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10 Best Craft Gift Ideas for Craft Lovers

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Howdy!! How is it going?? In this post I would like to share some great craft gift ideas for craft lovers. I provide this list for those of you who are unsure of what gifts are appropriate to give to our beloved people.

Picking the best craft gift is not always that easy. It’s pretty hard to find something that you are sure your giftee will use. It would be nice if we first thought about what the giftee might find interesting.

Due to our passion for crafts, we will decorate or customize it first by making use of design templates like SVG, PNG, EPS or AI. 

Some items such as tote bags and T-shirts require heat transfer or sublimation techniques to apply the design. Others like keychains and glass wraps you can print the design on a vinyl sheet.

Craft Gift Inspiration Ideas

There are 10 craft gift ideas on this list to inspire you, of course, these recommendations are very budget friendly, so you don’t have to worry about excessive costs.


Craft Gift Tumbler

The first craft gift idea on this list is a customized tumbler. Like all we know, a tumbler is a very common item for our everyday life. From students to office workers, a lot of people rely on it to carry their drinks.

Of course, it is quite tedious to carry a tumbler bottle with the same design every day. It’s not rare that people accidentally swap their tumbler with others because visually they’re the same. Therefore, it will help if we decorate it first and make it a very special gift for someone.

A little tip! Since this design will be applied to objects that are often touched by hands and get washed, I suggest using the best quality vinyl paper and ink to get long-lasting, durable results.


Craft Gift Key Chain

Customized Keychain!! Yes!! Do any of you like collecting keychains? If yes, then our hobbies are similar! Collecting keychains is never wrong, especially giving them to someone!

This versatile item is used to customize any keys, making it easier to identify and locate all keys. In addition, keychains can personalize several other items such as backpacks, purses, pouches, and others.

Who says you have to go all the way to the gift shop to pick a keychain? You can really craft your keychain at home by using this template. Use any medium you like!

You’ll need vinyl sheets and a cutting machine to make the process easier. Since it was handmade by you, with love, this personalized keychain is perfect as a craft gift for someone.


Craft Gift Tshirt

Giving someone clothes as a gift has become increasingly popular. It goes without saying that the clothing must be outstanding in order to make a good gift. In other words, giving gifts that you made yourself might make someone else feel special.

One of the easy ways that I can suggest is to make your own T-shirts. You are free to be creative as you like in choosing the t-shirt design.

Know someone who loves nature? I suggest using this Sea Turtle Watercolor with Flowers design. It’s perfect to be used on a blank T-shirt as a craft gift for loved ones.

Shadow Box

Craft Gift Shadow Box

This is one of my personal favorite craft gift ideas. I think one of the best gift ideas you can get is home décor since decorating a home is a task that needs consideration.

If a home isn’t decorated, it merely functions as a place for us to live. The house needs something to make it more lively. Therefore, a simple decoration like this will be very suitable to be given to a family who has just moved into a new house.

This Boho Rainbow 3D Layered Paper Cut Shadow Box surely can boost the ambiance in a home. You can add a LED strip inside the frame to give a glowy effect that pleases the eyes.

Tote Bags

Craft Gift Tote Bag

If I leave out a tote bag from this list, it won’t be a complete list. Carrying a backpack everywhere you go? Maybe you find yourself in occasions where backpacks hinder you instead. When we don’t need a bag that big, a tote bag is the best option for carrying items.

Generally, tote bags are easily found in retail stores. But it will be very disappointing to give a tote bag with a less appealing design to someone we love. So, customizing the tote bag is the best way to make a special craft gift.

I recommend using this Galaxy Animal Shirt Sublimation – Bald Eagle with Tree design template for tote bag. Use the sublimation technique on the tote bag to get satisfactory results. pssttt, this one template is free!


Craft Gift Mug

A mug is a classic way to present a gift to someone. In some cultures, a customized mug is used as a congratulatory gift to someone.

Mugs typically just have solid colors and no designs, although it’s okay to leave off the designs we enjoy. If we choose the right design template, this will enhance the mug’s aesthetic value.

This lovely Snowy Arctic Wolf on a cup will be the perfect handcrafted gift for an art enthusiast or someone who enjoys animal themes. Hey, this design is only $3! Craft your gift ASAP!


Craft Gift Pillow

Receiving a pillow is like getting an Easter Egg! It’s as plush as plushies but you can use it to relax. I’d be overjoyed if someone handed me a pillow as a gift. A personalized pillow craft gift will be extraordinary.

I suggest using a seamless pattern, so that it can fill the entire surface of the pillow. Then to apply a design like the photo above using heat transfer or sublimation techniques, choose the one that suits you!

Beer Glasses

Craft Gift Beer Glass

Ayee, who loves to drink?! This one idea is for you or your close friends! I know a clear glass of beer is enough for your drinking event, but it would be more lively if the glass had some style in it.

With this cool wrap design, you can turn any beer glass into a work of art. Choose the best design of your choice and this beer glass is ready as a craft gift for your beloved friends.

Door Signs

Craft Gift Door Sign

Do you want to present a gift to someone who likes to decorate their homes? If so, I believe that providing a door décor is a good decision.

Decorating a front door of a house is so common, especially on seasonal holidays. To welcome guests, a variety of ornaments are placed on the house’s entrance door.

How about gifting someone with this door sign? With no doubt, they will appreciate your craft gift. All you have to do is to choose any design you like (like this Halloween design) and cut it into vinyl paper, then place it on a wood board or any suitable platform.


Craft Gift Bookmark

Is reading your passion or your beloved hobby? For me reading is like therapy, an escape from a pretty hectic life. Reading feels meditative, makes me forget the outside world and only focus on one thing. Did this happen to you as well?

While reading, of course, you need to take a short break, whether to make coffee or tea, or just take bathroom breaks. Sometimes we fold the pages of the book to indicate where we last read it but doing so ruins the book.

We just need a bookmark to solve that problem. But it would be better if we have bookmarks that have been personalized right? 

This customized bookmark is suitable as a craft gift for someone who loves to read. You just need to download this template design and print it with a cutting machine.

Annddd, that’s the end of 10 Best Craft Gift Ideas for Craft Lovers. Which craft gift idea piques your interest the most? I love the idea of shadow box and bookmark!

Don’t forget to check out our products on drizystudio.com to get more awesome designs or even freebies! You can also join us at Drizy Studio’s Facebook Group and check out Drizy Studio’s Instagram and Tiktok for more our creative ideas!!

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