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10+ Aesthetic Halloween Font Which Seems Creepy, Spooky and Scary!

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Trick or Treat! It goes without saying that Halloween is around the corner, BOO! Are you ready for the spooky night? Halloween is such a scary and an exciting holiday for a lot of people especially for us at Drizy Studio because we love to create Halloween fonts for many people to use and enjoy. 

Halloween would not feel the same without the creepy, spooky, and scary elements without them it would not be a Halloween of course duh~. You can use many things as your costume but you can never be scary, or spooky enough without the elements of typography.

These creepy, spooky, and scary fonts could be the best add-ons for your Halloween decoration. It’s the best way for you to express the Halloween festivity. Don’t worry it won’t bite you hehe

Now, we’re going to recommend the best fonts for your Halloween Project. We’ve picked more than 10 Aesthetic Halloween Fonts Which Seems Creepy, Spooky and Scary For You! To help your designs looked more edgy, and of course on point in Horror-ish theme and here we go!

1. Blatters Halloween Font

Blatters Halloween Gothic Font 01 Cover EE
Blatters Halloween Font Showcase
Blatters Halloween Gothic Font 03 Halloween Flyer EE
Blatters Font Preview

We’re coming at you very strong on this first pick. Let us introduce you to Blatters Halloween Gothic Typeface Font! This font doesn’t come out to play. The gothic and edgy look of Blatters is perfect for your Halloween.

The gothic look of Blatters creates the spooky atmosphere when you’re glancing at it at first, but then you’re going to love the aesthetic of it. It fits so well with the Halloween theme. It will give you the hibbie jibbies when you look at this font but you’re going to be fond of it.

Blatters brings you the Gothic and edgy look to compliment any of your Halloween projects. The font itself can add the creepiness factor to any of your projects, personally it brings me back to the 90’s horror movies.

The features of Blatters font includes Uppercase & Lowercase, Numeral & Punctuation, and Multilinguals & Ligatures functionality. Pretty much a versatile font for you to use. 

2. Scarow Halloween Font

Blood Dripping Font
Scarow Halloween Font Showcase
Scarow Blood Dripping Font 04 Halloween Party EE
Scarow Font Preview

Next, we have Scarrow – Blood Dripping Typeface Font. This is the font you typically see in many horror movies. The blood dripping font will make you feel creepiness when you see it, and it will fit so well your Halloween night!

This font is the best choice for creating the aesthetic to any of your Halloween projects. The blood dripping accent of the characters will cause you goosebumps, you love to feel it when it’s Halloween!

The features of Scarrow – Blood Dripping font are so flexible to use because it includes uppercase & lowercase, numeral & punctuation, and multilinguals & ligatures functionality. Don’t get scared now!

3. The Bones Halloween Font

Thebones Halloween Font 01 Cover EE 1
The Bones Halloween Font Showcase
Thebones Halloween Font 04 Trick or Treat EE
The Bones Font Preview

This third is one of my favorites! Introducing to you The Bones Halloween Display Typeface Font. The Bones isn’t your typical Halloween font, this is the font you use to make you look creepy but on the other hand it’s fun in a unique way.

The Bones characters are inspired by the shapes of human bones. Hold on now for a sec! Yes it may sound disgusting but when you take a glance at the font, it’s a scary but a fun looking font.

So why is it one of my favorites? The Bones looked scary when you look at it, but it’s a cartoon-ish style font which is my favorite but also doesn’t lose its aesthetic. It brings me back to my childhood memories when I look at this font because the font is typically used in horror episodes of the cartoons I used to watch.

With the features of The Bones, such as the functionality of its uppercase and lowercase, numeral and punctuation, and multilinguals pretty much made this font so good in any Halloween projects!

4. Chalamert Halloween Font

Chalamert Font Preview Creative market 01 cover
Chalamert Halloween Font Showcase
chalamert font
Chalamert Font Preview

Next on the list is Chalamert Display Typeface Font, this font is based and inspired from the dead woods you usually see in many scary movies. The twigs that shape the characters of the font create the dead wood atmosphere to the font.

Chalamert characteristic is uniquely enticing! because not only is it spooky and scary, it’s also aesthetically pleasing for your eyes to see. The font fits so well for your Halloween night.

One of the best choices for a font to compliment any of your Halloween projects. It’s different and a scary font for your Halloween. The spookiness of this font completes its purpose of creating the creepy atmosphere for your Halloween projects.

5. Hallowest Halloween Font

Hallowest Funny Halloween Font 01 Cover EE
Hallowest Halloween Font Showcase
Hallowest Funny Halloween Font 02 Halloween Time EE
Hallowest Font Preview

This one is a really cute, fun, and spooky one. Say hello to Hallowest! You see what I did there? heehee…Your inner child would love this font. A playful font for your playful Halloween projects!

Hallowest is the best choice for your fun and exciting Halloween nights. The funny look and the variety of the font will bring back you to the old times when you were trick or treating with your friends. This font is also very eye-catching but still looks spooky.

