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Affiliate Program: Make Side Money by Being a Drizy Squad

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Did you know that turning your craft into a business is not the only way you can make a profit with your hobby? There’s this new thing that has been gaining popularity as a new way to make side money.

Yup, it’s by being an affiliate!

If you’re like me, who loves to write and share your own experiences on a blog or any other online platform, being an affiliate is going to be a perfect thing for you.

Make Side Money with Drizy's Affiliate Program
Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Make Side Money Through Drizy Affiliate Program

Let me explain a little bit about the affiliate system—more specifically, Drizy’s affiliate program.

An affiliate program is an online partnership program between a business owner with a person—typically a blogger or influencer, through the internet with no budget or any conditions needed.

There are many types of affiliate partnerships. As it’s a great way for businesses to spread the word about their products or services to new potential customers. 

It is also a great way to make side money by monetizing your blog, Instagram, Facebook page, or any other online social networking sites you use.

When you become an affiliate marketer which, here at Drizy Studio, we call “Drizy Squad”, you can also get exclusive contents early so that you can share them with your followers.

How Does It Work?

As a Drizy Squad, you can make side money by doing pretty much next to nothing.

Drizy’s affiliate program allows you to get money by posting referral links to our products and website on your social media or blogs. 

For every person that clicks and purchases an item through the links you provide, you will get a certain percentage of commission

You can also keep track of how many people have clicked through your referral links. Thus you can track your income from Drizy’s affiliate program in real-time. This can also help you keep track of your platform’s growth and performance in general.

All you need to do is post your links, sit back, and get your money! Easy right?

The Advantages of Being a Drizy Squad

  1. Consultation with professional marketers

Once you sign up and you have your profile approved, Drizy Studio’s personnel will personally assist you with any questions you might have. 

This includes anything regarding the best marketing practice you can use to promote your platform as well as your affiliate links.

Drizy Studio will gladly help you through and achieve your target commission.

  1. Competitive commissions

By joining Drizy’s affiliate program, you can get a commission or fee of up to 30% per item sold through your affiliate link.

There is also no maximum limit on sales or income so all of your earnings will be sent straight to your accounts right after the sales have been made.

  1. Easy, beginner-friendly regulations

One thing you need to know about affiliate programs is the existence of cookies. Not the sweet dessert, but the internet cookies!

You might have heard of internet cookies before. Basically, it tracks a person’s internet activity for a certain amount of time usually in 30 days intervals. 

Drizy’s affiliate program uses cookies to track the clicks of your affiliate links (and nothing else, promise!). These cookies last up to 90 days! What does this mean?

This means that your links are “active” for 90 days. Any clicks and purchases made through your referral link within that 90 days window will be counted toward your income. 

Most affiliate programs typically have a 30-day cookie life. So with Drizy’s affiliate program, you have more time and more chances of getting a higher commission.

Make Side Money with Drizy's Affiliate Program
Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

  1. Proven high-selling products

Drizy Studio is an internationally trusted graphic design provider. We have sold hundreds of thousands of products with a very high level of satisfaction

Because of this, Drizy’s affiliate programs are also easier for you as an affiliate because it gives you a wider market of interest. Which, of course, can increase your income

  1. High transparency

With Drizy’s affiliate program, you don’t have to worry about any unjust payments or any regulation abuse.

All of the activity and transactions made through your affiliate links are recorded and can be tracked by you, in real-time, through our affiliate dashboard.

Drizy Studio upholds the highest level of transparency possible and is committed to making the process as easy as possible for Drizy Squads to get their commissions.

  1. Free marketing kits

Since we want your experience as a Drizy Squad to be as convenient as possible, starting out with Drizy’s affiliate program is also easy-peasy!

When you sign up as a Drizy Squad, Drizy Studio will also prepare a whole marketing kit that you can use on your platform for free. This kit includes things like advertisement banners that you can attach to your blog posts or social media.

Alright now that we have covered all of that, are you interested in making side money by joining Drizy’s affiliate program and being a Drizy Squad? To join, you can go and click on this button and follow the easy step-by-step guide!

Once you’re done signing up, it will take usually up to 2 x 24 hours for your submission to be approved. So make sure to check your email periodically! 

After having your submission approved, you can head on to your Affiliate Dashboard and explore all of the features of being a Drizy Squad! Make sure you read all of these article titles below to make sure you understand the basic know-how of being a Drizy Squad:

  • Get to Know the Menus on the Dashboard
  • First Thing To Do
  • How to Create and Share Affiliate Links

I wish you luck on your quest in Drizy’s affiliate program and please don’t be shy to ask any questions you might have!

Join our Facebook community to meet other crafters and Drizy Squad, as well as get exclusive offers and products for free! There are over 12,000 members now!

Follow our social media for more tips-and-tricks and other great offers!

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