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Make Your DIY Special Gift for Christmas with 4 Easy Steps!

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It’s never too early to welcome the most beautiful time of the year. Are you still looking for the right gift for Christmas for your loved ones? Then look no further because in this post I will get down to the details of how to make a great Christmas gift in the comfort of your own home!

This Christmas gnome decor is my absolute favorite design, I mean just look at how cute these gnomes are—donning their Santa hats and beards! And I’m sure these gnomes will do great as a Christmas gift for your loved ones as they will be much more meaningful since you made them yourself. It’s also a perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids with a fun arts and crafts project this Holiday season.

Christmas Gnome Set

Though the design might look intricate and complicated, my friends at Drizy Studio have made this template accessible for only $1. You can also find more low-cost designs and even FREE SVGs! You can use them as you please to make more Christmas gifts this year.

Here Are The Things We Will Need

Before we get down to business, here are a few things that you would want to prepare before we make our Christmas gift. Some of these things we might already have in our homes, but if not, there’s no need to worry, this is the perfect time to hit your local arts and crafts store before moving on!

1. Your Cutting Printer

Machines like Cricut, Silhouette, or other automatic cutting printers would work perfectly. Be sure to read the manuals and understand how to operate your machine properly. If you don’t have a cutting printer, then ready your cutting knives and steady hands!

2. Cardstocks

Make sure the cardstocks you use are supported by your cutting machine to avoid any technical difficulties. Pay attention to the size and weight you use for your cardstocks. I used a very Christmassy color scheme with red, white, green, and a touch of yellow and blue, but you can use any colors you like!

3. Adhesive Foam

These are the easiest way to give our little gnomes beautiful dimensional looks and personalities by giving some space between each layer of cardstock. There are many types of adhesives you can find or you can even use small Styrofoam with standard double-sided tapes if that’s what you have at home!

4. A Set of Cutting Knives

You might know them as precision knives or cut-and-pick tools. Also keep a pair of scissors handy, just in case. If you already have a Cricut or cutting machine, these might not be necessary but these tools are always great to have in hand.

5. A Cutting Mat

Be sure to invest in a good cutting mat to avoid damaging your furniture at home. Cutting mats come in many sizes but I recommend having at least the A3 size cutting mat, it’s definitely an investment worth making for your future in arts and crafts! 

Now that we’re ready, let’s get to making this cute gift for Christmas!

1. Download The Santa Gnomes Template

First thing first, we need to get our hands on the design for the decor. If you haven’t already, you can download them here. This Adorable Christmas Gnomes 3D Papercut is available at only $1, for 4 gnomes a set! You can also check out our other designs you can make as a Christmas gift here!

2. Print The Template with Your Cutting Machine

After downloading the design, unzip the file and you will get 4 designs each with 7 layers. We can print the layers according to the colors we want, I recommend using contrasting colors for a more dimensional effect.

Print your gift for Christmas

If you’re using a cutting machine such as Cricut like I am, you can just let the machine do its thing. However, make sure to check that the cut lines are clear. You can also adjust the sizes of each gnome but be careful to keep the ratio of the design!

Print your Christmas gift

3. Peel Off The Layers of Each Design

After we have our designs ready on our cardstocks, it’s time to peel the layers off! We’ll need to use our picking tools and if the cutting process went smoothly we won’t need to cut out anything. Though it’s still a good idea to keep your cutting knives on hand just to be safe!

Be very careful not to rip out the meticulous designs especially when it comes to the more detailed parts of each Christmas gnome. Remember, no need to hurry! This is why it’s good to start preparing your gift for Christmas early on so we can enjoy the process and give much love and thought to each one we create!

Peel off the layers to make your Christmas gift

4. And Assemble!

Prepare all the layers of each Christmas gnome on our table—making sure each one is in the right place. If we’re not sure which layer comes first, we can always take a peek at the template files.

Assemble the layers to make your Christmas gift

Now for the fun part! Apply our adhesive foam to each layer starting from the base. It would be great to have a smaller form of adhesive foam so it won’t cover the design, but we can always improvise with the things we have at hand!

And your Christmas gift is done

And we’re all done preparing our Christmas gift! Aren’t they adorable? Now it’s time to pack these little gnomes up and give them to our family and friends! If you enjoy making these adorable Christmas gnomes, you’ll be delighted to see more low-priced and even free designs you can make as a gift for Christmas at DrizyStudio.com.

Now, who doesn’t love free stuff? You can get exclusive freebies just by joining our community on Facebook here! You can also share any questions or tips and tricks you might have to help out other crafters.

I hope this article was helpful for you and happy crafting!

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