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30+ Cricut Explore Air 2 Project Ideas to Make Money

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In a former post I covered some comparisons of Cricut Explore Air 2 with Silhouette Cameo. This time I want to dive deeper into crafts that can be produced through Cricut Explore Air 2 projects.

There are more than 30 ideas here where I’ll include either photographs, product mockups, or short videos. If you’re a beginner Cricut crafter who wishes to establish a craft shop, perhaps this list could be an inspiration to you.

If you want to ask for tips and advice in crafting, you can join our Craft Community on Facebook where thousands of friendly-crafters are eager to share some guidance with you.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Projects for Your Shop

1. Dog Paw Acrylic Keychains

Specially made for animal lovers. Create a dual colored keychain using vinyl. Use green and red for Christmas or any other color combination for other occasions.

Christmas Dog Paw SVG Keychain on acrylic keychain

2. Cat Lady Beer Glass

Perfect way to establish the “Crazy Cat Lady” title. This cute design comes in three options and an unlimited way to show it off. Grab a fresh gulp of water with the glass or shop with a personalized grocery bag. It’s social-media worthy!

Crazy Cat Lady SVG
Crazy Cat Lady SVG 1

Download Crazy Cat Lady SVG here:

3. Water Tracker Tumblers

Some people do have a hard time fulfilling their daily water intake. These water bottles with water level strips and hour indicators can be useful to them. Grab transparent bottles or slightly opaque ones.

Water Tracker Bottle 1
Water Tracker Bottle 3

Download Water Tracker SVG here:

4. Bookmarks with Book Lover Quotes

Paper based bookmark with quotes in cute letterings, such as: “Reading is my therapy”, “Just one more chapter”, or the funny “Leave me alone, I’m reading”. Avid readers will love the set! Play around with the color combinations and add tassels to make them more lovely!

Real Cut Product Book Quotes Bookmark SVG Lovely Bookmark SVG

5. Flower Pot with Decals or Painted Quote

Cut up a floral design or gardening quotes as decals or as stencils using Cricut. Apply on flower pots, vases, or clay planters. There’s always a space for new potted plants for home gardening lovers! I wrote a blog post about flower pots that you can visit by clicking this link.

Sunflower with motivational quotes to make shirt or cute flower pots
Cute flower pots as Cricut Explore Air 2 Project

Download Sunflower Quote & Floral Heart SVG here:

6. Crafting Sign Board

Spruce up a wooden sign board with crafting simple. It’s the simplest craft it could be, just cut up vinyl in a larger size then use a transfer tape. Perfect to decorate crafting space at home or in the office.

Cute Crafting Quotes SVG - Funny Crafting Quotes SVG

7. Super Mom Apron

Time to make use of your heat press or Cricut EasyPress. Just prepare a couple of colored HTV and apply it nicely on the apron. It can be a token of gratitude for Mother’s Day or mom’s birthday. Read the full Step-by-Step guide here.

cooking woman wearing Super Mom apron

Download Super Mom SVG here:

8. Paper Lollipop Holder

This is kids’ favorite! Cute animal paper cut to encase sweet lollipops. Share the sweetness on birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, or any other special days. Designs for Halloween and Christmas are also available on our website.

Animal Lollipop Holder Animal SVG Paper Cut
Halloween Lollipop Holder SVG 1
Christmas Lollipop Holder

Download Lollipop Holder SVG here:

9. Chocolate Egg Holder

Some of these chocolatey snacks come with a “surprise” in them. And what could be better than encasing the special treat with an adorable paper cut?

Egg Holder

10. Birthday Cake Topper

No birthday cake is complete without “Happy Birthday” icing or cake topper. These adorable ones are intended for kids ages 1 to 6, but you can also use other designs without numbers in it.

If you have laser cut machine, you can cut these on harder materials. With Cricut you can use 2 layers of cardstocks glued together to make it sturdier.

Cute Character Happy Birthday Cake Topper for Age 1 to 6

Download Happy Birthday Cake Topper SVG here:

11. Car Gas Tank Decal

A very simple way to adorn a plain tank door. In these designs the dinosaurs and witch and trying hard to pull up the indicator from being empty!

mobile friendly Gas Tank Decal SVG Roaring T Rex Dinosaur Gas Gauge SVG
Gas Tank Decal SVG Halloween Flying Witch Pulls Gauge SVG

Download Gas Tank SVG here:

12. Mouse House Wall Baseboard Decal

Give the impression of an imaginary world within the walls! These little mouse house decals will fit right in a nursery room or children’s bedroom. Designs in different themes such as Fall, Halloween, and Christmas are available.

CHRISTMAS SVG BUNDLE mouse hole baseboard
Halloween Mouse Hole SVG - Mouse Runs from Ghost
Autumn Mouse Hole SVG Falling Leaves

13. Special Christmas Gift Tag

A little crafty touch to accompany Christmas gifts. Tie them together with a string or ribbon. The back of the paper can also be used to write receiver/giver names or short messages.

8 Christmas Gift Tag SVG Set with Ribbon Shape finished products

Download Christmas Tag SVG here:

14. Folding Paper Cut for Decoration

You can sell sheets of cardstock that you have cut through Cricut Explore Air 2 project. This craft should be the simplest one in this list. Just cut the SVG then put it in a plastic packaging. Your buyer can make a W fold of the paper themselves.

Halloween Folding Papercut SVG Spooky

15. The Four Stages of Crafting

Crafting is a journey. Not only in the long run, but also in each and every craft we make. Adorn your own Cricut machine, like ours in this photo. There are 4 options, one of them might be your buyer’s fave.

