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5 Best Vintage Fonts That Make Designs Look Retro and Memorable

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Even though we live in the digital age, there’s something charming about vintage and retro looks. They give us a sense of familiarity, even though we weren’t born in that age—let’s say Art Deco—when they first appeared. One of the easiest ways is by using retro fonts and vintage fonts to bring this nostalgic sense.

Here we curated our 5 Best Vintage and Retro Fonts That Make Designs Look Stunning and Memorable. These vintage fonts and retro fonts will help your project nourish, experiencing time travel, back to the past with our future technology, and help your project become a superstar!

5 Best Vintage and Retro Fonts That Make Designs Look Stunning and Memorable


Beatrixe Font

First, let’s time travel to the early 20th Century! Introducing you, Beatrix! With its strong visual aesthetic, this vintage font promises us a distinct style to our design or any projects we’re working on now.

Beatrix comes with a minimalist geometric form, standing tall both for the uppercase and the lowercase. This sleek vintage font comes up as slim but also sturdy, so our projects will talk for themselves!

Thanks to its minimalist and simple look, this vintage font is adaptable and easy to add on our projects.  From creating wall arts of motivational quotes, headlines for our websites, for our brand’s logo, one of our branding elements, to our social media post aesthetic.

In each purchase we’ll get a graphic pack / style, design elements as bonuses: art deco badges and art deco frames we can use to spark our creativity both as vector and PNG files. Don’t worry, even with its expensive looks, this affordable vintage font is available with various licenses to suit whatever we need.

Beatrix brings back 1920s vibes to the 21st century. Need more lavish vintage or retro fonts? We got you!


1 Lastone psychedelic font

Let’s move from the minimalist look to the age with another timeless design and trend! Ready? Let’s time travel to the 60s or 70s, with this trippy retro typeface, Lastone.

Inspired by the joyous culture of psychedelia, this set of retro fonts will also be a consciousness-altered design, in other words, help to animate your project!

Don’t worry, this font is also designed to be legible, ahem, readable, ahem!, not confusing to read. Our designer designed this with end-users in mind, making them look psychedelic enough but keep up with modern’ cleanliness aesthetic.

These retro typefaces will be perfect as headlines, our logotype, as lettering quotes in our t-shirt designs, for our Print on Demand stores, or to insert this retro font in whatever trippy projects we are working on right now.

This display sans-serif typeface is an all-in-one set of retro fonts. It comes with both Uppercase and Lowercase font, so we can use the same font for headlines and body text, still maintaining its legibility.

This retro typeface also comes with trippy-but-accurate numerals, psychedelic ligatures and serotonergic punctuations. Vous parlez français and other languages? Chill, these retro fonts also come with another twist: they are multilingual!

3. Hamburg

hamburg font

What’s more vintage than beautiful handwriting? With the rise of technology, we moved from this lettering art to typewriter, then to computer and now with virtual keyboard on our smartphones.

Don’t we want to add more personality to our brand message, one of which, by using this vintage font, Hamburg. It also looks classic, signature-like and elegant, perfect as a lone or solely font but also perfect match for many fonts we have, from another vintage typeface to a more modern typeface.

Named after meaty and tasty hamburgers. Just kidding!  This vintage font is named after a beautiful city located in northern Germany, also known as Gateway to the World. This classic script font instead, is a gateway to our brands’ or projects’ soul!

This beautifully made vintage typeface comes with elegant ligatures, classic numeral and stylistic uppercase and lowercase letters. What a perfect set of classic vintage fonts!

Using this vintage typeface will help our messages be more powerful. Make things more personal, and just like handwriting, it helps to connect to our audiences on a deeper level! Deep!

And yes, abwarten und tee trinken! We  also schreiben in German or many languages because this set of vintage fonts is multilingual. 


nemphis font

And now, give the stage to the DJ and let’s dance! Ah, what a decade 80s is, oops, I meant “was”. There’s something magical about the 80s, the era of pop culture, technology vibrantly born. Not to mention how candy color in the Graphic Design Trend 2022!

With the spirit of the 80s, here Drizy Studio proudly presents, a retro font called, “Nemphis”. This unique and expressive retro font is—you can guess—inspired by memphis design.

Just like Memphis this retro font is also a statement of challenging the status quo. Who defines beauty anyway? Nemphis comes unapologetically with its striking and expressive style, perfect match to our projects.

Creativity-inviting font we nicknamed it. It’s also still versatile so don’t be afraid to use it to any daring ideas such as 80s Wedding Invitation, 80s Music Events a.k.a Endless Nights Party!, your personal, branding element, or retro fonts for your social media posts.

This retro typeface comes as a package, with all caps letters both as uppercase and lowercase, numeric symbols (numerals), punctuations, and…wait for it…this set of retro fonts also comes with multilingual supports! Because come on, weren’t 80s not only happening in English-speaking countries but all around the globe?

Added bonus: this cool retro font also comes with vector packs; graphic elements we can add to our vibrant projects, and match them with bonus Memphis Seamless Patterns you’ll get for no extra charge!


endlants font

Last but not least, Endlants is another vintage typeface that made it onto the list.

This vintage font family is for our much formal project but also versatile and looks dope in a more casual looking or in fun looking projects, with its serif letter shapes look classy and elegant!

Yes, it’s a family! So this vintage typeface comes with 6 weights of vintage fonts:  bold font, semi-bold font, medium font, regular font, light font, and extra-light font.

Each is also included as uppercase and lowercase letters; with standard ligatures and discretionary ligatures; numeral and punctuations; again and again, multilingual supports.

With these, we can use this cheap but high-quality vintage font family as anything, from headlines or a poster, our brand logotype, title on vintage book cover, to a footnote of an online article. From the adrenaline-inducing fonts for a motorbike rides community, a leathery-jacket-looking cafe, to a calm-in-face-of-great-waves fishing club.


So that’s all! We hope this curated 5 Best Vintage and Retro Fonts That Make Designs Look Stunning and Memorable will greatly help in whatever projects we’re all having now, whether personal projects and commercial ones.

And no need to worry because all of these 5 vintage fonts and retro fonts are available in various licenses to suit whatever we need. Pay securely with Paypal is also available! Check them for yourself to see how stunning they are!

Also sip your coffee (or tea) and take a look also at our collection of high-quality but slow-price fonts, from serif to script and decorative fonts here. 

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