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7 Advantages of Using SVG Bundle Files

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It might be obvious to all of us by now that SVG is the best format you can use for your cutting machine. But there is another trick that can make your craft even better! Yup, it’s by using SVG bundle files!

SVG bundle files are a bunch of SVGs that are put on sale together. Typically, SVG manufacturers or designers sell out SVG bundles with prices that are much lower than non-bundle products. 

SVG bundle files have so many advantages for us as crafters, here are some of them:

7 Advantages of Using SVG Bundle Files Infographic

1. Low Cost

Just like I mentioned before, SVG bundle files are usually put out at much lower prices than singular SVG files. So this obviously means that you can save so much money by buying SVG bundles!

But exactly how much money can you save with SVG bundles you might ask? Well…

SVG Bundle Files - Christmas

Take this Christmas bundle for example. If you were to buy each SVG by itself (which is a lot, by the way), all of them would add up to over $1,000. But instead, because they were put together as a bundle, it is now sold at only $15. This also includes designs in AI, EPS, and PNG formats.

That’s over $985 that you can save with just one purchase. What a steal!

2. Exclusive Seasonal Offers

Drizy Studio SVG Bundle Files
SVG Bundle Files by Drizy Studio

Oftentimes, SVG bundle files are sold in time to celebrate certain holidays, important days, and seasons. This includes holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Fall, or events like Black Friday. 

If you’re planning to resell the designs on the bundle, the similarly themed items will also help you in engaging more customers without you having to think over what to sell. Since within the holidays, the demands for items that correlate to the event / holiday will be at an all-time high

Now pair this with the low-cost bundles, and you can get so much more revenue with the lowest budget possible.

3. Numerous Choices of Design

The various designs you get in a bundle mean that you also get a wide choice of designs to work with. SVG bundle files from Drizy Studio, for example, can have over one thousand designs in one bundle. I’m sure you won’t have any “designer’s block” anymore when you’re making your crafts!

With one bundle, you can make shirts, tote bags, mugs, stickers, carpets, keychains, and literally anything you can think of. Use them to decorate your home or gift them to others. This way, you can have similar “couple” items with your loved ones. Wouldn’t that be so cute?

Also, if you are a craft businessperson, this diversity won’t bore your customers. There’s always something new for them in store.

4. Helps Making Matching Crafts

Each SVG bundle file is usually formed within the same general theme, whether it is a seasonal theme or a specific holiday. This feature will help you in making cohesive decorations for your home or business.

Purchasing SVG bundle files will also be helpful in the process of preparing gifts according to the exclusive seasons and holidays. Therefore you can show your love to your family and friends with less effort and time spent.

And who says you can’t resell a bundle SVG as a bundle of items? The similarly themed crafts will do well as a series of bundles that you can sell too!

5. Additional In-Theme Resources

Sometimes, not only SVG files, but you can also get other resources to mix into your designs. This includes vectors and fonts that are within the general theme as the SVG designs.

Font Bundle - Christmas

Just like this Christmas Font Bundle for $14 and consists of 26 Christmas-themed fonts. This set will go perfectly with the Christmas Craft Bundle.

With these additional resources, you can customize and be creative with your designs as much as you’d like. Since all of the sets of bundles are formed with the same theme, it’s guaranteed that your designs will be much more harmonious. And you don’t have to worry your minds about finding the right pairing of fonts and decorative vectors anymore! 

6. Compact File Size

File Size Comparison of PNG and SVG

Compared to other formats of files, SVGs take up way less space in your hard drive. So even though within a bundle you can get up to hundreds even thousands of design files, you don’t have to worry about the size compatibility with your device.

Because of the compact file size, you can even use SVG bundle files straight from your smartphone! This can make things so much easier for you who are always on the move and want an easier way of creating more designs.

And fret not! Just because SVGs have a small file size, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the design itself is compromised. I promise that Drizy Studio‘s SVG bundle files are as high-quality as they come. Especially since each one is designed exclusively by our own designers so all of the work you get is original and one-of-a-kind!

7. Faster Production

Since with bundles you already get multiple designs in a single download, it also cuts back the hassle that you might have to deal with when you buy singular SVG designs. With SVG bundle files, you no longer have to buy and download each separate design manually so it definitely cuts back on time as well.

These SVG files are suitable for any production technique you use and not just for cutting machine purposes. You can use the designs in a bundle for sublimation, vinyl decal, stickers, and even non-physical outputs such as web design.

If you’re selling your crafts, you can produce much more items in less time. This also means you can sell out more of your products to more customers. Because remember, time is money!

It goes without saying that it doesn’t matter whether you craft as a hobby or as a business, everyone can benefit from the existence of SVG bundle files. So if you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to explore the web for the variety of bundles and make use of them!

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