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Creative Fabrica Review: Why We Love It and How to Get Profitable Deals!

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Want to broaden your collection of digital crafting assets? Let me introduce Creative Fabrica!

Crafters! We have mentioned the website in our blogs before. In this Creative Fabrica Review, we’ll dig deeper into what services it offers and what we love about it. You may also learn how to optimize using the platform to get profitable deals.

Creative Fabrica is well mentioned for fonts, graphics, and SVG files. Not only those come in a plethora of options, they are superb designs as well.

And that’s not it, they also provide quilts patterns, web designs, low content books, and—something you don’t see everywhere—classes you can attend. So if your hobby is crafting or you publish your own books, Creative Fabrica can back you up.

How Did Creative Fabrica Originate?

Creative Fabrica is a digital platform offering fonts and graphic assets. It’s based in Amsterdam and was founded in 2016. The idea behind it stemmed from the founders’ own (difficult) experience of finding the perfect assets for their project.

Today this online platform has more than 6.5 million products from 50,000 different designers, in-house designers included. These numbers change daily because new designers are joining and new designs are always uploaded.

Popular Things to Create With Creative Fabrica’s Assets

As a Creative Fabrica Review, let me give you examples from the unbelievable amount of designs to choose from. 

With their tagline of “Everyone can be creative,” Creative Fabrica has some serious features. When you land on their homepage you will see four options: Fonts, CF Spark, Graphics, and Freebies.

Creative Fabrica Review - Home


Unmistakably the section I visit the most often for obvious reasons: Crafting with a cutting machine.

Since graphics have a very broad range, you can browse it in smaller categories. Such as:

Creative Fabrica Review - Graphics

Truly a wonderland for hobbyists and small businesses alike. You may have machines for cutting, sewing, or embroidery but don’t have the time or skill to create digital designs from scratch. This is where you can find files to produce.

As a crafter, I can comment that the designers over at Creative Fabrica made the design following the suitable specifications needed to work on a cutting machine. So it’s well guaranteed that all files will cut cleanly and wonderfully.

To add, their SVG library is packed with various themes and seasons. Anything I needed at that time, CF would have the designs. From time to time I caught myself making some crafts that I didn’t think of before. Like this funny quote below.

Creative Fabrica Review - Funny Quote SVG

If you’re more of a sublimation / DTF crafter, CF also has high density, complex PNGs for you to print. Like the ones below.

Creative Fabrica Review - Watercolor Sublimations

Of course the same goes for laser cutting.

Creative Fabrica Review - Laser Cutting Craft

If you’re going to put up the designs for sale in your shop, study more of the technical side of using Creative Fabrica assets. Read through their license guide or ask directly through their email at hi@creativefabrica.com.


Creative Fabrica Review - Fonts

On Creative Fabrica’s Fonts page, you’ll see them nicely divided into 9 different typographic categories. Brand designers, web designers, even students can benefit from this.

121,253 fonts are listed at the time of writing. If you scroll down you can see “Popular this week”, “New releases”, “Related articles” (which are super-duper worth reading!), and an FAQ section.

Discounts are not a rarity in Creative Fabrica. If you’ve set your eyes on one or two new fonts and decide they’ll serve you well, these discounts will be worth your money because Single Sales License lasts forever.

However if you are actively generating new things and in need of a LOT of fonts you can consider getting a Font Subscription. I’ll put a separate section below about all Creative Fabrica subscriptions.

For crafting, you want to experiment with a lot of different fonts because any slight variation can make or break a craft.

Make sure the fonts you pick can produce clean lines. Glitch fonts and brush fonts may look nice but they are less ideal for a cutting machine (I’ve tested it out of curiosity).

Makoto Font - Drizy Studio

I also want to point out that materials matter when using fonts. On vinyl it doesn’t really matter if you fully cut the letters because there’s backing paper. But on paper, remember shipping crates? Words are cut, spray paints are used. You have to use a stencil font otherwise letters like A and O can disappear completely.

Creative Fabrica Review - Stencil Font example
Stencil font example. Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Or better yet, find SVG fonts that are compatible with cutting machines. Here’s one for example. Each letter in Cet Lopist is equipped with cuttable patterns that’ll make your craft unique.