The font itself can be determined as a very flexible and versatile font because of its many functions such as uppercase and lowercase, and multilingual and alternates. Hallowest is the font that defines your childhood.

6. Sporken Halloween Font

Sporken Halloween Gothic Font
Sporken Halloween Font Showcase
Spooky font
Sporken Font Preview

Next on the list is Sporken the Halloween Gothic Typeface. Sporken is the one of many fonts that speaks of Halloween by how the characters of this font are shaped. Inspired by the branches of the Halloween trees that are typically spooky and creepy, This font reminded me of the horror house on the Halloween Festival when I was a little child.

This font is so useful for many Halloween projects because of it’s flexibility to compliment anything that is related to Halloween. Sporken’s features include uppercase and lowercase, numeral, and multilingual and punctuation. Sporken is the one for you if you want your Halloween project to look unique.

7. Dead Toast Halloween Font

Deadtoast halloween font 01 Cover EE
Dead Toast Halloween Font Showcase
Deadtoast halloween font 04 Movie Poster EE
Dead Toast Font Preview

Next lucky number 7, we have the Dead Toast font for you! This font held a very special place in my top ten font, because of the style of the fonts. Not only is it spooky, but it’s also giving the vibes of old wild west horror movies.

Aesthetically, Deadtoast font can complement and add the “it” factor to any of your Halloween projects. Deadtoast characters are truly inspired by the wild west horror stories. The font features are so functional for pretty much any of your project or Halloween project.

8. Crawlet Halloween Font

Crawlet Halloween Scribble 01 Cover EE
Crawlet Halloween Font Showcase
Crawlet Halloween Scribble 04 Halloween Poster EE
Crawlet Font Preview

Crawling up to you next is Crawlet Scribble Font! This one is a scribble font. If you love handmade looks on your Halloween projects then Crawlet is perfect for you. The characters of Crawlet are hand drawn and it looks creepy and spooky.

Crawlet scribble font is the best in complementing your Halloween project in terms of adding the creepiness and spookiness. The simplicity looks and the flexibility of the font features can compliment any of your projects.

9. Kitward Halloween Font

1 rev
Kitward Halloween Font Showcase
Kitward Font Preview

On number nine we have Kitward for you! Well this one is a mysterious font. By mysterious I mean when you take a glance at it, you know that this font creeps up on you. Kitward can complement your Halloween projects with its looks.

Kitward inspired by Horror novels you can feel the mysterious presence when you look at the characters of the font. The characters from Kitward are very enticing and interesting to look at, so it’s a must for your Halloween projects.

10. Latterol Halloween Font

latteroll font preview creative market 01 cover
Latteroll Halloween Font Showcase
9 1
Latteroll Font Preview

Next on the list is Latteroll. Let’s roll out this Halloween! You see what I did there? Teehee. Well this font is the one for your typical Halloween night. Well I said typical because you can use this font in any projects not only just Halloween.

The characters from Latteroll are enticing and eye-catching. That’s why I recommend you to use this font in any projects if there’s a chance. Latteroll is a versatile and flexible font to use, with pretty much many functionalities in the font.

11. Ghostyboo Halloween Font

ghostyboo font preview creative market 01 cover
Ghostyboo Halloween Font Showcase
8 1
Ghostyboo Font Preview

Boo! Did I get ya? hehe… Well, let me introduce you to the Ghostyboo font. This one is also one of my favorites because the font is very cute, adorable, playful, but still spooky. The characters of this font are unique looking because of the cute Halloween decorations and element doodles that are sketched inside the font.

I know this is not your typical Halloween font that is creepy or edgy, but this is the font that you’ll love because of its unusual style. The boldness of the font shows how playful the font wants you to use it at any of your Halloween projects.

12. Brainmelt Halloween Font

Cover 12
Brainmelt Halloween Font Showcase
6 7
Brainmelt Font Preview

Braiiins! Watch out, here comes Brainmelt! The font is inspired by your retro Zombie games if you love it of course. Brainmelt aesthetic fits perfectly with any of your retro horror projects, the styling of the characters are so unique, edgy, but also playful.

Brainmelt is a goofy and spooky font at the same time but you won’t regret using this font. You can pretty much apply this font in any of your projects. The compatibility and functionality of the font for functionality is flexible for you to use.

13. Midnight Halloween Font

Cover 7
Midnight Halloween Font Showcase
8 11
Midnight Font Preview

Aaanddd~ We’re finally here! Our last font on the list on number 13, welcome to Midnight! This one is the creepy one, and aesthetically fits for any of your Halloween projects. The font character theme is based on Horror nights. If you ever see Horror movies and when the characters are in the haunted mansion, Midnight font is inspired by that moment.

Midnight looked creepy but elegant also at the same time that’s why we love to recommend this font for you to use. It’s a classy and stylish creepy type font, it can completely tell you the story by looking at the characters of the font.

Did You Love Our Picks?

So, are you interested or love our picks for our aesthetic Halloween fonts? Well if you love all of them the fonts in this list are on sale and in bundles too! You can purchase it here and you won’t regret it. Happy Halloween! We hope you’re having a good time.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and join our community at Facebook today!

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