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Halloween SVG Bundle: Make a Memorable Halloween Celebration!

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We all know that Halloween is just around the corner. So as a crafter, you might need Halloween SVG bundle to make this event even more interesting.

For this reason, here, the Drizy Studio team has prepared a Halloween SVG Bundle for crafters who want to make their Halloween celebration even more memorable!

You can get these Halloween SVG files for Cricut in one big bundle containing a variety of Halloween themed crafting files. With this bundle, I’m sure you can create various interesting projects with your favorite cutting printer. 

Take a Look at Our Halloween SVG Bundle

To answer your curiosity, I will give you a little peek at cool projects from the Halloween SVG bundle that might be a source of ideas or inspiration for you to create interesting and unforgettable Halloween crafting projects for this spooky season.

Indoor Decorations

The following crafting ideas are Halloween-themed decorations that are commonly used as indoor decorations and you can make your own. Since the projects I’ve listed are Halloween SVG files for Cricut, prepare your Cricut machine and other crafting tools to get started.

3D Halloween Themed Layered Papercut

Halloween SVG Bundle 1
Halloween Wreath Layered Papercut Set
Halloween SVG Bundle 2 1
Halloween Shadow Box Layered Papercut
Halloween SVG Bundle 3 1
Halloween Shadow Box Layered Papercut – 8 Layers

Layered Papercut is an interesting type of crafting project and can be a versatile Halloween decoration. You can make it a display by sticking it on the wall, and for a shadow box layered papercut project, you can also make it as a table display and add the LED lamp to make it look attractive.

Creepy Halloween Folding Papercut

Halloween SVG Bundle 4
Halloween Zombie’s Grave Folding Papercut

The next Halloween decoration is this spooky Halloween folding paper cut. Although it looks simple and easy to make, it can be the perfect decoration to make your Halloween celebration even more memorable. You can put it for decoration in your child’s bedroom, family room, or even dining room. Your choice!

Adorable Halloween Framed Art

Halloween SVG Bundle 5
Halloween Witch Cat Framed Art

Who says Halloween has to be spooky and all about scary monsters? The answer is no one said so! Because in fact, this cute witch cat frame art from our Halloween SVG Bundle can keep the Halloween spirit alive in your home (and it’s perfect for cat lovers like me!).

Captivating Halloween Wall Decal

Halloween SVG Bundle 6
Halloween Gnome Wall Decal

Good news for gnome lovers! This Halloween SVG bundle has tons of Halloween crafting products with a gnome theme, including this cool wall decal. With the help of a cutting printer and good adhesive vinyl, you can show your enthusiasm for Halloween with the picture of your favorite mythical creature on the wall.

Halloween Trim Corner

Halloween SVG Bundle 7
Dead Halloween Tree Trim Corner

Do you want to decorate your home with aesthetic Halloween decorations? If so, then this trim corner in the form of a dead tree adorned with Halloween elements is perfect for you. You can install it on the top corner of the door or window. Simple, yet iconic.

Spooky Halloween Laser Cutting Lamp

Halloween SVG Bundle 8
Spooky Halloween Laser Cutting Lamp

Light up your Halloween mood with a rectangular laser cutting lamp decorated with evil Halloween pumpkins, bats, and crescent moon  on each corner. This item is perfect as a decoration for the table as well as a light for your Halloween night.

Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor decorations are usually displayed at the main entrance or on the terrace of the house. In this section, I choose suitable and eye-catching decoration ideas for you to use to welcome the spooky season.

Appealing Halloween Signs

Halloween SVG Bundle 9
Halloween Split Monogram Round Sign
Halloween SVG Bundle 10
Halloween Porch Signs

Welcome your guests on Halloween with these dazzling Halloween signs! For special Halloween outdoor decorations, our featured crafting projects are split monogram door signs and porch signs.

For a split monogram door sign, I highly recommend if you make it with a round sign board, you can even write anything custom on the available blank space. As for the porch sign, you need a vertical board.

