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Review Mokoto, Best Font to Create Digital Glitch Effect

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In the age when everything’s competing for our attention, it becomes more important to be bold. People’s attention spans are becoming shorter than ever! That’s why here at Drizy Studio, we’re trying to make standout typefaces like this Mokoto Glitch font.

This glitch font’s name is based on the Japanese word, “Makoto” which—please correct me—means “sincerity”. Just like how sincere we are while designing this layered font just for you!

Mokoto Glitch Font: Futuristic Multilayered Typefaces

Cover 6
Mokoto Glitch Typeface

Not only that it reminds me of how advanced technology is now and imagining the future, this display glitch font, personally to me, helps me re-connecting to my childhood dream to become an astronaut! Hell yeah, now I’m a Graphic Designer and a Crafter, still cool careers to have in this vast universe, right?

Mokoto Glitch Font is perfect for you who are embracing the future, the digital age, the newest technology, injected by inner playfulness we all have deep inside. The glitch font brings out the fun while still maintaining legibility of this decorative font.

This layered glitch font comes with 4 layers: Regular, Glitch Mark I, Glitch Mark II, and as a bonus, Glitch Outline. You can also use each layer solely and separately, making this Mokoto Glitch Font perfect for customization to any project that you have.

2 6
3 Style of Mokoto Glitch Typeface

So for those of you who already know, you can skip these 2 paragraphs below. What “multilayered typefaces” really mean? Also called multicolor fonts, 3D fonts, and layered typefaces. Ugh, okay, let’s face it, I will use the word “typefaces” and “fonts” interchangeably even though I know the differences. Just to make it easier to understand for beginners who mostly use the word “font” like this glitch font Mokoto I’m talking about here.

1 6
Mokoto Glitch Preview

It basically means as typefaces that come with variations of fonts that are used on top of another. Sounds cool! It is also great because here Mokoto Glitch Font is based on artsy glitch, error-like glitch technology that brings us the techno vibes. Of course it can mean something imperfect, but hold on, a lesson from Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy: there’s beauty in imperfection. 

But well, this Mokoto Glitch Font is made with perfection though. The best thing about this glitch typeface is that it gives you more room to customize the fonts. Let’s say you want to use different colors and opacity in each layer to suit your taste. Or you can even use only one layer, such as Mokoto Glitch Font regular due to its high legibility or combine only 2 layers.

Also if you are a crafter like me, then it’s time for a little dance because this glitch font also PUA Encoded, meaning it’s not only suitable and perfect for graphic design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer, but Mokoto Glitch Font is also perfect for craft softwares such as Cricut Design Space and also Silhouette Studio.

Then what kind of projects look awesome with this glitch font, you ask? Many things! Some of our happy consumers use this to help them build their DJ career, some use this to be applied to their futuristic apps and games, and some are using Mokoto Glitch Font for flyers or poster designs, inviting people to come to their dope electronic music events.

More possibilities you can do with this layered font for sure! So now, buckle up! It’s showtime! Here I want to show you some experiments just to show how this dope layered glitch font in action.

First, as futuristic branding elements. Let’s say you build a startup company in technology,  your company already showcases the best services and products on Metaverse, and yet its branding doesn’t match to what your company’s core message wants to convey. Then this glitch font is here to help you by giving your brand this futuristic, advanced and modern look. From your web design to your social media presence.

Poster Instagram Story Glitch Cyber Theme

Mokoto Glitch Font also looks good for you who are an aspiring Sci-Fi Screenwriter looking for great display typefaces for personal branding. Or you are someone who is embracing advanced technology whether a PC gamer or a scientist and want to show your passions to your audience!

This Glitch font will also look unapologetically awesome for electronic music flyers. If your futuristic nightclub wants to make an awesome event for people to come but you are not sure how to show how cool and modern your club is, then Mokoto Glitch font can solve this issue for you.

Poster Night Party Glitch Techno Music Theme

This glitch font is versatile so can work best on any genre of music from breakbeat, house, techno, and yes including lo-fi chill music! Use this glitch font, customize as you’d like then get prepared because your event will be a blast!

Another idea to use Mokoto Glitch Font is to help you craft state-of-the-art merchandises. Maybe you want to create cool t-shirt and sweatshirt designs for your customers who love astronaut and outer space-themed designs, then this glitch font is more than ready to fulfill their demands!

Hoodie and T Shirt Glitch Techno Music Cyberpunk Theme

Since it’s designed as a display typeface, Mokoto Glitch Font already looks cool without you having to add another image or drawing, just use this glitch font alone as quote typography and it’s already breathtaking designs!

5 4
Space Glitch Design
6 4
Preview on CD Album and Mug

Do you have any other ideas? Maybe like, outer space-themed halloween party? Alien NFT artworks? You can do anything with this glitch font and don’t worry, this refreshing-look font is available in various licenses so you can suit this glitch font to whatever you need, from personal projects, as your brand’s logo, app and game license and many more including as a worldwide corporate license.

Hope this article will spark you more experimental and futuristic ideas! Finally, it’s time for my rocket is ready to launch to the Moon and Mars. See you in another galaxy, or kindly check our more decorative fonts here.

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