preview Envato Elements 06

Wanna get some ideas on how you can use this playful display font in your projects? What about educational story books for children, such as maybe a Montessory story book with cute or colorful children illustrations, or a beautiful kids story about friendship despite differences between a mythical white elephant and a talkative parrot?

LosCodle Font Preview 07
LosCodle Font Preview Envato Elements 07

Our font designers here in Drizy Studio designed Los Codle to be versatile, so don’t limit yourself thinking that this playful typeface can only be used for products or services for kids, like School, Daycare, Breakfast Cereals, Kindergarten, etc. Just think about how being fun and playful is universal no matter how old you are.

Of course Los Codle is also a perfect and fun kids font for catchy nursery decor such as nursery wall art. But, you can also use this playful display font in your branding elements, let’s say this packaging of fruit chips that with its playfulness communicate how good and sweet and fun eating this healthy snack!

LosCodle Font Preview 08
LosCodle Font Preview Envato Elements 08

Los Codle is a fun-looking typeface you can trust to build your design looks way more playful! With a complete set of 204 glyphs, you can express your project’s and brand’s core message to your audiences, whether kids-related brand or crafts or simply a fun project like this layered paper art.

Go on, get to know this playful display font Los Codle above. No need to worry because our website is secure and you can bring this kids font with your Credit Card or pay with Paypal. It is available in various licenses you can choose: from Desktop License, Webfont License, and App or Game License, to a Worldwide Corporate License and all of them are at affordable prices!

You don’t want to pay or are you on a tight budget this month? We got you! We have a lot of FREEBIES we share routinely here on our Facebook Group! You can also meet other enthusiast designers and crafters around the world, with zero hassle and zero money!

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