If you want to know how to make a Halloween porch sign step by step, you can check out my previous post about making your own Halloween porch sign, you can read it here.


Here are some additional crafting projects that can make your Halloween celebration more festive and unforgettable, even for Halloween celebrations years later.

Eerie A5 Halloween Card Cover

Halloween SVG Bundle 11
Eerie A5 Halloween Card Cover

Do you want to give Halloween greetings to your loved ones? Or do you want to invite your friends to celebrate a Halloween party in a conventional way? Luckily, in this Halloween SVG Bundle there is an A5 card cover with a Halloween theme in several different looks. You can use them at this moment.

Halloween Elements Keychain Set

Halloween SVG Bundle 12
Halloween Elements Keychain Set

Halloween events will be even more memorable if we can share a small gift to every child who shouts “Trick or Treat” in front of our house. But because times have changed, we don’t just have to give candy, but we can also give this simple and cute keychain as a “treat” that accompanied by candy. Sure kids will love it!

Cool Halloween Shirt

Halloween SVG Bundle 13
Cool Halloween T-Rex SVG Set

Halloween has always been associated with costume parties, but if you’re not the kind of person who likes costumes, that’s fine. You can also celebrate Halloween with the T-shirt design ideas that we provide in the Halloween SVG bundle. No costumes doesn’t mean you don’t have the Halloween spirit!

Adorable Halloween Photo Booth Frame

Halloween SVG Bundle 14
Adorable Halloween Photo Booth Frame

Taking pictures is the most important way to capture fun moments with those closest to you on Halloween Day. To make it even more memorable, you can print it out and put it in a Halloween themed photo frame. We provide these frames in several different styles, make sure you don’t miss any of them!

Funny Halloween Mask

Halloween SVG Bundle 15
Funny Halloween Mask

Did you know that Halloween can be celebrated with a masquerade party? Yep, that’s why we included funny Halloween masks in our Halloween SVG bundle which you can easily print and use when attending (or even hosting) a masquerade party on Halloween Day.  Whoever you are, young or old, you have the right to wear this funny mask!

More Ideas

Not only Halloween SVG files for Cricut are included in the Halloween big bundle, but also craft projects that don’t have SVG files. Don’t worry, they are still Cricut friendly!. Now, I’ll show you another design along with an example project that might inspire you to make other creative projects.


Halloween SVG Bundle 16
Halloween SVG Bundle 17
Halloween SVG Bundle 18
Halloween SVG Bundle 19

We can find these cute and small things everywhere, including on Halloween day. Besides being fun for the kids, stickers can also be an interesting decoration for your personal items, and can even remind you of Halloween.

If you’re curious about the process for making these adorable Halloween stickers, you can check them out on our Instagram Reels here.

Square Pillow

Halloween SVG Bundle 20
Halloween Square Pillow Sublimation Set

Square pillow is the right choice in giving a Halloween touch to your home. With 6 unique design options, the square pillow can decorate your sofa with more stunning Halloween vibes. If you want to make it, make sure you have prepared the right sublimation machine according to your needs.


Halloween SVG Bundle 21
Spooky Halloween Animal Watercolor Set

This crafting project isn’t very common for Halloween celebrations, but I’m sure a mug is a great crafting idea because it will last a long time so it might be a memorable item to serve as a Halloween gift.

To make a sublimation mug, you can use this watercolor digital painting set as the main design. Apart from mugs, you can also use this beautiful sublimation design for other crafting projects.

That’s all I can say about the memorable Halloween celebration with the Halloween SVG Bundle. I hope that the crafting project ideas above can be your inspiration to create memorable Halloween crafts. You can immediately get the Halloween SVG Bundle that we have provided at a very affordable price below.

If you have any other idea to make your Halloweeen celebration memorable, don’t hesitate to share it on Drizy Studio’s Facebook Group and follow us on Drizy Studio’s Instagram if you want to know about our latest crafting projects.

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