4 Stages of Crafting SVG

16. Cookie and Milk Tray Wood Burn

Anticipate Santa’s arrival by presenting him cookies and milk. Don’t forget the carrot for the reindeer too! Cut a stencil vinyl, apply wood burn gel on your wooden board, and expose to heat using a heat gun.

Santa Cookie Tray SVG Bundle

Download Santa Tray SVG here:

17. Christmas Countdown Board

On a framed whiteboard, paste a vinyl of Christmas Countdown SVG. Your customer can either cross out the remaining days to Christmas or write and erase the number with each passing day.

Christmas Countdown SVG Set of 6 Variations

18. Super Cute Mermaid Shirt

If you have Cricut machine and Cricut EasyPress, make these magical mermaid T-shirts. Feel free to use glitter HTV on this and turn it more magical!

Girl Shirt sublimation Mermaid Design Set

Download Mermaid SVG here:

19. Funny Sarcastic Quotes

Quite the most sought-after items lately, these sarcastic shirts make a fun way to “show a little bit of attitude”. Grab a batch of comfy blank shirts and cut out a set of sarcastic quote vinyl. Pairing the fabric with colored HTV is great too.

Funny Sarcasm SVG - Sarcastic Quotes SVG

20. Christmas Door Sign

A monogram designed to decorate front doors on Christmas. Use a blank wood round, cut vinyl with Cricut, and embellish with ribbon, pine corn, or plastic leaves.

Monogram Design Ideas Christmas 3
Christmas Door Sign on Cricut Explore Air 2

21. Blown Dandelion for Car Rear Window Decal

Very unique and eye-catching design to put on a car rear window. Contrast the background and cut using bright vinyl. Given the size of this design, you can cut it close to the maximum cutting area (near 12×12 inches).

Blown Away Dandelion Seeds with Various Objects, SVG Bundle

Download Dandelion SVG here:

22. Baseball Quote Shirts

For girls and boys who love the sport and other family members who give their support for their lovely child / sibling.

Baseball SVG Bundle

23. Funny Baby Onesies

Adorable newborn babies showing who’s da boss in the family. Press these funny quotes on soft, pastel baby onesies or baby shirts.

Funny Baby Girl Quotes - Baby Quotes SVG

Download Funny Baby Quotes SVG here:

24. Baby’s 1 Year Birthday Shirt

A special design to celebrate the baby’s first birthday. Perfect to be worn during a birthday party.

Baby Onesie SVG Set

25. Butterfly Layered Paper Art

For craft hobbyists who don’t own a Cricut. Sell the paper cuts as a set and maybe bundle them with the glue and foam squares.

Butterfly 3D Layered Paper Cut

26. Beautiful Wildflower Beer Glass

Aesthetic Libbey glasses are never out of trend. Blank ones can be too plain, so decorate the blanks with a beautiful wildflower design. Use permanent vinyl or vinyl with infusible ink with heat to make it last forever.

Wildflower SVG Beer Can Glass Cut with Cricut
Wildflower SVG Beer Can Glass 3

27. Kitchen Monogram Wood Burn

Customizable design that can be displayed on home kitchens, dining rooms, bakeries, or cafes. You can use a cutting board or other type of wooden blank.

Split Kitchen Monogram SVG Set scaled
Split Floral Kitchen Elements Monogram scaled

Download Kitchen Sign SVG here:

28. Wild Animal Wall Decal

Designs with nature that’s implementing negative space are very well-liked. People who love wildlife and camping often incorporate them as an aesthetically pleasing addition to their home or workspace. Cut using Cricut as decals or use thicker material like foam crafts.

Animal Hunting SVG Set of 6 Wild Animal SVG

29. Music is My Life Apparel

Music accompanies so many people with their day-to-day lives. You can provide a collection of apparel with “Music is My Life” quote in different designs. This option is open to Cricut HTV or using sublimation ink.

Music Is My Life 3 scaled
Music Is My Life 2 scaled

30. Various Rules Boards

From comedic toilet rules, sweet friendship rules, to warm Christmas rules, these are great displays for home or workplace. Just cut vinyl with Cricut, place on a framed board and it’s done!

ToiletBathroom Rules Printable SVG 1 scaled
Friendship Best Friends Rules for A4 Size scaled
Camping Rules scaled
A4 Christmas Rules Printable Wall Decoration 9e6kfx scaled

31. Various Greeting Cards

There are greeting card designs for all occasions, namely wedding, Valentine’s Day, graduation, birthday, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and more.

Happy New Year Greeting Card real finished cut preview
Adorable Christmas Card SVG
Cricut Wedding Card 3

32. Various Decorative Shadow Boxes and Layered Paper Cuts

Endless options of 3D paper art that you can sell in a bundling package with the frame, LED light, and foam adhesives. In a blog, I have covered 8 of our Free Design with Commercial License to help you kick-start your paper craft business.

Making shadow boxes is probably our most favorite Cricut Explore Air 2 project. The finished crafts are attention-stealer for sure!

Girl and Fox by The Forest 3D Shadow Box - Winter SVG Paper Cut
3D Cricut Christmas Idea Festive Christmas Fireplace Shadow Box Papercut SVG 2
FREE Christmas SVG Shadow box Dino winter
Cricut Art Product Camping Shadow Box with LED
Beautiful Dreamcatcher with Butterflies 3D Layered Papercut real product preview
Fairy 3D Layered Paper Art With LED Light
Put Shadow Layer to Frame Box

What do you think? Ready to start your Cricut Explore Air 2 projects? There are so much more Cricut crafting ideas outside this post. Stay tuned for more blog posts from me!

As always, happy crafting! 😊✂️

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