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Which Is Better? Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

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Crafting is a year-round adventure with endless possibilities. You can always create something new using fresh designs, materials, and techniques. Besides, you may even find new friends to exchange handmade gifts with. 

Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just getting started, there’s always something exciting to explore. And, you’ve come to the right place. This time, we’re comparing Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio. Let’s dive into this comprehensive comparison of the two!

Getting familiar with Creative Fabrica

I previously covered the Creative Fabrica review in another post. You can check it out here.

Creative Fabrica home
Creative Fabrica home

Creative Fabrica is a digital platform that was founded in Amsterdam in 2016. Today, the online platform has over 6.9 million graphics available. These numbers change regularly as new designers are joining the platform and uploading new designs.

Essentially, Creative Fabrica is a marketplace where you can either sell or buy designs. If you buy a design, you can use it for your personal or commercial projects.

Getting familiar with Drizy Studio

Drizy Studio home
Drizy Studio home

Drizy Studio is a digital platform based in Bandung that provides fonts and graphic assets. The platform was founded in 2016. It first started producing fonts, then added vector graphics, and crafter files to their product range.

Currently, Drizy Studio has a team of over 40 people working in both creative production and management roles. They are also actively collaborating with other crafting platforms to expand their reach and offer their high-quality products to more people.

In addition to churning out fonts and graphics, Drizy Studio also founded several Facebook groups where crafters can share tips, tricks, inspirations, and funny memes that are enjoyable.

This is one of the things that sets Drizy Studio apart from other crafting platforms because the interactions between members of the community are more personal and one-on-one.

Crafting community: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

Creative Fabrica has a thing called The Artistry community. It is a place where crafting articles from their community around the world are posted. It’s a good vehicle for show-and-tell to help less inexperienced crafters overcome the troubles they encountered when they start a project.

Creative Fabrica community
Creative Fabrica community

Drizy Studio is a crafting company that listens to feedback from its community of crafters. They regularly ask for opinions and accept requests through social media posts, comments, and polls. If you have any questions, requests, or complaints, you can email the support team or send a message on Facebook, and they will respond quickly. 

Drizy Studio community

Drizy Studio’s crafting community on Facebook is constantly growing and getting better. If you’re interested in joining the community, here’s a link to the group.

Prominent designs: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

In both these sites, new files keep getting added to the catalog every day.

While Creative Fabrica has a whole range of different graphics from its thousands of designers, Drizy Studio prides themselves in creation of complex and unique shadow boxes, along with sublimation files for tumblers, mugs, or apparel.

Drizy Studios shadow box collection
Drizy Studio’s shadow box collection

For crafters, Creative Fabrica has a large collection of products, and you can follow your favorite designers to see their latest works. Meanwhile, Drizy Studio is run by crafters, so their products are designed to be perfect for crafting. They also regularly check their files to make sure they work well with cutting machines. 

Crescent Moon and Magical Sun 3D Shadowbox Layered Papercut Finished Cut

Drizy Studio is known for their beautiful paper crafts, such as layered shadow box and card making templates. Before selling these products, they do a test cut, which also serves as preview pictures of the product. Any issues or problems are noticed quickly so revisions to the files can be made right away.

Freebies: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

Creative Fabrica and Drizy Studio both offer free files daily, but there’s a difference in how they handle them.

In Creative Fabrica, the free files in the Daily Gifts section are only available for 24 hours before they’re removed. They also note that some free files in the Freebies section may also be time-limited. 

Creative Fabrica freebies
Creative Fabrica freebies

On the other hand, in Drizy Studio, the free files remain available in their catalog permanently, so you can download them anytime, and they will always be free.

Drizy Studio freebies
Drizy Studio freebies

Email & notifications: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

Both Creative Fabrica and Drizy Studio send promotional emails to their customers.

Creative Fabrica sends out newsletters a few times a week, which feature updates on new designers, promotions, and highlights of new and popular freebies. 

