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5+ Beautiful Beer Glass SVG Designs That Potential Buyers Love!

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Admit it, you’ve seen this beautiful beer glass svg everywhere. In Instagram posts, YouTube café vlog videos, and many other media. Beer can glasses are receiving more popularity over the years and many are starting to get their hands on them for personal use, because, why not?

These beer can glasses are designed to resemble beer can (or soda can, if you will) and they do look attractive and snap worthy. They are also very versatile. Not only beer, you can also serve coffee, tea, blended smoothies, milkshakes, and cocktails.

While it is quite aesthetic by itself, the sleek, straight-lined design makes a good surface to add custom designs on. There many choices on how to decorate beer can glasses, most popular ones are glass etching, waterslide decal, and using vinyl Cricut designs. 

On this occasion, let’s dive deeper into glass vinyl application. Here in Drizy Studio, we offer cut-friendly SVG designs for your beer can glasses. You can produce this on a Cricut machine, Silhouette machine, or other types of cutting printers.

We create designs for 16 oz and 20 oz beer can glasses. They are of the same circumference but different height. So, in practice, you can also apply our 16 oz designs on your 20 oz beer can glasses if you wish.

Take a look at some of our vinyl Cricut designs. We got you covered on annual celebrations and your interests.

1. SVG Halloween 20 oz Libbey Beer Glass – Adorable Little Spider

SVG Halloween 20 oz Libbey Beer Glass Adorable Little Spider

First off, Halloween season! Cute little spider hanging from a web with stars and all around spider web on the beer can glass. You can have fun and choose holographic vinyl for this beautiful beer glass svg.

2. Christmas Beer Glass Wrap 20 oz Size SVG Bundle

2 44 scaled
2 44 scaled

Make Christmas more festive with our free bundle of Christmas Cricut vinyl designs. You can add illustrations or photos in the center. This bundle is a great choice for a family set of beer can glass at home.

3. Cute Cats with Books, 16 oz Libbey Beer Glass Can SVG Wrap

Cat with Book scaled
Cat with Book scaled

Have a special someone who loves cats and books? This beer can glass design will fit perfectly as a gift. You can create this Cricut decal using rainbow vinyl or holographic vinyl to make this design stand out even more.

4. Witch’s Crystal, Potion, Skulls 20 oz Libbey Glass Can SVG

1 16 scaled
1 16 scaled

A little witchy, a little magical. This one is a glass vinyl design of crystal ball with gems, skulls, and potion bottles. Using color changing vinyl and holographic vinyl will set up a more magical effect on your glass.

5. Cute Camping Objects for 20 oz Size Beer Glass Wrap

1 3 scaled
1 3 scaled

Do you perhaps enjoy your weekends relaxing in nature? This Cricut decal is a series of camping elements such as camping tent, rolled mat, moon, tree, and street sign. You can print this in the color gradient we provided or you can cut directly on a rainbow vinyl of your choice.

6. Beautiful Row of Wildflower SVG 16oz Libbey Glass Can Wrap with Butterfly

free Beautiful Wildflower SVG for 16oz Libbey Glass Can Wrap

Don’t this Cricut decal design of beautiful wildflowers and butterflies remind you of summer? Serving cocktails, iced juice or fizzy drinks in these beer can glasses will surely liven up your home parties!

Not Just Ideas, Let’s Practice to Make Your Own Beer Glass at Home!!

Looks beautiful in mock-up previews, don’t they? Now let’s ready up our printer and cut some glass vinyl and apply the beautiful beer glass svg on our masterpiece.

There are two types of vinyl that work on a glass surface, adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV). However, adhesive vinyl is easier to use compared to HTV because it involves heat and if you’re not careful, you can break your glass.

We recommend using permanent vinyl for long-lasting use. You may want to check if your choice of vinyl is dishwasher safe. You can also have fun and pick up color changing vinyl, holographic vinyl, glossy vinyl, textured metallic vinyl, and a lot more range of options. 


You will need:

  1. Cutting machine. We’re using Silhouette Cameo, but you can use others like Cricut, ScanNCut, and others.
  2. Cutting mat and adhesive paste
  3. Vinyl sheets. Many brands offer quality vinyl, you can get them from Cricut, Teckware, Oracal, and many more.
  4. Transfer paper 
  5. Weeding tools
  6. Scraper or Squeegee
  7. Beer can glass. You can pick them up from any manufacturer such as Libbey, Teckware, Crate&Barrel, and more.

For our project today we’ve chosen the wildflower with butterfly design from our list above. You can get it free here and another variation here. Now let’s get to work, shall we? 

1. Cutting

Place your vinyl sheet sticky side down on the cutting mat. Load the file and scale it to the size you want. Hit the start button and let the cutting machine do the work.

Cut the design deer glass

As you may see from the picture above, because this is quite an intricate design, some of the smaller pieces have been lifted up by the cutting process. Make sure you look for these bits when you’re cleaning your machine.

2. Weeding

Using your tweezer/weeding tool carefully lift the cut vinyl.

weeding the design svg

We like to keep a phone/monitor standby to show the image of the file. It’s very useful to separate which to lift and which to leave behind. We don’t want our hard work to go to waste because of a misstep, don’t we?

weeding process with manual step

3. Lifting with transfer sheet

Cut up a piece of transfer paper accordingly. Place it on top of our design, tightly press down using a scraper/squeegee, and lift.

Lifting with transfer sheet

4. Clean the glass

The most common mistake in making glass vinyl is not cleaning the surface. Our hands left behind oils that cause vinyl not to stick properly and fall off after some time. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your glass.

5. Application

Remove about an inch of the backing paper on one end and place the vinyl on your beer can glass. You want to make sure it sticks on as straight as possible; the backing paper helps to see if it’s in the correct alignment.

When you’re ready, you can start sticking the vinyl. To minimize mistakes, you can do it a little at a time by removing the backing paper and pressing the vinyl. When all of the vinyl is applied, press down with a scraper.

Result deer glass
deer svg result 2
img 63563ad10189e

These are our finished beer can glasses. We had a refreshing soda drink at the end of this crafting project. You can also take a look at the whole process in the video version on our Instagram page here.

Looking for SVG files and fonts with commercial licensing for your business? Grab our time-limited bundles and save up to 99% off of your purchase!

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, the bundle links above are affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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