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5 Epic Sci-Fi Fonts Recommended for Your Space Galaxy Films

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You might notice a surge of popularity over a particular typography style; the space galaxy fonts and sci-fi fonts. There’s no end to our curiosity about outer space and the galaxy. The idea of the unknown is mind-boggling enough to occupy our minds. Perhaps that’s the reason why Science Fiction is one of the most popular genres of films of all time.

One of my favorite things about sci-fi films is how distinctive they are to other genres. For example, just one look at the poster and you’ll know that the movie is a sci-fi one, don’t you agree? Contributing into that is the choice of fonts that the designers use in each poster!

Well, if you’re still in search of the perfect font to portray your message to the world through your film poster, then look no further! Here I have listed for you 5 Epic Sci-Fi Fonts Recommended for Your Space Galaxy Films. These cool, futuristic fonts will pull you into the untold secrets of the great beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond… with Cool Space Galaxy and Sci-Fi Fonts!


Sci Fi Font Kuxu

Whether you’re looking for a sleek font design or a unique final finish, KUXU can do it all for you. With a beautiful, minimalist, and modern sans serif style, the KUXU font is a true example of a futuristic font that creates a high-tech look. 

With this font, you can easily create eye-catching titles and logos. Play with all the cool features like colors, numbers, and even multilingual accents! KUXU will surely get your audience wondering about what the future of technology can be like only through your film title.

Starting at only $12, you can use KUXU to give your graphic design work that pop of individuality and distinct features. Everyone will surely remember it for years to come.


Sci Fi Font Heimdal

If you’re looking for a sci-fi font that can express a more ethereal out-of-the-world concept, then HEIMDAL is the perfect choice for you! Just look at the modern and clean look this font produces. It fits best with a highly contrasting color palette just like the monochromatic look of the black font on a white background that will surely make your film poster look dimensional.

With eight fonts in one family, you can create every look you can ever imagine. Not just for film title credits, HEIMDAL also works for graphic design, motion graphics, posters, and other text prints! You can even use HEIMDAL on your website with no worries because guess what? It comes as a Webfont too with no extra charge!


Sci Fi Font Astro

Play around with the concept of extraterrestrial robots and artificial intelligence with this font! ASTRO is specially made by Drizy Studio with a combination of futuristic, geometric, and 3D effects that will surely catch everyone’s attention. 

You can also play around with ASTRO’s five typefaces as well as numbers and multilingual ligatures. You will even get a whole Vector Pack with each purchase to help you build your design around your title.

If you want a cleaner and bold finish, try the original Astro Font. For a sleeker look, Astro Extrude Font is exactly what you’re looking for. As the name suggests, Astro Extrude Shadow Font will highlight your title text to be the main focus of your design. Astro Cable Font is our exclusive design because the accent truly screams the unique Astro font. And the main star in this family is of course the Astro Completed Font, the bold and thick 3D effect paired with the cable-like accent will truly bring your whole design together!


Sci Fi Font Obera

In this wide universe and in this timeline, surely we can not be the only creature with a cultured society! Encourage yourself to explore the possibility of another society outside of this world with this typeface! OBERA is a lovechild of ethnic and sci-fi fonts. It will fit perfectly for your upcoming film title.

OBERA also has many features including uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual, numbers, and punctuation to make it even easier for you to get creative! Want to attract more people with your film? The distinct title design will catch the attention of anyone who sees. Please do explore the ligatures that come with this sci-fi font too!


Sci Fi Font Moraws

Mixing up the future and the past? Why not?! MORAWS perfectly combines the clean look you’ll find in modern fonts and a traditional ethnic style for a more creative and unique typeface. Created by Drizy Studio, MORAWS Stencil Font is the perfect and complete space galaxy font. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, multilingual, alternates, ligatures, and punctuations.

Mix and match the accented letters and normal sans serif letters with the uppercase and lowercase features. Also, try out the ligatures and multilingual support that you can get all in this sci-fi font!

With many licenses you can choose from, you can use any of these space galaxy fonts for personal and commercial use starting at only $12. Details of each license are listed when you pick it through our store. Pick one that fits your creative needs.

Here’s a reminder, make sure you read through the terms and conditions of each license we provide. Just a precaution to avoid any problems in the future. We do take action against anyone who is misusing our products.

It’s important to pay attention to the design and fonts you use for a film, it’s the first thing your potential watcher will see about your movie! So have you made your decision yet on what Sci-Fi font you’re gonna use? If not, then don’t worry because, at Drizy Studio, we have a lot more space galaxy fonts you can browse through! Take your sweet time on deciding because finding the right font might be the “formula” that establishes your project!

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