On the other hand, Drizy Studio sends out weekly emails that offer free access to premium craft files, coupon codes, and trials for their Drizy VIP+ Membership. They also include updates on new freebies.

Subscription types: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

Rather than paying for each item separately, both Creative Fabrica and Drizy Studio offer subscription and membership plans that allow you to access many assets over a period of time. 

Creative Fabrica subscriptions
Creative Fabrica subscriptions

The subscription in Creative Fabrica is divided into different product types, which allow users to choose the type of content they are most interested in accessing. 

  • The Crafts subscription offers a range of digital craft designs including SVG files, 3D designs, digital paper, and more. 
  • The Graphics subscription provides access to a diverse collection of digital graphics, including illustrations, digital patterns, clipart, and more. 
  • The Fonts subscription offers access to thousands of fonts for use in design projects.
  • The All Access subscription provides users with complete access to all of the content available on the platform. 

Each subscription offers unique benefits and caters to specific needs, making it easy for users to find the right subscription plan that meets their design requirements.

Drizy Studio subscriptions
Drizy Studio subscriptions

The subscription offered by Drizy Studio is based on use intended, meaning that users are able to select a licensing plan that is appropriate for their specific needs. This ensures that users are only paying for the license they need, rather than being forced to pay for features or licenses they don’t require.

  • Personal 3 months ($9)
  • Commercial 1 month ($12)
  • Personal 1 year ($29)

Whether you are using Drizy Studio to create designs for your business or as a personal hobby, the subscription model allows you to choose the appropriate licensing without spending more than necessary.

Overall, the subscription options from Drizy Studio are cheaper than those of Creative Fabrica.

Daily Updates

With your subscription, the new files uploaded in the catalog can be downloaded. So there is nothing hindering you from accessing the new files. So, you will have more variety to choose from, and the images and cut files keep improving each time.

Unlimited Access

There are no download limits with the subscription plans!

You won’t receive a notification that tells you you have downloaded too many files for this day. So if you’re planning a big project, you can scour out all the files you need and download them at once, then continue on with your project. No need to wait until the limit is reset.

Affiliate program: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

The affiliate program is a great way to earn money and it’s easy to use.

Creative Fabrica affiliates
Creative Fabrica affiliate

You can make money by promoting products on Creative Fabrica using their affiliate program. Simply add your unique affiliate link while promoting your products to your followers, and if someone clicks on the link and buys the product within 90 days, you will earn 25% of the product’s value and 20% of a subscription’s value.

Drizy Studio affiliate
Drizy Studio affiliate

Drizy Studio has an affiliate program which allows you to promote their products and subscriptions. When someone makes a purchase from your promotions, you will earn 30% of the purchase value of both products and subscriptions. Bigger percentages than the other. The cookies also last for 90 days.

Licenses: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

Both Creative Fabrica and Drizy Studio offer a range of license options that are designed to suit different use cases and scenarios. For example, both platforms offer a commercial license that enables users to use the design assets for commercial purposes, such as in a business logo or on a product label

Both also offer Single Sale licenses. This means that if you only want to buy one resource without subscribing, you can still do so while having the appropriate licensing.

For both Creative Fabrica and Drizy Studio, if you’re a seller and you have a commercial subscription, it will expire if you don’t renew it.

This means you can only sell products that you created while your subscription was active. To help keep everything organized, it’s a good idea to separate the files you’ve used in your projects from the files you haven’t used. This way, you can easily keep track of what you can and can’t sell if your subscription ends.

Tutorials: Creative Fabrica vs Drizy Studio

Creative Fabrica provides classes in embroidery, quilting, sewing, and Cricut on their website. In addition, they also post video tutorials on both their website and YouTube channel. If you’re a beginner, these resources are easily accessible and can help you quickly learn new design skills.

Drizy Studio also shares videos on their YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. In addition, you can ask questions and receive answers from the Facebook community or by sending an email to Drizy Studio for assistance.

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