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16 Best Cricut Color Palette Ideas for DIYs

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Even in the realm of Cricut crafting, color-picking is one of the key steps to achieving beautiful craft. This is especially true for layered designs, be it paper cutting or vinyl cutting. 

As designers, having robust color palettes can help in the overall progress of designing a craft. Integrating color palettes can cut working time, set a theme, and is a quick check of coherence and harmony of each element.

Applying Procreate Palettes to Cricut Crafting

Even if limitations of materials can make the end-product not become as similar as what designers had in mind, color palette is still an important guide for crafters to execute the designs.

You can read the basics of creating Proceate palettes here on their official website.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the color palettes used in our crafts. Numerous designs we make on DrizyStudio.com will be included as examples to help with the imagery.

I’ll be including the HEX codes of each color so you can input the hexadecimal value when making a Procreate palette.

Ocean / Underwater Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 03
Midnight #021B39Dark Midnight Blue #00386BCerulean Blue #3F3CBDBlue Koi #5AA6D8Fringy Flower #B1E0CEBleach White #FFF2D5

Taken from our design Underwater Life Layered Paper Cut, this craft is built of different shades of blue accompanied with a brighter, outermost frame. This color palette shows the depths of the ocean, highlighting the details and intricacy of each underwater element.

This underwater palette also fits for other nautical crafts.

Sunset Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 01
Dark Purple #370947Rich Purple #6B0C60Berry #99194ABrick Red #CC3650Carmine Pink #EF5344Faded Orange #F9904CSunglow #FEC648Sand #F4BE78Buff #FFF792

Among many of our sunset designs, Sunset on The Sea Layered Paper Cut takes the prize of having the most complex layers of color palette.

Closely resembling a landscape painting, a total of 9 different colors are incorporated in this color palette. Despite zero color blending involved, you can see how each color integrates into sunset scenery.

You can create your own art project by using this color palette, either adding or taking away some of the colors to match what you need.

Thanksgiving Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 05
Thatch Green #3C3C1DChestnut Red #CD4D28Brownish Red #9B2D20Ruddy Brown #C65C2CFire Bush #F39130Macaroni and Cheese #F7B231Jasmine #F6E07AMilk Punch #FDF7D5

Our template of Thanksgiving Pie 3D Shadow Box is heavy on fall / autumn colors. Incorporating shades of warm, earthy colors with a touch of green.

Even artists from centuries before have tried to capture the warmth and richness of the golden colors to reds and oranges. Imagine a picturesque city road littered with fallen leaves. This color palette should be workable into making those autumnal designs.

Christmas Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 06
Deep Sea #0B805BMedium Sea Green #36B77ADeep Carmine Pink #EF3644Lightning Yellow #F7BD37Buttermilk #FDF6B2
Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 04
Cab Sav #4C1220Surfie Green #1A7669Pale Red #DF4948Tulip Tree #EAB447Oasis #FFF1CEAntique White #F5EEDC

For a season of gift-giving and family gathering, familiar colors of green and red are prominent. Shades of yellow added to complete the medley.

These two templates take on a different paths. Christmas Wreath Paper Cut is the classic Christmas color palette, meanwhile Winter Village with Snowman Shadow Box is warmer and non-conventional. 

Spring Floral Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 07
Carmine Pink #F04A4AFlamingo Pink #F6A1B4Light Mustard #FED267Topaz #24B9A5Pale Blue Lily #D1ECF3
Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 08
Light Eggplant #813C97Flamingo Pink #F167A5Topaz #25BBB0Jordy Blue #88B7E3Light Mustard #FED267

Packed with vibrant colors, there is no single right answer to represent spring season for nature too was set in motion to bloom in this period.

Going bold with colors that contrast each other on the color wheel. In Spring Floral Layered Paper Cut we see orange coupled with green. Whereas in Floral Wreath Layered Paper Cut it’s obvious that purple is coupled with yellow. Both are supported with additional colors that complement them.

Natural Landscape Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 09
Gable Green #113A32Dark Grey Blue #274662Northern Lights Blue #75C3D7Sienna #A15D2CTexas Rose #F6B652Grandis #FCD497
Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 10
Cloud Burst #20264AMilk Chocolate #81491DGinger Brown #C2BC68Parsley #1E5128Fountain Blue #5EAFC2Link Water #CDE7F4

Remaking natural beauty through digital art in River Scenery and Mountain Landscape. Taking colors from our sky, our soil, the foliage, and the river. These Procreate palettes can take on the role of adoration of the Earth.

Perfect for nature lovers and environmentalists, these palettes are waiting to be recreated through more digital—and perhaps eventually—physical art.

Children Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 02
Black #000000Dusk #4B4C78Flame #DE4929Faded Orange #EF9A5AAntique White #FCE9DAVery Light Pink #FFF4EE
Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 11
Chathams Blue #1F5665Grapefruit #D53D26Peach #F7B878Tacao #F5B077Northern Lights Blue #76C7DCPattens Blue #DEF1F8

Associated with creativity and excitement, orange is lending its power of increasing energy. Being inviting and friendly, it can be smoothly included in children-oriented arts.

As shown in these Castle Multilayer Fantasy Shadow Box. There’s no denying that it’s the “main attraction” even though it’s placed in the background. Pick up other strong colors that compliment its energy for there is no subduing the orange!

Valentine’s Day Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 12
Light Orange #F4AA49Falu Red #7F1819Persian Red #CF362ELight Coral #F08176Cosmos #FCD8D8

Known as the holiday full of love and affection, reddish hues are always associated with Valentine’s Day. Simple adjustments to darker or lighter colors can make a design void of cloying pink and look elegant. And our Envelope with Roses Layered Paper Cut did exactly that.

Halloween Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 13
Black #000000Mulled Wine #52416EHalloween Orange #DB7028

First entry of layered vinyl in this post. Halloween Spooky Characters are intended to be a decal or HTV, this design accomplishes its goal by using as few as 3 colors and the absence of color. This palette should suffice for beginner SVG designers.

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 14
Red Brown #A92226Flame #E64D27Naples Yellow #FCD651Haiti #1F1230Honey Flower #4D2B75Vicious Violet #9A529EPink Flare #E8B9D3Alabaster #F9F9FB

Another take for Halloween craft is Haunted House in Pumpkin Shadow Box. Fitting the spooky theme, colors of purple and orange are mixed with each other with addition of supporting colors like yellow and white.

Colorful Dream Catcher Cricut Crafts

Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 16
Persian Plum #72162BPastel Red #DE5C5EShocking #D783B7Moonstone Blue #65A9AAFrog Green #94C983Saffron Mango #F9C869Forget Me Not #FFF2E9
Cricut Procreate Palette colorpallete 15
Dusky Blue #435DAASilver Tree #5AC1A3Brink Pink #F36C7BSalmon #F47967Thatch #F58CB1Light Mustard #FFD06CBleach White #FEF2DA

Traditionally used as talismans to protect sleepers, especially children, from nightmares and evil spirits, in today’s arts and crafts dream catchers are especially loved as DIY projects.

Interpreted through digital art, dream catchers can be created through the open choice of color combinations and extra adornment. Just like our Dreamcatcher Multilayer 3D Shadow Box. Save these to your Procreate palette for future use.

Create Your Own Now!

This is the end of 16 Best Cricut Color Palette Ideas for DIYs. I hope this compilation gives you some insight on color-picking for SVG crafting.

You can study more of our colorful SVG designs Crafters page. Need help with making the physical products? Join our crafting community where 8,000+ members are sharing new ideas every single day. Drop by and ask away, we’re all happy to guide you!

Catch you on my next post! As always, happy crafting!✂️🎨

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