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How to Find Good SVG Images for Cricut

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Purchased a Cricut machine? Or maybe the cutting machine of your choice is released by Silhouette, Siser, Brother, or others. I know how tempting it is to follow what’s trending and end up actually purchasing various crafting stuff.

You will be needing SVG images for Cricut. As a beginner, you may find it scary or eager to try your cutting machine. If you unpacked the box and tried out the cutting machine right away, kudos to you!

SVG Images for Cricut Art Product Camping Shadow Box with LED

Alternatives to SVG Images for Cricut

Let’s brush up on what formats you can use for Cricut and others. As of now, Design Space can process these formats to create cuttable lines: PNG, GIF, PNG, BMP, SVG, and DXF.

The three most common are SVG, PNG, and JPEG.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Why do people buy SVG because unlike PNG it can be zoomed in and wont be blurry

SVG is your main choice. It is actually a string of codes. That’s why it makes precise lines and is able to be resized without breaking the image.

You can alter an SVG file through coding or by using design software like Adobe Illustrator.

PNG (Portable Network Graphic)

PNG is a raster image that has a clear background or removed background. It’s your second choice.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JPEG is the least ideal to cut because it is maximized for high resolution pictures. Removing background and cleaning up would be necessary.

Finding Good Images for Cricut

Did you factor in the cost for SVG images, fonts, and other digital assets you need? Are you still looking for SVG images for Cricut good enough for your projects?

Maybe you’ve spent a fortune buying your cutting machine, tools, and materials. And you’re looking for ways to cut down on SVG budget.

I’ll let you in on how to find good images for Cricut that are either free or tagged at a low price. Cute and beautiful SVGs don’t have to be expensive to work!

1. See the preview images

Easter Egg Holder Paper Cut SVG Set 4

Designers of SVG images for Cricut usually put up multiple images on the product page.

Sometimes they feature mockups, file specifications, and licensing explanations

They may feature a finished cut of their SVG, either paper products or vinyl test on a blank. This is actually a way to check the SVG quality, whether they are cut-friendly or not.

So, check if the preview has the end product that has been tested.

2. Check the users’ reviews 

This supports the tip above. If present, read the customer reviews. Another person has tried the SVG files before you. Sometimes they upload pictures of their version of the craft and describe the experience of using the files.

This is worth considering. You can decide if the SVG files are good enough to download or not.

3. Check if the words are grammatically correct

Kitchen Quotes SVG Set - Coffee Sayings SVG

SVG of quotes are very popular but typos or incorrect grammar could be your pet peeve. If you don’t mind them, by all means continue to download. 

In some cases, you can correct the typo by Ungroup-ing the elements and replacing the wrong ones. You can use the same or similar font.

But really, it’s better to have good SVG images for Cricut with no errors from the start.

4. Check if the uploader have reputable customer service

It’s reassuring to know that the place you buy SVG images for Cricut is interactive and willing to answer your complaints (if you have any). Anyone who can guarantee that their designs are good is a sincere seller.

Knowing all of that, now I can name some websites to go for:

Drizy Studio

Creative Fabrica

Design Bundles

If you join online groups or communities please be wary of scammers posing as individuals who sell SVG or crafting supplies.

Creating Your Own SVG Images for Cricut?

You can learn how to arrange your own SVG, the free things provided on Cricut Design Space can be a really good stepping stone.

The Shapes on Design Space are either free or needing Cricut Access subscription. You can use the 30-day trial and decide later if you want to prolong the subscription.

Cricut’s Free template

You can insert a few different Shapes and arrange them by using the commands on your canvas. This is easy to learn and if you’re familiar with using CorelDraw, they are pretty similar.

Cricut’s Editable Images 

SVG Images for Cricut Editable Images

Recently in October 2022 Cricut introduced a new feature called Editable Images. With this, you can load sets of texts and shapes and then edit the texts.

It is simple; you only need to double click on the blue-highlighted text then type yours.

For other elements in the design, sometimes a Contour option will appear and you can decide how intricate you want your design to be. You can still resize, rotate, or flip the elements.

SVG Images for Cricut Editable Images Contour Option

Installing New Fonts

I have my own catchphrases that I’d like to cut. They could be random things that only my inner circle understands. And often none of the SVG providers make these phrases. So I rely on my own creativity to make the SVG.

Sometimes they’re just words assembled in curvature or forms. But they’re enough and I’m satisfied with my own SVG images for Cricut. 

Again, the free fonts on Design Space are limited. If the fonts in your system aren’t enough you can always download and install free fonts from trusted websites.

If you use Windows / Mac / Android, you can easily install the fonts. But for iPhone / iPad users, there are some extra steps to do.

This “Install Font” topic was explained in our Facebook group (click to read!). For the video version you can play this YouTube short.

A little tip! For cutting on paper sometimes you will need a stencil font so rounded characters like letter B, D, O, etc will not be completely cut away. Unlike the old times, stencils now don’t look as rigid as the ones you see on shipping crates. They can also look cute like your favorite script fonts.

Removing Background Before Cutting

Cricut Access also offer remove background feature. But you can absolutely use other background remover services to make your own good images for Cricut.

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That’s all for now! I hope these simple tips can help you find good images for your Cricut projects. Catch you on my next post. Keep on crafting!

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