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5 Easy Halloween Projects You Can Do at Home!

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Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

With a few weeks left until Halloween, I find my online-shopping carts are loaded with costume stuff and crafting stuff. Really, I’m trying not to overspend this year!

That aside, me and my crafting friends are planning to spend some time over the next weekend doing Halloween projects. We’re gonna put both of my Silhouette and Cricut machines to use.

So, I’m brewing up a mini list of Halloween projects you can do at home.

Halloween Projects to Do with Your Loved Ones at Home

Halloween Beer Can Glass

Halloween Projects Beer Can Glass
Beer can glass with carved pumpkins design

The truth is, I’m not big on booze. I’m more into enjoying cozy afternoons with a glass of refreshing iced tea or cold juice. But because of how versatile a beer can glass is, I can see the appeal of doing craft on them.

In a previous post, I’ve given some examples of designs that potential buyers love. Those designs are made to specifically fit the size of either 16 oz. or 20 oz. beer can glasses. The designs are typically a full wrap of the glass scattered with little components.

However, obviously you are not limited to that option. You can pick out any SVG files you like, scale them to size, and print them out to decorate your glass.

For this year’s Halloween project, I’m making a 6-pack of beer can glasses with some evil but adorable Jack-o-lanterns stacked on top of each other.

I went for adhesive vinyl again this time because they’re quick and convenient. You can opt for waterslides if you have deft hands and want colorful designs. You can also go for heat transfer vinyl if you’re a pro at utilizing heat gun or Cricut EasyPress.

Check out our beer glass designs for your Halloween project.

Halloween Potion Bottles with Faux Ingredient Labels

This is my favorite Halloween project from today’s list. It gives a spook, super witty, and confuses the hell out of my family, haha! I did a test drive a couple days ago on some of our mason jars in the kitchen. Just a silly reminder for my most anticipated holiday.

Halloween Projects Labels for Bottles and Condiments
Faux ingredients for a fun Halloween party!

You have the option of producing the labels as cut decals or as plain stickers by using inkjet printers.

They’re great for labeling drinks or condiment bottles. More so if you’re a very DIY person who ferment your own alcoholic beverages and SCOBY kombucha. Just make sure they’re fit to drink on the big day.

Here’s a fun little idea for your Halloween party. Gather all your booze supplies. Relabel the bottles with these faux ingredients. Set-up a bar with these things listed in the menu as a replacement. Might wanna still keep a tab of which is which, though.

You can also stick it on candle jars, tea canisters, cookie tins, tumbler, and other containers. Maybe gift them to your friends? Or slap them on chocolate bars you give out the neighborhood kids?

Take a look at our Halloween bottle labels.

Self-Standing Halloween Folding Papercut

We’re now moving on into the realm of paper cutting. And to start, it’s the easiest Halloween project ever. “How so?” you might ask. Well, because it’s a one-material craft that literally only needs to be cut and then folded.

Halloween Projects Folding Papercut SVG Scary Zombies Invading House on The Hill
Super-duper easy Halloween folding papercut

Get yourself a piece of cardstock paper in A4 size or bigger if your cutting machine supports it. Load it onto a cutting mat and into your Cricut or Silhouette. Then send the SVG file through your computer or phone.

Pick up the finished papercut. Do a W-fold, that is folding it in half and folding again the halves the other way. Voila you’re done! It will stand by itself. It’s super cute and suitable to decorate kids’ bedroom. Just place it atop a desk or nightstand.

Just a little tip from me: using double-sided cardstock and displaying it with light will make the 3D-ish design pop out more. Check out our making process of this Halloween project on Instagram!

3D Halloween Projects: Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are my most produced craft. Building a shadow box is personally therapeutic for me. Must be something about repeating the process layer-by-layer. (Psst, check out my blogpost about making money with 3D shadow box.)

For this project, you will need multiple sheets of cardstocks, foam tapes, and an abundant quantity of patience. You’ll also need a frame, but I consider it optional. You can still display them as they are or learn to make a paper-based frame.

Here in Drizy Studio, you can find several styles of shadow box for your Halloween projects. They’re 3 dollars each but you get multiple layers of well-crafted SVG. Let’s take a look!

Pumpkin Shadow Box

These 3D shadow boxes have Halloween related icons as focal points, framed with pumpkin cutout. If you want to deck out your mantelpiece with Halloween craft but subtle and aesthetic, then this is the one.

Halloween Projects Shadow Box 3D Papercut Pumpkin Cats Tombstones
Halloween Project Shadow Box – Cats at Graveyard
Halloween Projects Shadow Box 3D Papercut Pumpkin Witch Spiderwebs
Halloween Project Shadow Box – Spiders and Witch

Spooky Characters Shadow Box

Who invited vampire and witch to your party? They’re peeking into your window waiting to be let in!

Halloween Projects Vampire Peeks in the Window
Halloween Project Shadow Box – Peeking Vampire
Halloween Projects Witch Peeks in the Window
Halloween Project Shadow Box – Peeking Witch

HOME Series Shadow Box

Really puts the ‘Home’ aspect of this post’s title, right?

One of the great things about shadow boxes is that they’re so flexible. You can use them to create a variety of different styles, add in fillers or lights, and so much more. You can use a variety of colors or just go all-white, and it’ll still look attractive.

Halloween Door or Window Corner

Halloween Projects Trim Corner
Halloween themed door corner decoration

This haunted house-slash-Dracula manor inspired trim corner design is suitable to be used for door or window corners. You can use it anywhere in your house! Living room? Bedroom? Kitchen? Indoors? Outdoors? Impress your neighbors by pasting them on your front door!

You can print it using vinyl or if possible, make it as laser cutting craft using thin plywood.

Quick tip: Scale it up to the maximum cutting size of your machine. These designs are quite intricate.

And that’s all! Which one interests you the most? I’d say these Halloween projects are worth trying this year. And I hope they also make for a quality time with your loved ones at home. I’m so eager to see my house all decked up with all things spoopy!

Want free designs to save-up? Check out my other blogpost of free SVG Halloween stuff! Get more free SVG designs in other themes by joining our Facebook group.

Take care and have a boo-tiful Halloween, crafters!

Looking for SVG files and fonts with commercial licensing for your business? Grab our time-limited bundles and save up to 99% off of your purchase!

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, the bundle links above are affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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