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How to Upload and Cut SVG in Design Space

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Undoubtedly, Cricut is one of the top cutting-machine brands, and has become a true friend to me as a crafter. The first time I tried this cutting machine, though, I experienced the same problems as you have when trying to upload SVG file and Cut SVG in Design Space.

Did you know? Learning how to upload SVG file and Cut SVG in Design Space will give you the convenience of exploring creative possibilities of crafting on your Cricut machine.

Also, you can truly advance your Cricut craft by adding SVG cut files that you buy online or download for free. Don’t know where to get high quality SVG? See my 7 Best Sites That Provide SVG Files for Cricut.

I’m going to show you how simple it is to upload SVG file and Cut SVG in Design Space. You may become just as skilled at crafting as I currently am. So grab a pen and a sticky note, settle in, and carefully follow the tutorial that follows!

Let’s Upload SVG File and Cut SVG in Design Space

There are two different ways that you can upload a file to the Cricut Design Space, namely via desktop software or mobile app. The screens vary between the desktop and mobile app version of the software. 

Since many of you prefer to use a smartphone instead of a personal computer as your primary device, I’m going to show you screenshots from the mobile app version. I’ll keep this tutorial as easy as I can so that you can follow the steps with ease.

Prepare The File

First of all, before you start to upload SVG files to Design Space you need to prepare the SVG files first. Look no further, though. You can find what you need in our Crafters page. You can try some of our free SVG or purchase premium SVG inexpensively.

Web Browsing for SVG to craft on Cricut

Okay, now that you have successfully downloaded the SVG files from a trusted website, it is time to unzip the file. When you unzip your ZIP file, a new folder will be immediately added to your directory.

You will find a variety of file formats in that folder, but for now, focus your attention only on the SVG file format.

Download and Install the Cricut Design Space App

You can download Cricut Design Space from the link I provided below if you don’t already have it.

Use iOS 11 or later or Android 9.0 or higher whenever feasible to ensure that the application runs smoothly and without any interruptions or issues. Click here for any further details on the requirements for using the Cricut Design Space.

Open The Cricut Design Space

After you downloaded and installed the application on your smartphone, you’ll need an account to be able to upload SVG file and cut SVG in Design Space. 

If you are using the Cricut Design Space app for the very first time you need to Register an Account after downloading it on your smartphone.

If you already have a Cricut Design Space app account this is what the home screen looks like. To get started, you need to tap on the New Project or the + button.

New Project button to Upload SVG File in Cricut Design Space

Start The Upload Process

The app will load into a blank canvas. All you have to do is to tap on the Upload button at the bottom of the screen to find and upload your SVG file.

Button to Upload SVG File in Cricut Design Space

Find Your SVG File Directory

Your phone will ask you to indicate the file location that you wish to upload. Just tap on Browse Files.

Browse Files to Upload and Cut SVG in Design Space

Open The SVG File

This is where you will be a little confused if the .svg file extension type does not appear on the screen. Make sure to enable the “Show all extensions” setting to be able to find files in .svg format. 

After that you can select the SVG that you need.

Locate file to Cut SVG in Design Space

Upload The SVG File

The next screen appears after you have chosen the file. Before moving onto the next step, it will ask you to give your file a name. Select Save in the top right corner after naming it.

Then, it will show up like this on your screen! You can now modify the design whatever you like before continuing to cut your project.

Workspace Canvas with file to Cut SVG in Design Space

Cut The File

When you’re done making changes to an existing design, tap on the “Make It” button in the top right corner to move on to the machine cutting process.

Select Make It to Cut SVG in Design Space

After that, you can choose to change the cutting mat size by tapping on the Confirm button.

Choose your cutting mat size

You can reorder the images by tapping on an image on the mat and moving it. Selecting the circle arrow in the top right corner will rotate the image. Selecting the three dots in the top left corner will move the image to another mat or hide it.

When you are ready to cut, tap on the Next button to connect your smartphone to the Cricut machine

Adjust SVG on the cutting mat through Design Space

Using the machine’s dial or the drop-down menu, choose the proper Material Setting (Cricut Maker only). I recommend setting it one level higher than the material being used.

When loading and cutting on your mats, ensure that the cutting process goes well, remember to place the mat on the machine properly. The cutting process will begin right away. Keep an eye on the app to follow the on-screen instructions until the cutting process is completely done.

Warm Winter Wishes Christmas Card SVG in red cardstock
Warm Winter Wishes Christmas Card SVG in red cardstock

Congratulations! You have learned How to upload SVG file and cut SVG in Design Space through your smartphone! Now, you’re an expert on uploading and cutting SVG in Design Space!

Using the Cricut machine to create something will be so addictive once you get the hang of it. You’ll surely crave more! As people say, “practice makes perfect,” so take advantage of this chance to learn more about the Cricut machines to become a Cricut expert.

If you are interested in reading other articles, you can visit our Blog page. We have published inspirations for Crafts and Fonts, design for seasonal holidays, and more How-To’s.

You can also join our community for crafting ideas on Drizy Studio Facebook Group. We share free SVG there. You can also ask other home crafters for tips!

For the most recent updates from Drizy Studio, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Tiktok. Have a Crafty Day!

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