CET LOPIST - Playful SVG font made by Drizy Studio

What I like from Creative Fabrica is that even the free fonts are also equipped with Commercial License, making business easier.

Most fonts offer both .OTF (OpenType) and .TTF (True Type) formats. All fonts include at least one of these formats. You are allowed to convert them to other formats for your own use.

CF Spark

These are the newest tools provided by CF if you want to request your own designs. It’s also home to CF’s own AI generated art. Simply add descriptive text of what you want your design to be, and the tool will create it for you.

There are 7 services available on CF Spark and each to cater your needs. This is pretty nifty of CF because you literally can get anything in one place. These are the options:

For more details on how CF Spark works, visit their help page.


In the Freebies category, you can browse for Free Fonts, SVGs, Graphics, Embroidery, and Classes. As of now there are 195,891 freebies listed on the site.

All freebies are with commercial license. It’s the best Creative Fabrica promo without codes. These are super worth downloading if you’re still only starting your business.

Some freebies are accumulated in the library and some are time-sensitive. You can set up a notification when the new freebies are up by signing in and click on the “Enable Notifications” button.

Daily Gifts

Daily Gifts are similar to freebies except they only last for a full day after released. Each day, one font, one craft file, and one graphic file are launched on a set schedule at 00:00 CST.

These too are equipped with commercial license and you can get notifications for them.


Creative Fabrica Promo - Subscription Plans

A subscription allows you to get access to thousands of files in a set period. You’re given 4 different options so you can choose what suits you best: Crafts, Fonts, Graphics, or All Access.

There are ways you can apply Creative Fabrica codes, namely through trying their All Access subscriptions.

For first time-users, you will see this panel when you scroll down until the bottom of the page.

Creative Fabrica Promo - Subscription Trial

After you click on “Activate Free Trial” you will be directed to your cart with the subscription plan complete with the Creative Fabrica code.

Creative Fabrica Promo - Free All Access Trial

Another Creative Fabrica promo can be applicable for 1 week like this one below.

Creative Fabrica Promo - All Access $1 Promotion

Moreover, some designers can also generate affiliation codes. So, if you do just a simple search on the internet, these Creative Fabrica codes may appear in the results.

Sometimes there are conditions that are applied in the Creative Fabrica promotion. For example: “for first time users only”, “on recurring monthly subscription”, “with a minimum purchase”, etc.

These codes have expiry dates or maximum uses, so timing-wise you have to use them quickly or wait for newer codes to be generated.

Don’t forget that there are always new deals and offers that are unique on any period of time in Creative Fabrica, like these $1 Discount Deals.

Creative Fabrica Promo - Discount Deals

Other Services By Creative Fabrica

Additional features to highlight Creative Fabrica has its own tools to help you spend less time on organizing and more on crafting.

In order, they are:

The Fontcloud and Shapecloud Generator are uniquely tagged “Freemium”. The free service works as excellent as the premium service, only limited to a certain quota.

One feature I want to highlight is their Craft Club Requests. It’s uncommon where crafters can request an exclusive, specific design to the designers. Once submitted, the requests will be sorted from user votes.

Print on Demand (POD)

For crafters who are more inclined to POD as a business, CF also has their POD licenses. Similar to other assets you can choose either Single Sales License or Subscription License.


Creative Fabrica is an excellent platform especially for beginners. They are constantly growing and can make any type of crafts very affordable.

They believe that “Human contact is important” thus why in place of bots, they have personnel in customer support who would respond to customer’s enquiries one-by-one.

For now the platform is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, and Polish. But I can definitely see them branching to Asian markets.

Their payment method is secure and verified by PayPal and Stripe. They also accept credit, debit, and prepaid cards.

Find Us in Creative Fabrica

Drizy Studio in Creative Fabrica

There’s a chance you have found Drizy Studio’s products through Creative Fabrica. We do have a designer account on Creative Fabrica.

We cross-post some of our font and craft assets there. For those of you who already have a subscription, you can download our files directly to your directory.

This is the end of my Creative Fabrica Review. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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