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10 DIY Cute Sticker Ideas for Home Craft Lovers

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As a crafter, don’t you agree that a stickers are one of the easiest ways to decorate almost anything? Cute sticker ideas are nothing new to me. I often use stickers to customize my personal items. I have so many of them on my laptop👍. If you’re like me, cute sticker ideas for home crafts are what you need.

There has been a rise of interest in sticker ideas. Since the Corona pandemic over the last 2 years, many people who felt bored and have chosen to get creative and decorate their goods. One of the ways are by using stickers.

Cute sticker ideas are available in various designs and types depending on the tastes of those who want to create and use them. There are stickers with animal character, music, retro themes, Christmas, and many others. You just have to choose which one suits you best.

Do you find read-to-use stickers sold on the market aren’t that unique and personal enough? Why not craft your own?

The Joy, Comfort, and Stress-Reducing Power of Cute Sticker Ideas for Home Crafts

These home crafts cute sticker ideas can be used by anyone (kids, teenagers, adults). In fact, lots of my friends love to personalize their mobile phones with cute stickers.

Please keep in mind that we will be printing it, so prepare your printing machine and vinyl paper and get ready to get addicted to home crafts cute sticker ideas!

1. Boho Feather Stickers

Home Crafts Boho Feather Stickers

Bohemian style is undoubtedly associated with organic materials and embroidered motifs. As we all know, the Bohemian style values simplicity in its use, and the same goes for this sticker set.

If you’re going for one with the concept of “simplicity” while still desiring to leave a cute impression—this sticker set is ideal for adding that touch of Boho style.

The set comes with 4 different feathers (gold, brown, light brown, and pink). It can be used on its own or in layers. You can stick it anywhere you want. I recommend applying it to diaries, journals, or gadgets, but still, it really is up to you!

2. Retro Groovy Stickers

Home Crafts Retro Groovy Stickers

“Pizza, telephone, and bomb. Why not? There’s nothing wrong with associating all of that with a sticker, as long as it makes me happy.” Maybe that’s all I can say when they ask why my stickers are so flashy.

I got a personal thought on this sticker set, I ordered pizza through a food delivery service over the phone. After waiting for about 30 minutes my patience finally paid off, then an explosion of joy and happiness emerged from within me.

Therefore, I assume you understand that this Retro Groovy Sticker Set can make a fun and hilarious impression if you use them. Hurry!!! Express your feelings when you are hungry with these cute sticker ideas. You can stick these on your fridge. Feeling famished? Just order pizza, yummy!

3. Be The Sunshine, Retro Sun & Flowers Stickers

Home Crafts Be The Sunshine Retro Sun Flowers Stickers

🎝Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo~~

Ayyyoo, guess the song!!

What comes to mind when we talk about the sun and flowers in the garden? I can tell you it’s a pleasant moment for me. I’m always grateful that the sun always shines on the world and helps garden flowers flourish.

Yesss!! That is the feeling that may be spread using this sticker set: Happiness! Remember that even the littlest things, like stickers, can help us inexorably feel happy.

I believe the process of personalizing things with stickers will give a spark of happiness. These cute sticker ideas are perfect for your guitar, cellphone, or your bedroom door! Just remember to enlarge the print size.

4. Cute Galaxy Whale Colorful Stickers

Home Crafts Cute Galaxy Whale Colorful Stickers


I didn’t know our designers made this kind of design, grrrr. Well, if you ask me what my favorite cute sticker is? THIS IS THE ONE!

Brighten up your life with this colorful and cute sticker set! With this set, you can create galaxy whales with the moon, sun, planet, and rainbow. These stickers will be perfect to decorate your notebook and make it look more adorable and whale-some.🐳

So? What are you waiting for? Check out these cute sticker ideas right away! The set is affordable, it costs as low as $1 for personal use.

5. Halloween Cat Stickers

Home Crafts Halloween Cat Stickers

Alongside whales, we also create designs of cats!

I know this sticker set is Halloween-themed. There’s nothing wrong with following seasonal trends, right? Yesss, including this super adorable sticker set. But don’t worry, this sticker pack won’t run out of season. You absolutely can use it outside of Halloween weeks too.

In this Halloween-inspired sticker set, our four adorable cats are cosplaying as spooky figures. Boo~ Kids and cat lovers definitely like these stickers.

These cute sticker ideas are suitable to be applied onto anything. I suggest sticking it on a lunch box, pencil case, water bottle, or even a suitcase.

6. Funny Retro Stickers

Home Crafts Funny Retro Stickers

This Funny Retro Stickers Set might not be in any trend, but hey, it’s kinda edgy. Maybe not everyone dig this sticker set, but in my opinion, it is so bold that it makes the person who uses it look like they’re not afraid to show their style.

It comes with a yellow mug and a Shaka sign decorated with floral accents. These cute sticker ideas are quite flexible, you can apply it to your journals, lunch box, or tablet

Go get this retro sticker set, and start crafting!

7. Retro Music Stickers

Home Crafts Retro Music Stickers

Not far from the previous sticker set idea, this sticker also carries a retro theme with floral accents inside. In addition to its vintage appearance, this sticker pack is also eye-catching.

In line with that, this sticker set will create a distinct image for its user. It has a pleasingly aesthetic appearance, a straightforward color scheme, and lovely flower motifs that can attract anyone’s attention.

These cute sticker ideas are suitable for those of you who have an interest in music and want to express it. Thus, it can be attached to musical instruments such as guitars, basses, or keyboards or just the casings if you don’t wanna ruin your instruments.

8. Adorable Christmas Frog Stickers

Home Crafts Adorable Christmas Frog Kawaii Stickers

Okay, so far I’ve introduced whales and fish, but wait a minute I still have the frog sticker pack! Yeshh, these cuties are always waiting for Christmas to come, all decked up in their costumes.

It may seem cliché since I’ve included seasonal themes previously (Halloween cats)—but hey, designs like these are timeless! You can use this Adorable Christmas Frog Stickers to liven up a room. It can be attached to the walls, drawers, and windows of bedrooms.

Froggin’ awesome!

9. Hippie Quotes, Retro Floral Stickers

Home Crafts Hippie Quotes Retro Floral Sticker

Love is in the air, peace is everywhere🕊

I just made that quote earlier😝. Anyway, do you remember the early years of the ‘60s? It’s time to showcase your hippie vibes on a sticker right now!

Hippie sayings and slogans like “Peace for Love”, “Chill”, “Peace Today”, “Flower Power,” “Love 4 Ever”, and “Peace is Always an Option” are presented in bold, retro colors and will spread the messages clearly to anyone who sees it.

The best place for these hippie stickers is on a car’s bumper or rear windscreen, where it is typically attached. Peace out!✌️

10. Boho Dreamcatcher Stickers

Home Crafts Boho Dreamcatcher Sticker

Last but certainly not least, a Boho Dreamcatcher with Multicolor Feathers Sticker. This sticker bundle is closely related to the first idea on the list because it carries a Bohemian theme. This sticker will be compatible with Boho Feather Stickers.

For home crafts, this sticker bundle is suitable to decorate tables, mirrors, make-up boxes, or wardrobes. This sticker bundle will give an aesthetic impression and beautify the furniture in your room!

There you have it, 10 DIY Cute Sticker Ideas for Home Crafts Lovers that have been specially selected by me. I really hope that you find interesting and suitable sticker ideas here.

If you’re looking for more craft designs and inspirations, join the Drizy Studio Group on Facebook and check our Instagram or TikTok for How-To’s and updates.

Today is the day to start crafting and be creative!

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