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Differences Between Premium SVG vs Free PNG SVG on The Internet

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The internet is definitely one of the most important inventions of mankind in today’s society. With the internet, life is just so much easier. Even as a crafter, you can get so many easy free designs on the internet.

However, it must be noticed that of course, the free SVGs that you get through the internet will have quite a few differences from the exclusive and premium SVGs. After all, nothing comes completely free! 

So, what are the differences? Read on to find out!

Premium vs Free SVG: What You Need To Know Before You Choose!

1. Converting from JPG

If you have tried finding free SVG files on the internet, you probably have noticed that most (if not all) free SVG providers don’t actually give out SVG. Instead, they give out JPG or JPEG images that you yourself will need to convert to SVG. 

Usually, the main reason for this is because SVG formats are not used as commonly as raster images such as JPG, JPEG, or PNG. SVG sharing features are also not supported in many social media platforms or older versions of internet browsers.

This is one of the differences between premium SVG and free SVG. With premium SVG, usually, you will get them through websites and they will already have the SVG format ready for you to use.

Of course it’s always an option to choose free SVGs from providers or companies that give out SVGs as files or through links, such as Drizy Studio.

This—comparably—makes it easier for the user as you will no longer need to convert it by yourself or use a JPG converter on the internet. We all know those converters are filled with pop-up ads and how annoying they can be!

2. Safety issues and threats

Speaking of pop-up ads, they exist not only on the JPG-to-SVG converter websites but sometimes also on the websites that provide free SVG itself. 

You must be aware that these annoying pop-ups can also be dangerous. There have been many occurrences where pop-up ads result in malware, viruses, and even data and identity theft!

Some of these pop-ups offer gifts (usually expensive gadgets or even money) in exchange for you clicking it. Some others take the form of “quizzes” that require you to fill out your personal data including (but not limited to) full name, address, postal codes, and even credit card number. 

This usually happens when you open websites that do not have a clear and certified operator or are open to public’s submission. These websites usually have low security levels and are easy to hack. So if the websites you encounter show signs of the mentioned categories, you need to be extra careful.

Or even better, only visit websites that are run by certified companies. And here’s a hack! You can find out whether they’re safe or not by checking the online presence of said companies through social media or their other websites. If they have clear presence and followers, then they are probably your safest bet.

3. Difference in quality

It goes without saying that within the premium vs free SVG battle, premium SVG wins. You can’t expect the same, high-quality design from free SVG that you get with premium SVG. Especially like I mentioned above, most free SVGs take the form of raster images such as JPG or JPEG. 

When raster images are shared too many times through different platforms, it can reduce the quality of the image itself.

Other than that, the origins of free SVGs are often unclear. So it is not known who made them and who distributed the designs. And when low-quality designs are put out freely with no patent distributor, then there is no one who is responsible for users’ critiques.

4. Licensing

As you might already know, creative designs are counted as intellectual property. Therefore, it is protected by law in many countries including the United States. 

Intentional or not, if you use designs that are registered as intellectual property without proper licenses, you might encounter many problems regarding the law and authorities in the future.

Premium SVG License

This is a problem because most free SVGs are distributed with no clear permits and license. As a beginner crafter who is new to the crafting world, this can be tricky, so please pay attention to this!

On the other hand, premium SVG such as those provided on Drizy Studio, are equipped with multiple license choices to suit your needs. Even the free ones (which are a lot, by the way) also have licenses with clear user guides.

So if you want to avoid having to deal with the complicated legalities in the future, your best choice will be SVG providers that also provide a variety of licenses that are easy to understand and easy to get.

5. Availability for commercial use

Still in the topic of licenses, there’s another significant difference between premium vs free SVG. Free SVGs you find from the internet are not available to use commercially. 

With premium SVG the legitimate license is provided and you are open to use the designs for commercial use.

So if you’re still using free designs, then you are unable to use them for your business. This includes your products, social media posts, profile picture, and logos that you use on social media or other marketing platforms. 

Even when you use premium SVG, paying close attention to the licenses you use is always an important thing to do. Because of course, the designs that are made for personal use and for commercial use will have different prices.

Of course Drizy Studio always has low-cost premium SVG as well as safe free SVG available for you at any time! With this information, I hope you can choose where you get your SVGs more confidently!

Premium SVG and Free SVG

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