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5 Easy Steps to Send SVG to Cricut Machine with Your Smartphone

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The invention of the Cricut machine has been a blessing for crafters all around the world, don’t you agree? It allows us to do so much in so little time—allowing us to be more innovative with our creations!

However, more beginner users can experience some technical difficulties such as finding out the right way to send SVG files to the machine.

Thankfully, as companies release more and more types of machines, the technology and software were also improved for the users’ convenience—so now we can even use our cutting machine from our own phone!

Let me teach you how!

For this article, I am going to show you how to create this water tracker that I’m sure will be so useful! And even better, one of the design is free for personal use!

Water bottle tracker design with Cricut machine

Or maybe you’re looking for a different design? Perhaps something more kid-friendly than “Might be Water, Might be Tequila”. Well, worry not because my friends at Drizy Studio have also made these adorable animal water tracker designs! Just take your pick and you’re all set!

How to send SVG Files to Cricut Machine

Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

1. Download and Install Cricut Design Space

If you haven’t already, you need to download the Cricut Design Space app to continue on. You can get them on the links here!

We will also need an iOS 11 or later or Android 9.0 or higher to operate the application. For more information on the minimum requirements to use the Cricut Design Space, you can visit their website here.

After downloading the Cricut Design Space application, connect it to your device using your Bluetooth setting by choosing your Cricut machine.

From here on out I will be including screenshots I took using iPhone 12.

2. Download and Unzip Your Files

You’ve downloaded the pattern mentioned earlier right? If not, then what are you waiting for?!

You can choose between any pattern you’d like as a gift to your family and friends, or for you to have as a gym buddy!

Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 02 - screenshot tutorial of unzipping file
Unzip downloaded file

After you get the design on your device, make sure to unzip the file first. Click on your ZIP file and it should automatically add a new folder of unzipped files.

In that folder, you will get several formats of files but we will focus on the SVG for this time.

3. Upload SVG File 

Before you can send SVG files to Cricut machine, you need to get on the Cricut Design Space App. First, tap on the New Project button. It should be on the bottom center on your iPhone or top left corner of your Android. See this button with red arrow below.

Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 03 New Project Button on Cricut Design Space
Add New Project on Cricut Design Space

After that, a new project will be made. Then, click the Upload button at the bottom of your screen.

Click Browse Files then search for the design you have downloaded and unzipped. Make sure you select the unzipped SVG file or else the application will not be able to detect the file. See image below.

Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 03 1 Upload and Browse SVG files on Cricut Design Space
Tap Upload and Browse Files

Then give your SVG project a name and click Save.

4. Edit Your File (If Needed)

Before continuing on, Cricut Design Space allows you to edit and make any changes you’d like to your design before printing it with the Cricut machine.

The most important thing is to make sure that the finished cut fits with your water bottle. Always measure all of your craft medium before cutting any SVG on your Cricut. And then resize the SVG in Cricut Design Space.

Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 04 Cricut Design Space New Project
Insert menu in Cricut Design Space

And if you want to add any personalization like names or other things of sorts, this is the time.

To do this, select the SVG you have uploaded and then tap the Insert button located in the lower right corner of the screen. Then you will see many features you can use to add other finishing touches to your heart’s desire.

If you don’t wish to make any more alterations to the design, then continue on to step 5.

5. Send SVG Files to Cricut Machine

After you are satisfied with your final design, then we can move on to the next step which is how to send SVG files to Cricut machine.

Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 05 Sending SVG Through Cricut Design Space
Send SVG files to Cricut Machine, this is Cricut Design Space print preview

After you see the preview of your project on the screen, take the time to do a final check to make sure everything looks right.

Don’t forget to load your printing materials to your Cricut. For this design, vinyl are needed.

You can use any vinyl you have on hand, but I would recommend using permanent vinyl to make sure it lasts longer. Permanent vinyl do come in various colors. Color-changing vinyl are trending, might wanna use that for this water bottle!

Then on the app, choose the material settings accordingly. Lastly, press the Go button and let your Cricut machine do its job!

Now, all you have to do is weed the remaining materials and attach the printed water tracker design to your favorite water bottle with transfer tape.

To do this, simply attach the transfer tape to your clean design and burnish it with a scraper.

Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 06 Weeding Decal of finished SVG cut
Weeding out the vinyl cut by Cricut Machine

Then, paste the design to your final project’s surface and slowly peel off the transfer tape.

Water Tracker Bottle 1
Water Tracker Bottle 2
Water Tracker Bottle 3
Send SVG files to Cricut Machine 06 1 Finished End Product Water Bottle
Water bottle tracker

And you’re done! Wasn’t that so easy?

Congratulations! We’ve learned how to send SVG files to a Cricut machine and operate it only with our smartphones! How about giving yourself a pat on the back?

I don’t know about you, but once you get the hang of it, creating things with a Cricut machine is sooo addictive. I’m sure you just can’t get enough!

Lucky for us, crafters, Drizy Studio has so many more low-cost and even free designs that we can use to satisfy all of our creative needs!

And since practice makes perfect, it’s a great opportunity to explore more features of our Cricut machine to be a Cricut expert.

So go on and head to their website for more SVG catalogs and choose your favorite ones now. You can also share your creations, tips-and-tricks, and even get exclusive freebies by joining our Facebook community here.

I will be waiting to see your creations, crafters!

Follow our social media for more How-To videos and other great offers!

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